Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pre-Debate Roundup Time! Yeeee Haw!

Well we're less than three hours away from the next debate and it should be a doozy! All the candidates will be front and center this time around, including Fred who will participate for the first time. It all goes down at 4 PM Eastern on CNBC. I know a lot of you will be at work (especially those of you out West) so the debate will be able to be seen online. Just follow this link. Watching it online will allow you to vote in the post-debate poll as well. Let's show those Ron Paul people who's boss!

Speaking of the debate there is a fundraising goal surrounding it. The goal today is 300 donators. The goal is off and running with 275 left to get. I think we are going to smash this one. You can help HERE

OKforHuckabee has the latest poll numbers here and they are looking good! Speaking of the new Gallup Poll, here are the statistics and they are rather interesting, even if you are just watching.

WMC TV in Memphis passes along an AP story "Mike Huckabee Forcasts Win in Iowa"

Huckabee is rising and Purple Wombats is taking notice.

Huckabee officially denounces the "Law of the Seas" UN Treaty.

Janet Folger is behind Huck and puts all conservatives on notice that they need to support him too.

Bob Vander Plaats checks in and officially debunks the rumors surrounding him.

That's all for now. Catch ya later!

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