Friday, September 26, 2008

Why Are We Having A Debate Tonight?

I have one simple question.  WHY ARE WE HAVING A DEBATE TONIGHT????  Our nation is in economic and financial crisis and it is not being helped that the two major Presidential candidates are sitting Senators.  As I understand it at this hour there is no solution to the problem.  The deals have not been finalized yet.  So you send the two sitting senators out to Oxford Mississippi to a debate while they should be holed up with everyone else on Capitol Hill until a consensus solution is agreed upon?!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  Yes this whole issue has been politicized all week long but it should not be up to McCain or Obama whether the debate is held.  This debate should have been postponed by the people in charge until a solution is reached on the current crisis because both of them should be a part of the solution, no matter if we agree with the solution or not.  

But hey would you expect anything less from the hate-America mainstream media (yep Fox News you are part of the problem too) that runs these debates?  This is par for the course for these morons!  Thanks a lot for being part of the problem and leaving our nation's economy and finances in a bind.  


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Political Realm said...

I see your point, but I disagree on this one.

It's true that the country is in crisis, but neither Obama nor McCain is an economics guru and they hadn't made it to a vote on the Hill in months. They didn't figure to play a major roll in the bailout negotiations (and didn't, in the end from my perspective), so why not have a debate? It's in times of crisis that we need to hear from our leaders. One of these men will be taking over the country in a few months and we should see where they stand, especially in times of crisis.


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