Thursday, October 18, 2007

To Quote Jimmy Jones..."Good timin"

I must quote the title from a 1959 pop hit by Jimmy Jones, "Good Timin" because that is exactly what has happened for the Huckabee campaign. Remember that onTuesday night the challenge was set to raise $200,000 dollars by the time the kiddies come home from Trick or Treating on Halloween night. Twelve hours from that point Dick Morris praised Mike and excellent poll numbers came in from Iowa. Well now money is raining down from the heavens like confetti. We are now thirty-six hours removed from the E-mail sent out from the Campaign and we are now more than 25% of the way to making that goal! That's right we are now standing at over $52,000 raised in thirty-six hours! If things go well with the Washington Briefing/FRC Straw Poll and the debate in Florida on Sunday night we might beat the goal by this time next week (or sooner)! Absolutely amazing!

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