Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Last month, Governor Mike Huckabee and HuckPAC endorsed Jack Hoogendyk in the Michigan US Senate race.  I would like to follow suit and I do so with pride and with great purpose

The state of Michigan is hurting really bad.  Their economy is terrible and their government is corrupt under the regime of their current governor, Jennifer Granholm.  Unemployment and taxes are high and spirits are low.  The ultra-liberal Carl Levin is part of the problem and change is needed desperately.  If there was a time to force Levin into retirement it is NOW!!! Jack Hoogendyk is the right man for the right time to help bring positive change to Michigan and our Nation.  In the state legislature he supported their state's FairTax bill.  He will bring back traditional Michigan values back to the US Senate with his firm Pro Life stance.  Jack will lead the charge to gain our independence from Foreign energy.  Jack will protect our boarders and fight illegal immigration while fighting to make English our official language.  

I won't mince words.  This isn't going to be easy.  Jack needs a lot of help, not just from Michigan.  this is a huge uphill battle but with your help it can done.  Yes the odds are long but I should know about long odds.  I have beat mine for 26 years (well 26 years as of Friday) and with your help Jack can beat his!    Please visit Jack's site and if you can please donate to this cause.  It is up to us to be the somebodies doing the something because the RNC is not lending their financial support to Jack's campaign.     


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Randy said...

Amen to that Brother Brian,!!!

I'll send you my letter to the newspaper Editors here in Michigan.
Feel free to post it on your blog and the National "Call to Arms" we are sending out today!!!

God Bless Brian,...for everything you are doing and have an "unbelievable" 26th Birthday this Friday!!!!

Trucker Randy
A Truck Driver from Michigan


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