Wednesday, August 6, 2008 Redesigned & Live

Last week Governor Mike Huckabee's Twitter account notified us that the site Mike Huckabee used for his Presidential run was going through a redesign and would be live soon.  I have been checking it out from time to time since and every time I did check it was making its usual redirect to HuckPAC.  However the new site seems to be live now.  Go check it out!  

The site is very nice looking and right on the front is Mike jamming out on his bass guitar (after a few more glances there seems to be a set of rotating pictures of Huck).  So other than that what is new?  There is a news page which has links to news articles about Governor Huckabee and a schedule of his appearances around the country and in the media (although there is a glitch because the events are not in the right order).  There is also a page with links to see videos of the Governor making speeches and making other appearances.  Mike's new page will also promote his many fine books and the one to be published and released this November.  Maybe the most interesting thing about the website is there is a link to his next venture which is the Vertical Politics Institute.  Do note the fantastic quote by President Reagan on the page! 

Looks like a great site Governor!  Well done!  I can't wait to see the new site take off and how it will compliment all your other projects and tie them all together.  

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