Monday, April 21, 2008

Since I Support HuckPAC, Does that Mean I Support McCain As Well?

There is a very simple answer the question - "Since I support HuckPAC, does that mean I support John McCain as well? The answer may upset some people so let me apologize in advance. The answer is, not necessarily. While I think Mike Huckabee is doing the right thing (and only thing he can do if he still wants a future within his own party) I still have no immediate plans to support and vote for Senator John McCain this November. There is only one way I would put a check mark by his name and that is if he chooses Governor Huckabee as his running mate. Even if he did that I would be voting more for Huckabee than McCain. Senator McCain may be an honorable man and a true hero, but he strikes out with me:

(1) John McCain supports and supported amnesty for Illegal Aliens.
(2) John McCain has (up to this point) decided not to make the FairTax apart of his economic policy.
(3). McCain-Feingold. Any questions?

Three strikes and you're out Senator! And no I'm not voting for the Democrat nominee either. They are even worse! So what will I do come November? Well as of this moment (if nothing changes) I have two options. I can always write in Mike Huckabee's name. I am also seriously considering voting for former Georgia Republican Congressman, Bob Barr (who is running for the Libertarian nomination). If Bob Barr wins at convention (which is amusing fodder for C-SPAN) I will probably head that route. In fact if things stay the same and McCain chooses another person for his running-mate, I will more than likely vote for Bob Barr in November (for he will be the only semi-viable candidate running under the banner of the FairTax).

I know this view may upset some people out there. However that is mine. Please don't hate me for it. It's a very tough decision to make. I've lost my horse in this race. My main issue is the FairTax. If McCain isn't going to get on board than I am going to vote for someone who does and will support the measure. It's that simple.

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Mike said...

I agree with you nearly 100% except I'll probably get more mileage out of voting for my girlfriend. Luckily, I'm in a state that is so blue that I can throw my vote away without guilt.


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