Sunday, September 7, 2008

VIDEO: Compare/Contrast Joe Lieberman & Zell Miller

As in 2004, the 2008 RNC Convention featured an address by a Democrat.  In 2004 that address was given by the fiery former Governor of Georgia, Zell Miller (a speech that was actually the keynote address).  Last week, an address was given by the now-Independent Senator Joe Lieberman.  You can't help but notice the differences between the two speeches and I will compare/contrast them after you watch them below.  

First is Zell Miller's keynote address from 2004 (in three parts):  

And now here is the Address given on Tuesday night by Joe Lieberman of Connecticut:  

While Joe Lieberman is now an Independent (because he was defeated in the Democratic primary in 2006 and had to win as on) both of these speakers are Democrats.  At the time they spoke they were/are Senators.  However that is where the similarities stop.  

Zell Miller's speech in 2004 was fiery!  The speech by "Give 'Em Hell Zell" was most-likely the speech everyone remembers from that convention.  He tore his party and their nominee to ribbons. This was his swan song.  Before this speech he had made it clear he was a lame-duck and would not seek re-election when his term ran out.  He also wrote a book and after finishing his term he retired to his residence in Young Harris, GA.  He has rarely been seen or heard from since.  

Meanwhile Joe Lieberman has four years left of his term.  While Democrats are probably just as mad at him speaking at the RNC, as they were at Zell Miller, Joe's speech was very tepid in comparison.  He made it clear he was a Democrat and didn't criticize his party at all.  He didn't even harshly bash Barack Obama either.  However while Zell Miller ended his career making his RNC address, this address by Joe Lieberman may end his.    

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