Monday, September 1, 2008

My Prayers Are With The Gulf Coast

For the past several days my attention has been focused on Hurricane Gustav.  It was really looking mean a few days ago.  At one point it was nearly a Cat 5 storm but that was about 48 hours ago.  I have been monitoring the storm by listening to WWL radio in New Orleans.  Right now it is barely a Cat 3 as the storm is poised to make landfall in Louisiana.  It does not appear that Gustav will be as bad as Katrina however no one should let their guard down because at one point during Katrina we did and it suddenly became a much worse situation.  

Big ups to all involved in prepping the Gulf Coast.  Preparations have been much more organized than they were just a few years ago.  Millions of people were evacuated out of the area in a very short time.   

As for the RNC Convention, activities have been scaled back except for those that are required by law to start the convention process.  All the speeches have been canceled today.  Everything else going forward depends on what happens on the Gulf Coast and how much damage is done.  Kudos t Senator McCain and the planning committee for staying on top of it and being very respectful.  

More info as it becomes available.  Stay tuned,  

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