Wednesday, October 3, 2007

PRESS RELEASE - Huckabee Gains Traction In New Washington Post/ABC News Poll

Wednesday, October 3, 2007
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Mike Huckabee Gains National Traction in New Washington Post/ABC News Poll
Says Campaign Will Continue to ‘Exceed Expectations’ With Limited Resources
Little Rock , AR – Former AR Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee took eight percent, his best showing to date, in a new national poll of Republican and Republican-leaning voters conducted Sept. 27-30, 2007 by The Washington Post and ABC News, it was announced today.
The new poll indicates that “the Republican side remains unsettled” with about three months left “before voters in Iowa cast the first votes in the 2008 nomination fight,” according to The Washington Post in a news article today. The Huckabee campaign believes the new poll indicates “continued upward momentum” for the former Arkansas governor. “This poll has us just where we want to be,” said Huckabee, “on an upward trajectory.”
Huckabee said his strong, come-from-behind, second place showing in the August 11th Iowa Straw Poll proved that his campaign can continue to “exceed expectations” with limited resources, as it heads into the fourth quarter.
“We aren’t going to report what the so-called ‘first-tier’ candidates have raised,” said Huckabee. “But then again, we don’t need to raise as much funds because we are frugal. Our goal is to stay competitive—and we will be.”
The campaign’s “victory” in Ames , combined with recent national endorsements – including his ranking as the No. 1 “Values Voter” pick – and a series of powerful debate performances, dozens of national media interviews, and high-profile speaking engagements, show that he is a contender, said Huckabee.
“Our victory in Ames proves a message that reflects our Party’s core values is still the predominant factor in getting elected – even over money, although we’d certainly like to have more,” said Huckabee. Huckabee is now ahead of Sen. McCain in Iowa and nearly tied with former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, according to a Sept. 29 Newsweek poll.
Since August, the campaign has seen an increase in Web-site hits, online donations, and volunteer support (including more than 250 “bloggers”), and scores of major fundraising opportunities. “The campaign has been flooded with generous offers of support since Ames , including nearly 10,000 new donors,” said Campaign Manager Chip Saltsman.
Saltsman confirmed that the campaign will report just over $1 million raised to the Federal Election Commission on October 15. “While we’d like to show more dollars in the bank, we’ve been careful with our resources – and we’ll have what we need to stay in the game,” he said.
“The third quarter is typically considered to be the ‘dry season,’ but we’re pleased to show a successful, steady increase in terms of fund-raising that will sustain us,” said Saltsman.
Saltsman noted that the campaign’s 24-hour “Vertical Day” – which took place on Sept. 24th and 25th – generated the highest number of Web-site hits to date, and that online donations have been substantial. “While unfortunately some of those donations won’t be reported until the fourth quarter, we’re laying a great foundation,” he said.
Huckabee concurred: “We’ve built this campaign in about 9 months from the ground up. I am pleased with our efforts to date, and I’m deeply appreciative of the hard work and support we’ve received from people all across the United States who’ve joined my team. I look forward to continuing to move forward – in the right direction – in the days and months ahead.”

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