Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Please Help Me Celebrate My Birthday In A Special Way!!

Some of you may know that I will be celebrating my 26th Birthday on Friday. I realize to most people that 26 is not a big or important number.  However, considering that I was only given six weeks to live when I was born each Birthday is VERY Special to me. I come before y'all to ask if you will help me celebrate my Birthday in a special way.  No I am not asking for gifts or money.  God has blessed me very much and I would like to spread those blessings to others and to "Pay it Forward"  For example this week I volunteered several hours of my time for a local private school for children with special needs during their annual yard sale.  There are multitudes of options and I'd be here for a year trying to list them all!  I do have some suggestions if you would be so kid as to join me in Paying It Forward:  

1.  The Gulf coast has been ravaged by Hurricanes over the past few weeks, especially by Ike which has caused catastrophic damage in Galveston, TX and elsewhere.  Fantastic agencies like the American Red Cross are doing their very best to help the victims but they are suffering from a lack of money.  They could really use our help!  

2.  Give back to your community as a volunteer. You could do something similar to what I did at a school in your area, help out at a local church soup kitchen, help out with Meals On Wheels, or one of many other options too numerous to mention

3.  Local blood banks are really running low.  They could really use people to donate blood.  It is easy and it will make you feel good.  And you get free cookies out of the deal!  Who can beat that? 

4.  The people that live in retirement homes are very lonely.  I know they would appreciate someone coming by to keep them company for a little while.  Many of them are our brave Veterans. 

5.  Go through your house.  There are probably things that you don't need anymore.  There are many programs out there that will take these things off your hands, like Goodwill,  and sell them to help out local charities.  It's also going to be getting cold soon if you have old coats and warm clothes that don't fit anymore yyou could donate them to a local shelter to help keep our brothers and sisters in need warm this Winter  

6.  If you would like to donate some money to HuckPAC I think that is great.   My Ranger code is 23636 or you can follow the following link: 

7.  You could also donate some money to my other favorite political cause, The FairTax at

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  I am sure you can figure out other ways to help people and serve. 

Thank you for reading and thanks to anyone who will heed this call and help!  Thanks for helping to make this my Best Birthday ever!  

-Brian "BDBopper" Donegan

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