Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Complte Tragedy In Arkansas

What a tragedy!  Today a guman charged into the headquarters of the Arkansas Democratic Party and shot their chairman, Bill Gwatney.  He is now dead.  The suspect is also dead after the police shot the suspect following a chase.  The following is a statement made by former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee:  

Bill Gwatney’s death is a senseless act of depraved violence that touches all of us. Bill was in the state senate during my tenure as Governor and Lieutenant Governor and I knew him well. He was a very effective leader for his party and an event like this certainly makes all politics seem small and insignificant. Today, no one in our small and wonderful state is a Democrat or Republican, but we are all Arkansans who join together in praying for the Gwatney family as well as those staff members at the party headquarters who witnessed this horror. We are thankful for the quick and effective actions of the police agencies in seizing the suspect. I can never understand why anyone could believe that the taking of another person’s life could solve anything. This is a real tragedy.
I would also like to offer my prayers to all involved and their families.  What a sad day in the state of Arkansas. 

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