Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Spirit of Ronnie I & UGHA Marches On!

Great news for DooWop music and its fans (from my friend Pam in New Jersey):

It is with bittersweet emotions i'm announcing the new organization/club that will take place at the Paramus Elks Club inParamus, NJ the last Saturday of every month starting June 28th, 2008.For the past few years this has been the home of UGHA. As most areaware we have suffered the loss of the founder and president...Mr. Ronnie I. We all know he played a major part in preserving the R&B/DooWopp music for the last past 30 years, and no one will or can take hisplace. Julie Moltz has taken on the job to keep our musical familytogether. Basically continuing the same format...last Saturday of each month, membership fee $25.00 - admission $20.00 for members & $25.00 for non members, and donations are welcomed. Doors open at 6PM. Show starts at 8PM and food will be available. Julie is looking forward to the support and seeing all of you, especially those who requested her to continue on with the tradition, and will do her best in honor and loving memory of Ronnie I.

If interested in becoming a
member send a check or money order to

Julie Moltz

P.O. Box 443

Saddle Brook, NJ 07663

Phone (201) 843-4203

The note continues with some additional explanation...

Also, there have been emails circulating, and rumors posted on the web aboutthe future of UGHA. I hope though that everyone is clear that in honoring the memory of my close and very special friend, Ronnie I. it must be made clear that UGHA as an organization that hosts Meeting Shows has ceased. Any new organization, has to be just that -- new. New seeds. New name. Here's why: Ronnie's will was for UGHA not to continue. Considering all the trouble that Ronnie had in getting people to do their part to maintain a board of directors, and the fact that all the grunt work was left up to him, I strongly feel he is justified in his wishes for UGHA to cease. Furthermore, no one had demonstrated the interest in meeting the criteria for taking over the organization and agreeing to abide by the charter. Therefore UGHA, as an organization that holds meetings and performances is finished. That being said, to start up a "club" using the UGHA name is not only dishonoring Ronnie, they would be violating the law. Certainly anyone who wishes, can start up their own non-profit and seek the tax-exempt status. Several have tried over the years, and they came, and they went, some after just a couple of shows, some that never even got off the ground. Let's hope with the start of a new organization that will use a new name, the commitment to it for a significant length of time will be there, though, understandably, there will never be another person who can duplicate Ronnie I's efforts, especially considering his dedication of over 31 years and absorbed the numerous financial losses. I'm sure some of those who did support Ronnie I. would support a new effort with a new name, provided it does not dishonor his memory. I would support it as well.It also is worth noting,

Clifton Music is in business with Sandi Italiano as the owner of the business. She is adjusting to this position at this very sadand fragile time in her life. She has some of Ronnie's friends helping her to run the store. The new hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm. Their website is still

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