Tuesday, September 9, 2008

VIDEO: Sam Brownback at RNC "Yes, We Will!"

There were not many big impressive speeches lined up for the final night of the RNC convention last Thursday.  they were competing with a football game and had planned John McCain's speech to start after the game was over.  There were two speeches I was very impressed with from Thursday night that you probably never saw.  The first of these was by Kansas Senator, Sam Brownback.  

Sam was one of the multitude of GOP Candidates for President but he was the third of those to drop out of the race after his campaign eventually lost steam after his disappointing finish at the Iowa Straw Poll.  I don't remember hearing a better speech by him when he was still running for President!  It is rumored that he will run for Governor of Kansas in 2010 and I think he will be an awesome Governor!  In Sam's speech he takes Obama's slogan ("Yes, We Can!"), turns it around,  and runs with it.  


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