Saturday, October 20, 2007

This is a Most Important Day!

Good Morning!

In what has been a most fantastic week for the campaign yet we have reached the climax day. Mike Huckabee will speak to the Washington Briefing this morning at 11 AM, in thirty-five minutes. Then we wait and we pray. Based on what I have been reading this speech is crucial as there are many undecideds in attenedence and most of them have decided to hold off voting until they hear Mike Huckabee speak. After that there is an hour left before the poll closes. Mike almost gets the final words in (I think Rudy is after him but discounted by the majority in attendence before even hearing him speak right, wrong, or indifferent).

How will the poll turn out? I have no idea. I do know who are the most likely candidates to win it - Romney,who I have read paid for much of his suppport AGAIN this weekend, Ron Paul, whose supporters are stuffing the ballot box, Fred Thompson, who gave a good speech based on many accounts, and Mike Huckabee. A strong 2nd might be good enough but a win would be an absolutely fantastic end to an incredible week. We've done our part. Let's all pray!

BTW - AMOUNT RAISED SO FAR - $128,702.36

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