Saturday, August 23, 2008

VEEPSTAKES - Obama Taps Joe Biden

The news of Barak Obama's chosen running mate broke last night/this morning right after the Midnight hour He has tapped longtime Deleware senator, Joe Biden.

This is a very interesting choice. While Biden definitely gives Obama a Veep with foreign policy experience (recently evident with his visit to the front lines of the Russia-Georgia conflict) it does not seem to me to fit with what Obama wants to do. Barack Obama has run a campaign based on political change. It seems almost hypocritical to choose a running mate who is a long term (much longer than McCain) Washington "Politics-as-usual" politician as his running mate. If Obama wanted foreign policy experience and an agent of change he could have chosen New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson and acomplished that goal.

Very interesting. We'll see how this works out for hin in the end.

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