Saturday, October 20, 2007

OK The Results Are In And It Is Really Close

Well here's the results of the Straw poll....

Romney: 1595
Huckabee: 1565
Paul: 865
Thompson: 564


Biggest loser here is Fred though. He was way behind here. I expected him to get more votes. Also surprising is that Ron Paul supporters' impact was not as much as I expected too. Again it is a Romney, Huckabee finish. Mitt played lowball. He paid for votes and he got out the Internet vote. That was the difference. We ghave it our best shot folks.

So now what will the Evangelicals say? I have no idea if this is a crushing blow or not. We shall see in time I am sure.

We did all we could do. We should be proud of OUR EFFORTS and proud of Mike.

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