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PRESS RELEASE - Our Mourning Is Short Lived

PRESS RELEASE: Huckabee Grassroots Coalition,...
Our Mourning is short lived!!!
Contact: Debra Mantey  989-551-7493

September 4, 2008

Our preference for John McCain's Vice President, Gov. Mike Huckabee was not selected!!!  We were disappointed, and could not figure out why John McCain didn't "get it",..."get" what things Mike would bring to the ticket.

But, after seeing and hearing Gov. Palin at the roll-out event in Dayton, Ohio, at the O'Fallon, MO rally, and last night at the RNC in MN, we know know that...John McCain made a great executive decision in picking Gov. Palin to be his Vice President!!!

Even Gov. Huckabee said the day following the announcement: 

"Sarah Palin is a pleasant surprise for those of us who had hoped that Senator McCain would pick a principled and authentic conservative pro-life leader.  Sarah Palin is both principled and authentic.  As a Governor, she also brings an important balance of understanding of the critical domestic issues that is needed and that the Democrats have ignored with their ticket.  Governor Palin is smart, authentic, tough, and a dynamic choice that will remind women that they are not welcome on the Democrat's ticket, but they do have a place with us Republicans."

Trucker Randy, Huckabee Grassroots Coalition Founder added:

"I hope Gov. Palin gives John McCain a personal tour of ANWR, and shows him the real place that they want to drill for oil,..and that hopefully influences John to change his position on drilling for oil there!!!  If John does, the energy debate is over with Obama's position,'s CHECKMATE!!!  Also, I'm so glad that the women of our country who are the foundations of our families, have a real wife and mother who they can relate to and support with their vote!!!"

RGeorge Dunn, Huckabee Grassroots Coalition Historian commented:  

"John McCain has done the right thing in appointing Sara Palin as the VP.  The unifying from choosing Sara has already brought the Huckabee Coalition Leaders forward enthusiasticly endorsing the McCain/Palin Candidacy including Dr. Dobson.  The greatest message that comes from picking Palin is Senator McCain's willingness to take on the Beltway elites and be a Maverick for the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment, teaming up with another Maverick.  Both are for doing what is right, not what is politically expedient.  We the people can look forward to a Federal Government that is going to have to behave it self, finally.  We can also expect that the Judicial appointments will be those of Good Behavior as clarified by Alexander Hamilton and demanded by the Constitution.  Our support and hopes for Mike Huckabee are still the focus for us and for another day.  Till then, we will stand up for this McCain/Palin Executive.  Though Governor Huckabee has said 'no' to a cabinet position, maybe the future President John McCain can persuade Mike to be the Secretary of State."

Liz Sipfle, Huckabee Grassroots Coalition Legal Counsel said

"We are pleased to support this ticket, and will work to get them into the White House!!!"

Debra Mantey, Huckabee Grassroots Coalition Press Secretary, said:

"A woman who made a personal decision to value life in all conditions and all stages, even when it might be 'inconvenient' and difficult, knowing her child and her family would face hard challenges if she chose to give life to a disabled child--that is real CHOICE.  Choosing to value and see purpose in each life, and trusting God who gives it.  That is real character and integrity.  It's what great leaders and presidents are made of.  Making hard decisions when it really counts.  Sarah Palin is ONE of US--a soccer mom, an outdoorswoman, she knows what real traditional values mean and how much we cherish them, she is a common sense conservative, who understands us and the problems of Main St. Americans, not pandering to the Washington elites, but standing up to them.  She is a female Mike Huckabee to me.  I don't support her because she is a woman, but because she has proven that she is not afraid to stand up for what is right."

Randy Davis, Huckabee Grassroots Coalition of Iowa said: 

"I recall, last fall our conservative friend, Glen Williams from Alaska contacted me and wondered if there was anything I could do to get Governor Huckabee to come to Alaska.  At the time, I was working as a Regional Coordinator for Mike here in Iowa.  Glen told me a little about Sarah Palin (his Governor) and as I remember it.... said that she was a supporter of Huckabee and wanted to campaign with him in her state to generate more votes for Huckabee in the primary.  I sent several e-mails to the campaign and made some calls to this end.  At that time, Mike was extremely busy campaigning here in the main part of the nation.  As I remember it, Janet Huckabee ended up going to Alaska in place of Governor Huckabee.
He is a Saint Bernard breeder and specialist.  We have a Saint Bernard and we "met" through e-mail because of our dog, Harrison.  Glen is a Christian and a big Huckabee supporter.  Back at this time, I researched Sarah Palin because I had heard she had just given birth to a Down's Syndrome baby.  Since we have a Down's Syndrome daughter named Wendy (see, we were automatically interested in her story.  I was impressed with what I learned about her but never really thought about her being an eventual VP pick."

Brian Donnegan, Huckabee Grassroots Coalition from GA:

"From our perspective we see Sarah Palin as one of us.  She is a member of the new breed of Republicans trying to take the party back from corrupt country-club conyism and handing it back to the people (as Reagan did).  Palin has fought corruption tooth and nail.  She has fought pork and tax increases in a big way in Alaska (against her own party).  She is also 100% Pro-Life and a proponent of off-shore drilling and fighting for our energy independence by any means necessary.  While it might not be Huck, McCain has made an awesome choice!"

Gary Glenn, Michigan American Family Association President, found Governor Palin an advocate for the family:

"As a candidate for governor, Sarah Palin rightly called the termination of prenatal life an 'atrocity,' supported a Marriage Protection Amendment to her state constitution, and said creationism should be taught alongside evolution in public schools. She's a former state champion and captain of her high school's Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a hockey mom of five children including an Army infantryman deploying to Iraq, and a gun-owning life member of the NRA.  And she's the only member of either party's ticket with executive experience in government.  As they get to know her, Gov. Palin will excite not only conservative Republicans who are less than enthusiastic about Sen. McCain, but American voters at large, and their election in November will obviously be a barrier-shattering even of historic proportions for women."

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