Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some thoughts on the Debate Yesterday - If that's What You Want To Call It

Good Morning!

Assuming Blogger is going to be nice to me today, I have some additional thoughts on the CNBC debate yesterday - if you want to call it that.

1. First of all you have to give kudos to CNBC for starting the debate right away. Let the intros and the publicity photos get out of the way before the cameras roll for TV. I have to give them that.

2. Correct me if I am wrong here but the debate lasted tow-full hours. I think that is the longest of the televised debates thus far. If they had that long to start with why didn't they ask each question to each candidate and at least try to make it fair?

3. Maybe Rudy is reading this blog. I didn't see him take off his glasses when answering a question.

4. Speaking of Rudy, was the question to him about the Yankees and their managerial situation really necessary? What does that have to do with anything anywhere near important to running this country?

5. Okay so Fred got the first and the last word. Fine. This was his first debate. But he was asked way too many questions. He has not shown up at any other debate. He didn't deserve the increased amount of airtime compared to many of the other candidates who have been there since day one. Not that Fred did very well. I was not impressed with him at all. For someone who is supposed to be "The New Ronald Regan" he sure doesn't communicate very well.

6. Another debate and another FairTax question for Huckabee. Based on his unfair ratio of questions you think the MSM (Main Stream Media) is afraid of him but they keep asking him questions about the FairTax and everytime they do more and more FairTaxers jump on his bandwagon. Thank you!

7. One of the most colorful exchange was between Mitt and Rudy on the Line-item-veto. Mitt supports it and used it in Mass. Rudy took Bill Clinton to court over it arguing it was unconstitutional. Later McCain regretted not jumping in the fray because he supports the current "Line Item Veto" legislation. Rudy and Mitt, you can fight and bicker all you want...while you watch Mike Huckabee overtake you!

8. Overall it was the worst debate of the entire series. But what are you expecting of CNBC/MSNBC?

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Anonymous said...

And along comes Fred, talking about revising taxes - having waffled on his support of the FairTax - talking about "business taxes."

Fred, in case you don't get it - business income tax + compliance is just another hidden tax to the consumer!

Fred, Fred, where's your cred?
Will you let me keep my bread?
FairTax, Yes! 'er FairTax, No!
Just another politico?
Hope for tax reform, I see,
Will be voting HUCKABEE!


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