Thursday, October 11, 2007

Washington Briefing & FRC Straw Polll

Good afternoon everyone!

First of all welcome to all my new readers! Wow. Thanks for stopping by. Sorry I only posted once yesterday. I was sort of lethargic. Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of my Grandfather's passing after losing his valiant fight with cancer.

Anyways...back to the topic at hand. I know I have written about this already and I am going to write it again but I cannot stress the importance of the Washington Briefing and the FRC Straw Poll that is attached to the event. These are the Values voters folks. MIKE HUCKABEE MUST WIN THIS STRAW POLL!!! The Evangelicals are waiting until late October to get behind a candidate and this poll is the mandate they are waiting for. Combine a win in this poll with his victory in the Values Voters' Debate poll and you will get key endorsements for Huckabee quicker than you bat an eye.

First of all if you can do so please head on up to DC on October 19-20 for the Briefing. Huck is speaking on Saturday morning (this is an update from a previous post when the schedule had Mike speak on Friday). If you are able to head on up there, K Street Mole For Huckabee has Three Rules to follow when lobbying for Huckabee (these can be used for everyone going door-to-door in a grassroots effort as well): Don't Be A Single Issue Voter, Dress For Success, & Find Your Target Audience.

I do realize that many will not be able to attend. I am one of those people. Well you can still make a difference. You can vote in the straw poll that is so important online! You will have to join the FRC (Family Research Council) but you can do so for only $1 (A Buck For Huck). You can join and vote HERE. Even more important than your vote is getting others to join you. Download a form here you can use to recruit others to join our chorus!

We have about 8-9 days to make a difference. Let's get moving people!

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Editor said...

I am EXTREMELY disappointed in men I have admired for so long who are abandoning principles for, well, perhaps a perceived strategy to win or wield some kind of political power or they have just gone off the deep end.

Christians should be involved in the political process, they should have influence but my friends we do not abandon our principles to win politically. When we do, we lose, because we become what we are opposed to.

For the first time in a long time, we have a Christian man driven by principle, a man of strong character, a man who lives what he believes, a man we can trust, a man who by his very nature can restore dignity and trust of the Office of President. As a Christian, supporting Mike Huckabee for President is, in my view, a "no brainer."

Gary Bauer, Tony Perkins, and Richard Land are seriously compromising Christian principles and values for a political win.
I will not compromise.

Will you?

I think these guys need to get the message: We want Uncompromising Leadership.
"it is better to trust in the Lord, than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust in the Lord. than to put confidence in princes." Psalm 118:8-9

Maybe they just forgot.


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