Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ed Rollins "VP Is Not Mike"

Go over to my friend One Mom's Blog and read her latest post.  According to aforementioned post - Ed Rollins, Huckabee former Campaign Chair, said on CNN last night that McCain's running mate will not be Mike Huckabee.  If that is the case than I can be sure that my calendar this Fall which was reserved for woriking my butt off for a McCain-Huckabee ticket is free.  I can now plan other things to do instead.  

Of course this is unofficial and unverified until McCain announces his choice but if this is the case and he has not chosen someone like Huckabee (some like Palin or Steele) than I have better things to do than support am establishment ticket.  I'll concentrate my grassroots efforts elsewhere thank you very much.  Not to mention pray that we can make it through four years of ObamaI have no faith that an establishment ticket will win.  to answer a question I will probably get , yes I will will be voting for McCain but there's only one reason for that and that is balance of power.  Without Huckabee on the ticket (or someone like him) I have no other reasons to support the ticket.  

Do note that this is the knee-jerk reaction from my emotions.  After working so hard for so long (I started working as a member of the team almost exactly one year ago) for Mike during the primary not choosing him (or someone like him) as his running mate, John McCain will be hurting my feelings initially.  Will I get over the hurt feelings before November?  Probably.  However I can't say that for sure.  McCain has a golden opportunity (even more valuable now that the House and Senate could be in play depending on how the fight for Energy on Capitol Hill plays out).  If he wants to throw it all away and be Bob Dole reincarnate that's his prerogative. 


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