Monday, September 29, 2008

Mike Huckabee: I'm a "Hero for the Cause!"

I am absolutely floored!  This is the latest message by Governor Mike Huckabee to his HuckPAC supporters:  

I wanted to take a moment to honor an outstanding young man who has sacrificed for the cause and contributed $100 to Huck PAC. His name is Bill from Minneapolis, MN. Bill washed dishes for a wedding of the granddaughter of Ruth  in Minneapolis. Ruth supports Senator Obama's campaign. When Ruth tried to pay Bill, he insisted that the money instead be sent directly to Huck PAC and today we received a $100 check and a note from Ruth explaining Bill's request.

Bill, thank you for your dedication to our mission.

I also wanted to thank Brian Donegan of Lawrenceville, GA who is "Walking the Extra Mile" for Huck PAC and his health. Each day of this week he is walking an extra mile and has raised $345 of his $500 goal for the PAC.

These two extraordinary members of our Huck PAC family are going above and beyond the call to help the cause and we need you to do the same.

Friends, tomorrow, September 30th marks the end of the quarter for Huck PAC and we are in need of your support. The absolute meltdown in D.C. that has occurred over the past two days proves that we need a changing of the guard. Help us fund and steer that change by contributing today to Huck PAC. Your contribution of $100, $50, or $25 will help us ensure that Wall Street no longer rules D.C. and that D.C. no longer rules Main Street. We need to put the people back in charge of Government. It is our goal to raise $25,000 today, help us do so right now by clicking here.

I hope you had the opportunity to watch my new show on Fox News this past weekend titled "Huckabee."  Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Alexis Glick, Dave Ramsey and Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro were guests as we discussed the campaign and the economy.  The show is going to be a valuable instrument of change as it will allow me to frame the debate in Washington and ensure that our conservative values are not only heard, but listened to and acted upon.

Once again, I want to thank Bill and Brian for their dedication. Heed the call and follow their lead. We need your support today if we are going to ensure that our voice is heard and that our values and principals prevail.

May God bless you and your family in these trying times.

Yours in the fight,
Mike Huckabee

P.S. If you didn't get a chance to this past weekend, be sure to check out "Huckabee," on Fox News on Saturdays and Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

P.P.S.  Take a minute to vote in our poll "Do you support or oppose the bailout legislation that was rejected by the House of Representatives " and leave me a comment.  Your opinion is important to me.

John Oxendine on Georgia's Gas Crisis

September 29, 2008                                   Kathryn Ballou (404) 558-4905  


Oxendine Calls for Bi-Partisan Leadership Summit and Opposes Special Session   

Atlanta, GA - Georgia faces the reality of falling test scores, an historic gas shortage, unemployment at a historic high, a $2 billion state budget deficit, consumer bankruptcy filings that are the third highest in the nation, and another scandal at GDOT with dozens of vital projects at risk - the time for Action is now. 

One concerned Georgian has suggested we can change our official nickname from Georgia, the Peach State, to Georgia, the State of Crisis.  For many Georgians that might be all too true.

Hundreds of Georgians are calling out for help.  It is time our state government listened to them.  Governor Perdue is doing a good job, but he cannot do it all by himself. Governor Perdue did not cause this "perfect storm" and he deserves the advice and support of everyone in state and local government.

There is nothing more important than helping working class Georgians through this time of multiple crises facing Georgia.  Georgia faces a perfect storm:

Millions of Georgians understand our great state is in crisis.  This past weekend has brought unacceptable realities to the Georgia taxpayer:  

Georgia faces a grave and serious gas crisis.   

Most gas stations are out of gas. Many of those that do have gas have been forced to ration it.  

I have been to several locations across metro Atlanta observing and listening to Georgia taxpayers this past weekend.  I stopped at stations in Marietta, Chamblee, Peachtree Corners, Atlanta, Conyers and Decatur.  What I saw was a serious crisis; it demands extraordinary attention from Georgia state government.  

In Chamblee, local police had to provide oversight at a station to keep the peace and manage traffic concerns on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard.  Those officers were doing an outstanding job however, while they were providing order at that station, with four local police cars which were not on patrol in Chamblee neighborhoods, there was no deterrent to petty theft and other crime in other parts of the city.  

In stations across the region, taxpayers wait for an hour or more in line only to have an attendant have to tell them the pumps have run dry while they were in line.  

In station after station, thoughtful station managers are forced to ration gas at various limits to ensure there is some gas for as many people as possible.

One media outlet reports where a gas station tucked between Lawrenceville Highway and the North DeKalb Mall, a line of cars literally followed a fuel-filled truck as it pulled into the station at around 11 am on Sunday.

Spokespeople for the various refineries cannot provide a timeline for when the gas will flow back into Georgia at normal levels.  

Media reports state Georgia has the highest gas prices in the nation.   

Unfortunately for Georgia taxpayers there are equally severe crises hitting Georgia at this exact moment in time:   

Georgia is approaching a $2 billion deficit and August state revenue figures are down 7 percent from last year.   

Georgia's unemployment rate is at a 15 year high.   

Georgia's SAT scores have fallen for the second consecutive year; Georgia now ranks 47th in the nation.  

Georgia has the third-highest rate of consumer bankruptcy filings in the country, behind Nevada and Tennessee. Consumer bankruptcies statewide increased 23 percent in the second quarter of this year, compared with the same period last year, according to the National Bankruptcy Research Center.   

I maintain my call for Governor Perdue to convene an Extraordinary Georgia Leadership Summitof all the statewide Constitutional officers, the bi-partisan leadership of the Georgia General Assembly, the leadership of the Georgia Association of County Commissioners, the leadership of the Georgia Municipal Association, and representatives from the Georgia business community - the Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Businesses.  

Let's meet for as long as it takes - at our personal expense - not the taxpayer's expense - and focus on these issues in a non-partisan, united way.

Georgia faces unprecedented, multiple crises - we must go beyond traditional efforts at leadership and think creatively, outside the box, and we must all work together.  

The Democrats are wrong.  Georgia does not need a Special Session of the General Assembly that will cost the taxpayers even more of their hard earned dollars in these tough economic times.  What we can do is have the leadership of both parties in the General Assembly involved on a regular basis and any Member - of either Caucus - should be most welcome to be involved - but, at their own expense - not the taxpayers.  We need to work as a team; to work as the employees to the taxpayers of Georgia and work on these issues - now.  

Now is the time.  Georgians are calling on their state government by the thousands and we must listen and lead.  I offer Governor Perdue my support and ask him to take innovative action to unite all of us to help Georgia during this crisis
John Oxendine
Oxendine Working for Georgia

Mike Huckabee Coming To Michigan October 22nd!!

The following post is too all my friends and readers in Michigan.  Governor Mike Huckabee is returning to The Great Lakes State this October to help the worthwhile cause of Jack Hoogendyk in his race to finally unseat the ultra-liberal Carl Levin!

Mike Huckabee Is Coming to Michigan!

Come Join Us For A Special Fund Raiser Honoring
U.S. Senate Candidate 
Jack Hoogendyk

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Noon till 1:30 p.m.
28125 Grand River Ave.
Farmington Hills, Michigan

$500 Sponsorship, Luncheon and Photo
$100 per person, Luncheon

RSVP to Liz Sipfle at or
Call Liz at 48-363-1677  

Friday, September 26, 2008

Why Are We Having A Debate Tonight?

I have one simple question.  WHY ARE WE HAVING A DEBATE TONIGHT????  Our nation is in economic and financial crisis and it is not being helped that the two major Presidential candidates are sitting Senators.  As I understand it at this hour there is no solution to the problem.  The deals have not been finalized yet.  So you send the two sitting senators out to Oxford Mississippi to a debate while they should be holed up with everyone else on Capitol Hill until a consensus solution is agreed upon?!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  Yes this whole issue has been politicized all week long but it should not be up to McCain or Obama whether the debate is held.  This debate should have been postponed by the people in charge until a solution is reached on the current crisis because both of them should be a part of the solution, no matter if we agree with the solution or not.  

But hey would you expect anything less from the hate-America mainstream media (yep Fox News you are part of the problem too) that runs these debates?  This is par for the course for these morons!  Thanks a lot for being part of the problem and leaving our nation's economy and finances in a bind.  


John Oxendine: "Put Georgia Taxpayers first!"

The following is the latest press release from John Oxendine, the current Georgia Insurance Commissioner and Republican Candidate for Governor in 2010:   

September 26, 2008                         Kathryn Ballou,  (404) 558-4905


Oxendine Urges a Solution Focused on Wal-Mart - Main Street Working Georgians, Not Wall Street - D.C. Special Interests

A Statement from Commissioner John Oxendine:

Atlanta, GA - The idea of a government bailout in which we'd entrust $700 billion to one man without Congressional oversight or accountability is absurd.  

The idea that America and Georgia need a solution that is Washington D.C. and Wall Street based is just not in the best interest of the Georgia taxpayer.  Georgia taxpayers want a solution that is focused on Wal-Mart - Main Street working Georgians not Wall Street - D.C. special interests.  

What happened to the "free market" idea?   

If you are a small business owner, is this the way it works at your place? When you have a bad month, a bad year, or face having to close, can you go up to Congress and get them to write YOU a fat check to take away your risk?  

America needs a solution, but it needs one that is focused on the best interests of  the hard working taxpayers who make America what it is.  I care about the farmer in Moultrie, the dock worker in Savannah, the teacher in Roswell, the health care professional in Kennesaw, the factory worker in Dalton.  I do not care about fat cat Wall Street executives or Washington D.C. lobbyists. 

I urge Senator Saxby Chambliss, Senator Johnny Isakson and the entire Georgia delegation to the U.S. House of Representatives to oppose any so called deal or solution that does not include the following:  

Repeal of the Sarbanes/Oxley law.  This law costs American businesses million of dollars in unnecessary fees.  

An elimination of ALL capital gains taxes and taxes on savings and dividends.  Free up the capital and encourage investment. This is the kind of economic stimulus the Fair Tax would bring, and if Congress is going to lose money, let them lose it with lower taxes, not with public dollar bailouts of private market mistakes.  

Apply appropriate safeguards for good mortgage risk to the "market to market" accounting provision, which is driving companies into bankruptcy unnecessarily.  

Pass a strong energy bill. Speaker Gingrich points out that if America had an extra $5 trillion in energy spending in our economy in the next ten years with a zero capital gains tax and a liberated entrepreneurial sector no longer crippled by Sarbanes-Oxley, we would generate the wealth to absorb all the current losses. Speaker Gingrich is correct on this point.

Somebody needs to be held accountable. Liberal Democrats such as, Senator Chris Dodd, who was very much involved in the Countrywide mortgage business, sweetheart loans and interest rates - what about him?  What about Barney Frank?  What about the heads of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae?   

Liberals are trying to lay the blame on the Free Market. When they talk about needing more regulation - they're telling America that the Free Market has caused this crisis.  They're telling America that capitalism is responsible.   

They are wrong.  

This is not the fault of the American people or of Free Market capitalism.  This is the fault of liberals in Washington D.C., Wall Street and special interest lobbyists in Washington, D.C.  

I stand with Georgia taxpayers who expect - demand - that any solution protect their interests and families and not Wall Street and Washington D.C.

Atta boy John!  You tell 'em! 

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Huck: "The Fleecing of the American Taxpayer"

Governor Mike Huckabee continued his strong response to the bailout proposal this evening in his latest e-mail to supporters:  

We've received am overwhelming response to my last email.  The comments my email generated were loud and clear:  we have had enough of Washington's knee-jerk big government and we want and demand a return to the conservatism our Party has championed for decades.

We also had over 500 contributors more than 300 of whom were first time supporters of Huck PAC.  Let's keep that momentum going.

If you have already responded to my email with a contribution please leave a comment on my blog because I want to hear what you think.

If you haven't yet, I strongly urge you to do so.  Even if it is for just 5 or 10 dollars you will be making a difference.  And if you can afford to 
contribute 25, 50, 75, 100 or more please do so now. 

And then after you have contributed please leave a comment on my blog post titled "The Fleecing of the American Taxpayer."

The word out of Washington this afternoon is that Congress and the Bush administration are very close to an agreement on The "Bailout".  I can't tell you how disappointed and disgusted I am with this news.  Like most Americans I have no idea what this "Sweetheart" deal will consist of, but I do know that forcing the American  people to accept the secretive work of Washington politicians is just plain wrong.  Now more than ever, I need you financial help to fight back against the inside the beltway gang.  
Please make the largest contribution that you can afford today.  The battle begins now.

God Bless

Mike Huckabee

Jack Hoogendyk: "Is Senator Levin Really That Forgetful?"

The latest campaign mailing from Fack Hoogendyk is very timely and deservedly hard on Senator Levin.  Does this man really deserve to be re-hired by the people of Michigan?   

Is Carl Levin Having a Convenient Lapse in Memory?

When asked last week by WJR morning radio host, Paul W. Smith whether there was blame to be laid for this "market meltdown", Carl Levin could not help but place it on President Bush. He said that the "economic policies and deregulatory policies of this administration are the major cause of this economy being where it is at." Either Mr. Levin is playing on the ignorance of the voters, or he has forgotten what role he himself played in this mess.

It All Started With the Community Reinvestment Act 

Unless you just returned from a three-month fishing trip in Yellowknife where there are no radios, cell phones or Internet, you certainly know that the financial markets are in difficulty. It seems all these mortgages that so many folks obtained with little or no equity or credit rating, have suddenly crashed around all of us.

The genesis of this collapse is the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) of 1977. This act which was championed by President Carter required lending institutions to offer credit and home ownership opportunities to "underserved populations." This happened as a result of pressure from community organizers and groups like ACORN .

What it ultimately led to was a large number of no-money-down or poor-credit-rating mortgages. These mortgages were only moderately risky as long as housing prices continued to escalate. In 1995 under Bill Clinton, the CRA was liberalized  to "generate billions of dollars in new lending and extend basic banking to the inner cities and to distressed rural communities."

Now that the housing market is in full collapse, the chickens are, as they say, coming home to roost. Could this have been foreseen? Could this have been prevented? Of course. If all of us had exercised a little common sense added to a strong dose of personal responsibility, this would not have happened. Short of that, some solid regulation would have helped.

In fact, regulatory reform was proposed in the U.S. Senate in 2005. The bill, S.190 was introduced by Republican Senator Chuck Hagel and co-sponsored by Sens. Dole (R), Sununu (R), and McCain (R). It would have put some good controls in place to largely prevent the meltdown that is occurring today. The bill was supported by four Republicans and no Democrats. Where was Senator Levin on this? I cannot find any evidence of his support for the bill and, in fact, it was Democrats that effectively killed the bill out of committee.

President Bush had proposed a significant regulatory overhaul of the housing finance industry in 2003. It even included reducing the power of the administration. The New York Times reported on it. Democrats opposed it. Again, Carl Levin does not appear to have supported it. Senator Barney Frank (D), said it was unnecessary. It never saw the light of day.

Going back a little further, a bill was introduced in 1999S.900 , which would have put some controls in place and, in effect, "weaken" the Community Reinvestment Act. Carl Levin opposed it saying this, "I oppose the provisions weakening the CRA included in S.900, a bill intended to modernize the financial sector of our economy."

It certainly looks like Carl Levin and his Democrat (and some Republican) colleagues passed on numerous opportunities to address the crisis that was rising on the horizon as far back as 1994. Legislation was offered to reign in the problem. Senator Levin is certainly motivated to find answers now, but where was he in 1994, 1999, 2003, and 2005? It's no wonder that in his interview with Paul W. Smith, he mentioned that we should not look back, but rather, look forward.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Taping on Saturday afternoon, the first episode of Governor Mike Huckabee's new TV show will premiere this weekend on The Fox News Channel!!  The show simply titled Huckabee will air this Saturday and Sunday night at 8 PM Eastern!  


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mike Huckabee Responds To The Bail Out

Governor Mike Huckabee, on his blog, is appalled at the idea of the bail out and offers solutions.  I complete agree with him.  

Frankly, I’m disappointed and disgusted with my own Republican party as I watch them attempt to strong-arm a bailout of some of America’s biggest corporations by asking the taxpayers to suck up the staggering results of the hubris, greed, and arrogance of those who sought to make a quick buck by throwing the dice. They lost, but want the rest of us to cover their bets so they won’t be effected in their lavish lifestyles as they figure out how to spend their tens of millions and in some cases, hundreds of millions in bonuses and compensation which was their reward for not only sinking their companies, but basically doing the same to the entire American economy.
It’s especially disconcerting to see the very people who pilloried me during the Presidential campaign for being a “populist” and not “understanding Wall Street” to now line up like thirsty dogs at the Washington, D. C. water dish, otherwise known as Congress, and plead for help. I thought these guys were the smartest people in America! I thought that taxpayers like you and I were similar to the people at the U. N. who have no translator speaking into their headset - that we just needed to trust those that I called the power bunch in the “Wall Street to Washington axis of power.”
The idea of a government bailout in which we’d entrust $700 billion to one man without Congressional oversight or accountability is absurd. My party or not, that is insanity and I believe unconstitutional.
Will there be far-reaching consequences without some intervention? Probably, but we honestly don’t know since we’ve really never seen this level of greed and stupidity all rolled into one massive move. But may I suggest that letting “Uncle Sugar” step in and bail out the billionaires who made the mess will be far worse and will start a long line of companies and individuals who will demand the same of the government---which last time I checked means that they will be demanding it out of YOU and ME. This is not money that Congress is risking from THEIR pockets or future, but ours. Many if not most of us have already experienced lost value on our homes, retirement accounts, and pensions. Now they’d like for us to assume some further risks so they won’t have to.
What happened to the “free market” idea? Is that only our view when we WIN and when we LOSE, we ask the government to come in and take away the pain?

If you are a small business owner, is this the way it works at your place? When you have a bad month, a bad year, or face having to close, can you go up to Congress and get them to write YOU a fat check to take away your risk?

Some of what contributed to this disaster is too much government in the form of Sarbanes/Oxley. Some is due to the tax structure that created the hunger for companies to “game” the system. Some is the common sense that was ignored like loaning money to people who can’t pay it back.
Wall Street has become Las Vegas east, but at least in Vegas, people KNOW they are gambling and they don’t expect the government to cover their losses at the tables. In Wall Street, they do. And the American taxpayer burdens the responsibility.
If Congress wants to do something, here are some suggestions:

       1. Eliminate ALL capital gains taxes and taxes on savings and dividends right now. Free up the capital and encourage investment. This is the   kind of  economic stimulus the Fair Tax would bring and if Congress is going to lose money, let them lose it with lower taxes, not with public dollar bailouts of  private market mistakes.

  1. Repeal Sarbanes/Oxley. It has failed. It was supposed to prevent this. It didn’t. Kill it.
        3.  Demand that the executives who steered their ships into the ground be forced to pay back the losses of their companies. Of course, they can’t, so let  them work and give back to the government and they can live like the people they put on the streets or kept there. It makes no sense to put them in jail—that’s just more they will cost you and me. I’d rather them go out and earn money—just not get to keep so much of it this time. I’m not talking about limiting CEO salaries---just those of the people who now are up in Washington begging for help because they ruined their companies.

Attempts by Democrats and Republicans to blame each other is nonsense. They are both guilty and ought to own up and admit it. They all lived off big campaign contributions and the swill of the lobbyists who strong armed them into permission to steal. Enough of blame. Fix it!
This would be a start. If we don’t hold these guys responsible, we are all finished.

A Day I've Dreaded For A Long Time - Larry Munson Retires

I knew this day was eventually coming for years now but I still dreaded it.  The longtime voice of the Dawgs, Larry Munson announced his immediate retirement yesterday after a career of 43 long years.  He will be celebrating his 86th Birthday on Sunday and decided that it was the right time hang it up.  Last year Munson's failing health prevented him to travel to road games.

Many an autumn Saturday was spent listening to Larry's gravely, yet golden voice.  His wit and humor and unabashed passion for his team will never be matched and can never be replaced.  Not only did he serve as the University of Georgia's football announcer, he was their Basketball voice for many years as well.  In addition for several years he served as the voice for the Atlanta Falcons.  Over the years he had a hunting and fishing TV show, a daily sports talk show, and each day began with his pearls of wit and wisdom during his morning commentary.  There was not a lot of good having to get up at 4:30 AM each morning during High School but the best part was being blessed with Larry's daily commentary about sports, his movie group, and all those funny stories!  

However being around for 43 long years must have meant that he did a pretty good job, right?  No.  That is not the word to describe Larry Munson.  To me and many others down here HE IS THE BEST!  I think there was no one better behind the mic when a game was coming down to its crucial and exciting conclusion.  Yeah Larry was fun to listen to at any time but during the last five minutes of a game he knew when to ramp up the emotion and make sure you heart started beating out of your chest.  Every glory and failure was entertaining to listen to through his words.  Whether I was jumping up and down  or throwing my hat down in disgust with Larry at the mic you knew he had the same feelings and you had a friend on the air to celebrate or cry with. 

Best of luck in your retirmen Larry and God's speed!  We will miss your voice on Saturdays but forever in our ears and our memories your voice will ring throughout them for the rest of time!  


VIDEO - You Do Remember Woodstock, Don't You?

In his latest Michigan Senate campaign message, Jack Hoogendyk shares a video message about all those earmarks his opponent Carl Levin approved recently, including a Woodstock museum.

In the Campaign E-mail that was attached with this video Jack Hoogendyk called for a balanced budget:    

Did you know that the United States Constitution does not mandate balanced budgets? Did you know that when the U.S. Senate tried to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment, it failed by one vote? And did you further know that Carl Levin was the deciding vote against passage of the Balanced Budget Amendment?

The United States is drowning in debt. Irresponsible behavior by lenders, borrowers and banks have brought the economy into a tailspin. It is time for Congress, and our Senator, Carl Levin, to exercise some fiscal responsibility.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Latest News from Mike Huckabee

this afternoon, Former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee shared the latest news from the road on his HuckPAC Blog.  In his post he shared with us where he had been, where he was going, and that his new show on the Fox News Channel will be taped this Saturday!  Here's what the Governor had to say: 

Greetings, HuckPAC Family,
This past week has been another whirlwind travel week.  In the past week I spoke at Calvary Chapel in California on Proposition 8, the proposal to affirm (again) traditional marriage, guest-hosted Neal Boortz’s radio show from Atlanta, did an event in Columbia, SC with Lt. Governor Andre Bauer, spoke in El Dorado, AR to the GOP there to support our candidates there, spoke to the National Association of Editorial Writers, traveled to San Diego and spoke to the American Academy of Family Physicians and did a fundraiser breakfast for Duncan Hunter, Jr.(candidate for Congress in his Dad’s seat), held meetings in Los Angeles, traveled to Montana to help the Montana Family Foundation and Lt. Governor candidate Steve Daines, and will head to Phoenix tomorrow to address a conference on health care reform.  Rest assured, we are not sitting idly by as we approach the elections.
I want to thank everyone who has made a contribution to HuckPAC in the past week and hope that if you haven’t, you will.  We have a great roster of candidates we are trying to assist and the heavy schedule is taking its toll on the budget as you can imagine.
My show with Fox is schedule to debut this coming weekend, but due to the debate Friday night, there is still some question as to the first airing. The show will tape on Saturday in NY. More details on the show as we know more. Hope you will all tune in when the time comes!  
My plane is getting ready to board, so it’s time to close the computer, board another flight, and keep “HuckPACKING.”
God bless,
Mike Huckabee

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I know that most of the time I don't talk about myself around these parts.  I beg your indulgence for at least a few minutes because I would to share with y'all the joy that was my 26th Birthday!  

I volunteer a lot of my time to The Special Needs Schools of Gwinnett - a private school for kids with special needs.  My Mom is their secretary.  I love these kids to death and I have known some of the students for at least ten years.  One of the things I do most of the time for them is to provide sound and DJ services for their programs, parties, and other events whenever desired.  Thus it was not unusual when my Mom asked me to provide my services for a Birthday party earlier this week.  One of their students, Andrew, is about to turn 16 years old.  However what was odd was that the party was scheduled for Friday afternoon, September 19th, my Birthday.  Out of all days I could say no my Birthday is the only day I could possibly say it.  However I can't say no to any of these children.  I love them too much to do so.  So I agreed and get my equipment ready to go for a 2 PM party on Friday.  

My dad drove me over to the school and I got there around 1:15.  I was definitely early and it did not take very long to set up.  Classes were still in session so I sat outside at my table until it was time to start.  I realized that this might be a party for someone else but thought they would know that it was my Birthday and note it appropriately when walking by from building to building.  However they didn't seem to notice and this even included their principle who knows me very well.  I would soon realize that it was all a big set up!  

2 PM rolled around quickly and the students were let out of their class rooms.  My usual operating procedure was that when they came over in my direction en mass that meant it was time for me to start playing the tunes for them.  That is exactly what I started to do.  However I noticed a few glaring things.  (1).  When my dad helps me set up after mic check he usually heads off to run some errands.  He never left.  (2).  I've played Andrew's party before.  He did not seem to be treated special or seem any more happy than he usually is.  He didn't even have a hat or a button on to signify that this was his Birthday party.  

Everything became very clear to me in a very short order.  The school's principle, Ms. Elinore asked for the microphone after a few songs played.  She remarked about how Andrew was turning 16 and asked his friends to wish him well.  Then she paused, "We have a slight problem.  These packages don't have Andrew's name on them.  It's Brian's Birthday!"  then they brought the cake and presents out and the jig was up! 

Usually having a surprise party thrown for you (that was the first time ever for me) would be enough to make ones Birthday extra special.  However the surprises were not over.  Not by a long shot!!!  

I had a few hours to kill before going out to Red Lobster for my family Birthday dinner.  I spent those hours reflecting on the year I had just had and the year to come.  Things are definitely looking up for me after a year that brought a lot of new challenges that I met with varied degrees of success.  Things are changing for the better and I am now working to raising the bar for myself and better my life and my world around me.  However there was one more thing that would make my Birthday complete and wrap a nice red bow on the year that had just passed and all my hard work and effort during it.  

My family had 6:30 PM Reservations for Red Lobster and around 6 PM we broke up into groups and drove off in three cars headed to my restaurant of choice for the evening.  I was aware of a possibility of a phone call of some kind around this time of the day and I made sure that my ringer was set higher than normal, just in case it came while I was eating.  It wasn't ten minutes that the vehicle I was riding in had departed my house when my phone began to ring.  I noticed it was a private number and I picked it up right away.  

"Hello." I greeted my mystery caller.  
"Hello.  Is this Brian?" said the man on the other end.  

At this point I went stiff and into shock.  I knew exactly who had just called me and was speaking to me at present.  


Over the past two weeks a gradual build up to my Birthday was made by two good friends of mine and they said they were working on a doozy of a surprise.  They were not kidding!!!  This was not a piece of cake operation.  They played me and my emotions like a drum.  They made sure that when I got the call that I would it would be a complete surprise.       

Not only did he call me but he had to call me twice. After 30 seconds the call dropped and I became somewhat frantic because I had seen the top of the mountain but had fallen off a cliff if the analogy makes sense. However Mike went above and beyond the call of duty and called back! 

So I know what you are asking "Well Brian, what did Mike have to say?" He first wished me a very Happy Birthday. He also thanked me for my hard work and effort to get him elected. Then he told me that my life story inspires a lot of people 
INCLUDING HIMSELF!!! Poor Mike - I could barely talk in coherent sentences I was in so much shock. I had a list of things I wanted to say to Mike if I ever got the chance but when he called I figuratively wet myself with those thoughts and instead did a very bad impression of Porky Pig!  

Many of my friends and team mates have had the honor and pleasure of talking to Mike, while getting to see him speak and shaking his hand.  They know what I know now - That Governor Mike Huckabee is the genuine article and a kind, honest, and authentic man.  The qualities that endeared me to him were on a grand display.  I could not be prouder to have supported him, worked so hard for him, and stand beside him in a common endeavor today!    

It was truly the best Birthday ever and included the surprise of a lifetime!  For about 24 hours following the call I was literally floating on air.  I worked tirelessly for Mike for months and sacrificed much in the process with little to show for it.  In the span of two minutes all the work became instantly worth it!    Now I may not be floating on air anymore but I am pumped and energized to continue fighting for Mike, HuckPAC, and the causes we are fighting for as a team together!  


Thursday, September 18, 2008

PRESS RELEASE - John Oxendine Calls For Extraordinary Georgia Leadership Summit

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:      FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: September 18, 2008                    Kathryn Ballou,  (404) 558-4905

      Georgia Cries Out For Help
Oxendine Calls for Extraordinary Georgia Leadership Summit   

A statement from Commissioner John Oxendine:

School Test Scores Fall, Gas Prices Highest in Nation, Gas Gouging, Unemployment at Historic High, and another Scandal at GDOT - the time for action is now.  

Georgians are calling out for help - it is time our state government listened to them.  Governor Perdue is doing a good job, but he cannot do it all by himself.  

There is nothing more important than helping working class Georgians through this time of multiple crises facing Georgia.  Georgia faces a perfect storm:  

26 August - Georgia SAT scores fall for the second consecutive year; Georgia is now 47th in nation.  

13 September - Media reports declare Georgia has the highest gas prices in the nation.  Multiple reports in Georgia of prices of $4.79 a gallon or higher. In Smithville, Georgia, the price of regular unleaded at the city's on ly two stations rose a full dollar above the price posted in one night. The town, which is located on U.S. Highway 1920 North on the Lee County/Sumter County line, could fill up for $3.77 per gallon on Friday, but Saturday morning, the price had changed to $4.77.  

17 September - Georgia's unemployment rate reaches a 15 year high. The Georgia Department of Labor reported Wednesday that the state's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose to 6.3 percent in August. The jobless rate was up 1.9 percentage points from 4.4 percent at this same time last year. During the same period, the number of payroll jobs decreased 37,700 or nine-tenths of one percentage point.  

18 September - Problems at GDOT continue to harm Georgia taxpayers, yet another audit finds misuse and abuse of tax dollars. An audit conducted by the Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts reveals that GDOT overspent its 2008 budget by about $456 million. The 2008 fiscal year ended July 31st. GDOT will have to take that amount of money from the current fiscal year, 2009, in order to balance its budget.

I call on Governor Perdue to convene an Extraordinary Georgia Leadership Summit of all the statewide Constitutional officers, the leadership of the Georgia General Assembly, the leadership of the Georgia Association of County Commissioners, the leadership of the Georgia Municipal Association, and representatives from the Georgia business community the Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Businesses.  

Let's meet for as long as it takes - at our personal expense, not the taxpayer's expense - and focus on these issues in a non-partisan, united way.

Georgia faces unprecedented, multiple crises - we must go beyond traditional efforts at leadership and think creatively, outside the box, and we must all work together.  

Now is the time.  Georgians are calling on their state government by the thousands, and we must listen and lead.  I offer Governor Perdue my support and ask him to take innovative action to unite all of us to help Georgia during these crises.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Carl Levin Named "Biggest Porker of the Month!"

The following is a release shared by the Jack Hoogendyk For Senate Campaign:

Senator Levin Wins Award

Dear Brian, Citizens Against Government Waste, your taxpayer watchdog in Washington, has named Senator Levin the "porker of the Month." Rather than explain it to you, I will let CAGW do it for me. Here is their press release in its entirety...

Regards,  Jack Hoogendyk

CAGW Names Senator Carl Levin Porker of the Month

Washington, D.C. - Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) today named Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) its September Porker of the Month for attempting to give earmarks contained in committee reports the force of law.  The provision is included in S. 3001, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2009.

Currently, earmarks listed in committee reports do not have the force of law; only those included in the statutory language have that status.  Traditionally, members of Congress have included earmarks in committee reports knowing they are not the law, but have expected federal agencies to treat those spending items as if they had the force of law.  President Bush issued an Executive Order on January 29, 2008 instructing government agencies not to fund any earmarks contained in report language, or based on any non-statutory source, such as phone calls from members of Congress.  

This means that beginning with this fiscal year's authorization and appropriation bills, agencies would be under no obligation to fund earmarks contained in committee or conference reports.  In a brazen attempt to gut the executive order, Sen. Levin inserted a provision (Section 1002) into the defense reauthorization bill that would incorporate the earmarks listed in the committee report into the statute itself, making the earmarks "a requirement in law."  The earmarks would be "binding on agency heads in the same manner and to the same extent" as if they were written into the bill.

This provision continues a practice of using committee reports to hide earmarks and make them difficult to eliminate by offering amendments to authorization and appropriations bills.  It certainly does not qualify as "reform" of the earmarking process.  It would prevent open debate and votes on earmarks and reduce transparency and accountability.  The "incorporation" language sets a precedent for other fiscal year 2009 legislation.  If it is not removed from the bill, it would demonstrate that the Democratic leadership of Congress has no intent of ever getting earmarks under control.

Considering Chairman Levin's history of requesting earmarks, his bill language is not surprising.  In fiscal year 2008, Chairman Levin requested 255 earmarks for a total of $301.4 million, which made him the eleventh biggest porker in the Senate.

The earmarks in S. 3001 total $5.9 billion, and include the following:  $6.5 million for expandable light air mobility shelters, $5 million for a hydrokinetic power, and $2 million for thin film amorphous solar arrays.  While earmarks generally are a waste of tax dollars, they are most outrageous when included in a bill that is intended to defend the national security of the United States.

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) had planned to offer an amendment to strike Section 1002 and preserve the current status of earmarks in committee language so they will continue to be just that language, not the law.

For attempting to circumvent the January 29 Executive Order and make it easier to earmark the taxpayers' money, CAGW names Senator Carl Levin (D-Mich.) its September 2008 Porker of the Month.

Citizens Against Government Waste is the nation's largest nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement in government.  Porker of the Month is a dubious honor given to lawmakers, government officials, and political candidates who have shown a blatant disregard for the interests of taxpayers.


For more information, contact:    

Leslie K. Paige        

John Oxendine's FairTax Video

Here's the video that was referenced in the previous press release:  

John Oxendine Calls for a Fair Tax Constitutional Convention from Gabe Winslow on Vimeo.

JOHN OXENDINE - FairTax Video & Meet Up!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:         FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: September 17, 2008                       Kathryn Ballou,  (404) 558-4905 

JOHN OXENDINE - Fair Tax Video and Meet Up   

Minneapolis, MN and Atlanta, GA - On September 4, 2008, at the National Fair Tax reception held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine delivered a speech to a packed audience of national Fair Tax grassroots' leaders from over a dozen states.  Commissioner Oxendine taped the speech for a viral video, which he has posted to his website at  

Commissioner Oxendine is working with Leo Linbeck, national Fair Tax Founder and President, The Georgia Fair Tax grassroots' leadership, and national Fair Tax leader Congressman John Linder on this important issue.  

"The only way, other than Congress, to make the Fair Tax a reality is for the people - the states - to take charge in the form of a Constitutional Convention. Yes, I hope to become the next Governor of Georgia, but I am committed to the cause of the Fair Tax because it will help my children and it is right for America by once again making America the greatest manufacturing and economic capitol of the world. Win or lose, I will promote the Fair Tax across Georgia and across America - we will never allow the professional politicians to ignore the American people on this issue." 

 "I am honored that our Fair Tax leader in Georgia and DC, Congressman John Linder, the author of the Fair Tax, is supporting this effort. We are going to bring the voices of all Fair Tax supporters to bear on our state legislatures and ask for only one thing: to call a Constitutional Convention to repeal the 16th amendment and pass a Fair Tax amendment!"

 "We need to begin talking with our neighbors, our friends, family, co-workers, our faith leaders and anyone else you can bend an ear to tell them that the power of putting the IRS out of business, once and for all, is in our hands and our voices. We need to use our voices to get our local government officials to pledge their support for this action, and then remind them - we vote," stated Oxendine.    

Commissioner John Oxendine will host a Meet Up for the Fair Tax Meeting:            

Day:     Monday, October 6
Time:    7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Place:  Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center 75 Langley Drive, First Floor Auditorium/Breezway
Lawrenceville, GA 30045 

The meeting is open to the public and all supporters of the Fair Tax or anyone interested in learning more about the Fair Tax.

Please Help Me Celebrate My Birthday In A Special Way!!

Some of you may know that I will be celebrating my 26th Birthday on Friday. I realize to most people that 26 is not a big or important number.  However, considering that I was only given six weeks to live when I was born each Birthday is VERY Special to me. I come before y'all to ask if you will help me celebrate my Birthday in a special way.  No I am not asking for gifts or money.  God has blessed me very much and I would like to spread those blessings to others and to "Pay it Forward"  For example this week I volunteered several hours of my time for a local private school for children with special needs during their annual yard sale.  There are multitudes of options and I'd be here for a year trying to list them all!  I do have some suggestions if you would be so kid as to join me in Paying It Forward:  

1.  The Gulf coast has been ravaged by Hurricanes over the past few weeks, especially by Ike which has caused catastrophic damage in Galveston, TX and elsewhere.  Fantastic agencies like the American Red Cross are doing their very best to help the victims but they are suffering from a lack of money.  They could really use our help!  

2.  Give back to your community as a volunteer. You could do something similar to what I did at a school in your area, help out at a local church soup kitchen, help out with Meals On Wheels, or one of many other options too numerous to mention

3.  Local blood banks are really running low.  They could really use people to donate blood.  It is easy and it will make you feel good.  And you get free cookies out of the deal!  Who can beat that? 

4.  The people that live in retirement homes are very lonely.  I know they would appreciate someone coming by to keep them company for a little while.  Many of them are our brave Veterans. 

5.  Go through your house.  There are probably things that you don't need anymore.  There are many programs out there that will take these things off your hands, like Goodwill,  and sell them to help out local charities.  It's also going to be getting cold soon if you have old coats and warm clothes that don't fit anymore yyou could donate them to a local shelter to help keep our brothers and sisters in need warm this Winter  

6.  If you would like to donate some money to HuckPAC I think that is great.   My Ranger code is 23636 or you can follow the following link: 

7.  You could also donate some money to my other favorite political cause, The FairTax at

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  I am sure you can figure out other ways to help people and serve. 

Thank you for reading and thanks to anyone who will heed this call and help!  Thanks for helping to make this my Best Birthday ever!  

-Brian "BDBopper" Donegan

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


 I need YOU to do me a personal FAVOR!!!

My Fellow American,

1.)  Please go to and read the Mission Statement 
(the light blue letters) posted there on the middle/bottom of the left
side of the home page.  If you agree, please click on the "Join Today!" link.
Please fill out the form with your information, and in the "Recruited By" box,
scroll down and put me "Bishop, Trucker Randy-Traverse City, MI" as your recruiter.  
Check the "I agree" box and then click the "Join!" button. 

2.) As a Truck Driver, I need to plan out my day and to think about my 
time that is available for me to do the most important things first. 
Take a moment and reflect on the amount of time you spend online every day.   

3.)  Then, please take 25% (1/4) of the time you are spending online,
and re-direct or add that amount of your time to doing the following

a)  Write down on a piece of paper, the names of at least two people
in your life that would come to your rescue, if you ran out of gas on
the highway,...and, the names of at least two people that would (if
money was no object) get on a plane and fly in from out of state, to
see you in the hospital if you had been badly hurt,...and, the names
of at least two people that share your values, (but may not be able to
bring you gas or come see you in the hospital) and want to take our
Country back from the liberals and their media!!!

b)  Then, please call the people on your list and ask them if "they
could do you a personal favor?"

c)  While on the phone,...ask them to go online.  If they can't go online right then, 
ask them to go online whenever they can, and call you back once they are online.

d)  Once they tell you that they are online,...ask them to go to:
When they open the homepage, ask them if they have joined in the past.  
NOTE:  If they have joined before, ask them to send an email to:
asking Bill to change their "Recruited By" to your name.  
If they haven't joined before,...go to the next step.  

e)  After they open the home page, ask them to read the Mission
Statement (the light blue letters) posted there on the middle/bottom
of the left side of the home page.

f)  After they read that paragraph, ask them if they plan to vote for
if they are a registered voter in Michigan,...ask them if they plan to
vote for Jack Hoogendyk to replace Senator Carl Levin in the U.S.

g)   If they say YES,...then ask them to do this personal favor for
you!!!  Ask them to click on the link named,..."Join Today!".  Ask them
to fill out the form while you are on the phone.  Have them put in
their information,...and have them click on your name listed in the
"Recruited By": box.

h)  Then ask them to read the statement below the "Recruited By:" box.
Then ask them to check mark the box:  "I agree to the above
,... and then have them click the "Join!" button.

i)   Then ask them to make a list, just like you did when writing down
your names, using those three questions you used to make your list.

j)  Then ask them to commit 25% of their time,  to calling the people
on their list and do the exact same things you are doing, per this
"Call to Arms" e-mail message!!!

  • We need to take our Country and the State of Michigan,...back from the direction it's going!!!
  • We need to defeat Obama/Biden and make sure that the McCain/Palin ticket wins!!!
  • We need to make sure McCain picks the next Supreme Court Justice,...not Obama!!!
  • We need to replace Senator Carl Levin with Jack Hoogendyk.  Michigan needs your help!!!

If we can get One Million (1,000,000) names on this website by next 
Tuesday, September 23, 2008 by 9:00 pm EST...we will be able to get
some national media attention about our Grassroots Coalition's efforts.

If we can get Three Million names on this website by the following 
Tuesday, September 30, 2008, we are going to submit the website's 
list of names to the National Republican Senatorial Committee and try to get 
some money from them for Jack Hoogendyk's campaign against Carl Levin.
Right now, they are not willing to give any money to Jack, because
they (the National GOP) do not think that Jack can beat Carl Levin.
We are going to replace Carl Levin,...this year!!!

We want to prove to the world that our grassroots efforts
can take out a very powerful and rich liberal incumbent in the U.S.
Senate, while putting McCain/Palin in the White House!!!

Mike Huckabee is coming to Michigan to do a fundraiser for Jack Hoogendyk on OCTOBER 22, 2008.
I am personally picking Mike up from the airport and taking him to this event.  
My plan is to print out the website's list of names and give the list to Mike personally.
I hope that we can show Mike what we have done as his supporters.  
I think his heart will be touched knowing what we have done for our Country.

We want all the headlines on newspapers across America to read on
November 5, 2008:

"Governor Sarah Palin is the first woman to become Vice President of
the United States of America,...and a Michigan Miracle defeats Senator
Carl Levin"!!!

PLEASE,...consider taking the time to do the actions stated in this
e-mail and help us make the above headlines a reality!!!  For our
Country,...our children and their children, please be a part of
something that can really make a difference in this year's election.

The website,, has been setup and paid for by Bill Goins,...
the man that helped Mike Huckabee win the caucus in Iowa,...using this
exact same "Call to Arms" plan!!!

Thank you for everything you are about to do,...please know that you
are going to make a difference
 in the outcome of this election!!!

Thank you for doing me this personal favor!!!

Let's Roll !!!

Trucker Randy
A Truck Driver from Michigan

P.S.  I know times are tough.  Fuel prices are killing me, too.
Could you find it in your heart to go to
and donate $10 to Jack's campaign, and ask the people on your list to do the same?
I know Mike is paying the bill to come to Michigan for Jack.  Maybe by us giving
$10, we can help Jack, like Mike is.  Thanks again for doing me this favor!!!


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