Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Great Way To Support Mike! (UPDATED)

Please go check out Katie at Michigan Redneck. She's made some absolutely fabulous gifts and is selling them on ebay. After the fees to Ebay are paid all the proceeds are going to the Mike Huckabee Campaign! How sweet is that?

I put the first bid in for her 2nd pillow. I dare you to outbid me! I want to see that thing over 25 bucks in a few days people! LET'S GET IT DONE!!

EDIT - I would lik to apologize to KATHY for getting her name wrong, but also pass along her challenge. She wants to see her pillow go for $250. So let's get to it!

1 comment:

Michigan Redneck said...

Thanks for the mention. You spelled my name wrong, it's Kathy. I can't talk much, I have butchered other names worse.
Instead of $25, how bout let's see the final bid go up to $250 for Huckabee;)! I want to make and sell so much stuff that I max out on contributions.


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