Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Good, Bad, or Indifferent - Here are the 3rd Qtr stats

I am quoting a mailing I received this evening from the Huckabee Campaign. These are some stats that are related the the 3rd Quarter fundraising report and what's going on now.

A new press release on the campaign fundraising numbers will be posted soon.

A couple of thoughts about the 3rd Quarter FEC Report:

1) Between 7/1 and 8/11 the campaign raised roughly $213,000 or $5,195 per day.

2) Between 8/12 and 9/30 the campaign raised roughly $805,000 or $16,428 per day.

3) Just over $600,000 of the 3rd quarter total was raised online or 60% of the overall total. The cost to raise this money is .08 cents on the dollar. That includes the cost of online advertising, consultants, website development, servers, etc. this gives the campaign the ability to net large amounts of dollars.

4) The campaign has averaged $20,000 online a day over the last 10 days.

5) The campaign has raised $160,000 through the first three days of October.

6) The average contribution online for the 3Q is roughly $86.

I am not going to mince words here. This is definitely less than expected or desired. However it is us the supporters that needs to take at least some responsibility for these numbers. There were things that needed to happen with the campaign that we did not push hard enough for, like meetup groups and an official store (to take care of the grassroots and fundraising). It was great to see a surge in donations at the end of the quarter but it was too little, too late to make a huge impact. We can and WE WILL do better. How do I know that? Go take a look at and the posts from the past few days. Obviously a fire was started and is now sparking solutions at the Huckabee Camp that we needed to see months ago. Also look at those numbers from the first three days of the 4th Quarter!

Let me emphasize that it is NOT time to point fingers and lay blame. It is also NOT time to give up. If we go through the negative motions we're not going to do any better at the end of the 4th Quarter and we Will definitely lose the "Game" The 3rd Quarter is over and the numbers are there for you to see. So what? The 4th Quarter is here and it is time to raise the bar much higher and acheive our goals and get to where we need to be for the Primary season next year. Chin up everyone. Let's move forward now energized by this kick in the pants and let's get out there and do all that we can do to get Huckabee the nomination and send him to the White House!

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