Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Wow! If you are a Huckamaniac like I am there are many things to do right now to help the cuase.

1. SIGN UP TO BE A HUCKABEE VOLUNTEER - They haven't even sent out the official E-mail yet and many people have signed up already! Get onboard!

2. TAKE THE OCTOBER CHALLENGE - Take some time out and write the GOP elected officials (Governor, Senators, Congress Reps, State officials etc) in your state and tell them why they should support Mike Huckabee and why he is the right man for the job! Try and get them to publicly endorse him.

3. THE WASHINGTON BRIEFING - The weekend of October 19-21 an extremely important Conservative Convention will be held in Washington DC. Mike Huckabee, most of the other GOP nominees, and other big stars of the Conservative movement will be there. Passes are $95 ($50 for students 21 and younger). If you can possibly attend (especially on Friday afternoon when Mike will speak) please think about doing so. Even if you can't make it that day try Saturday or Sunday. A big part of that weekend will be the Presidential Straw Poll that will be taken. We need as many people there to vote for Mike Huckabee. I can hear many of you saying that you can't make it or can't afford to go. Good news. For a buck (A Buck for Huck) you can vote in the straw poll. You'll have to join FRC Action but it's only a dollar. EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!

4. There's more. Huckabee Meetup groups are on the way and so is an official store. Stay tuned for more on that as the info comes in!

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