Monday, September 15, 2008

A Truck Driver Is Leaving Michigan!

Contact Person: Debra Mantey, 989-551-7493
Letter written by a Trucker Driver from Michigan, Randy Bishop
A Truck Driver is leaving Michigan!!!

Letter to the Editor:

As a life long resident of this wonderful State, heart is crying!!!

I can't believe that I'm being forced to leave this State that I love,
that has been at the center of all of my memories for the past 50

I was born here, went to the public schools, graduated and went to
college here, worked here, got married here, attended Churches here,
my children were born here, we owned homes here, started my trucking
business here,...everything in my most cherished memories that I will
reflect on when I get older and sit in my rocking chair,...will have a
Michigan component indelibly attached to it.

As I travel across this great country, hurts me to see how much
better the rest of the Country is doing, compared to our State.  I
have to go outside of Michigan, to get my loads.  So much of the
manufacturing of products have left our State.  Now, I end up having
to deadhead empty down to either Ohio or Indiana to start my work
week.  Due to higher state taxes, I also buy my diesel fuel while I'm
there,...because simply the fuel is cheaper in those other states!

"Help Wanted" signs are everywhere across the country,...except in
Michigan.  Here we have for sale signs, for lease signs and "gone out
of business" signs.  So many Michiganders have been forced to give up
their dreams of home ownership, business ownership, and even the right
to a good, honest, high paying job here in our State!!!

But the final straw, that has forced me to leave my home state,
the recent bill I received from the Michigan IRP office in Lansing.
Last year I paid the State of Michigan $1,801 for the license plate on
my semi truck.  I filled out the renewal form and sent it in for them
to process and send me back my renewal bill.  Due to increased fees to
cover our State's bills, they sent me a bill for $3,254 for this
year's renewal!!!

An increase of $1,453,...just for a license plate from the State of
Michigan?  Since I get loads and buy fuel in Ohio,...I contacted
Ohio's IRP and found out that they have kept their prices the same as
last year, $1,800.

I'm being forced to leave Michigan and move my business to Ohio.  Even
after paying a new business registration fee and the plate fee,...I'll
save over $1,300 this year, alone!!!

So, not only will Michigan not get the outrageous amount of $3,254
from me, they are going to lose the $1,801 that I paid last year, and
now will be paying to Ohio!!!

The elected politicians of this state, have forced me to put a
"Buckeye" license plate on the front of my rig!!!  It makes me sick
having to put that plate on my truck!!!

People of the State of Michigan,...I'm crying as I write this letter.
I can't believe that we keep electing politicians who don't care about
us,...the lifelong residents of this state, who love and want to stay
living and working here, but just can't afford to do it any longer!!!

Enough is enough!!!   We have to stand up this November and take
control of our State back!!!  We need to send a signal to Lansing and
to Washington,...we are mad and we will not allow them to continue to
stay in office, and implement policies that force our residents and
business out of our State any more!!!

I will be voting my conscience and what I think will be the best for
our State.  It is time for change and it must start right here, at the
local level.

Let's take Michigan back!!!

Thank you for considering my opinions and thoughts,

Randy Bishop
A Truck Driver

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