Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Help Decide Who HuckPAC Endorses Next

Kudos to HuckPAC for another fresh idea!  There are three fantastic conservatives running in the primary for the 16th Distirct Congressional Race in Florida:  State Rep, Gayle Harell, Palm Beach County GOP Chairmen, Tom Rooney, and Palm Beach City Council member, Hal ValecheBecause all three of them are fantastic candidates, HuckPAC is taking a poll of its supporters to determine who its endorsement will go to.  You can vote in the poll HERE.    If you want to know who I chose you can read the blog's comment section.  It was definitely a tough decesion. 

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Kevin Tracy said...

Gayle Harrell is the most Huckabeesque (that's an adjective, not a brand of Arkansas barbecue sauce) of the three.

She has an impressive record (she actually has a record to be impressive), she supports the Fair Tax, she's pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-2nd amendment... this lady has it where it counts.

Plus, since it's Mark Foley's old seat, a grandmother who's lived and served in the community her whole life is going to be recieved a lot better by moderates than an out of state guy, younger than Foley, and a virtual unknown to the people of FL-16.

Rooney isn't the GOP Chairman of Palm Beach County. HuckPAC had that wrong. He's actually from a very liberal family who he has given millions of dollars to Democrats and liberal PACs over the years with.

In 2008, the Rooney family made their first donations to the GOP... over $100,000 to Romney, McCain, the National GOP, and the Wisconsin and Colorado State Parties.

I'm REALLY worried about Rooney being another thorn in our conservative side if he wins the nomination and the election.

I'm praying Harrell gets the HuckPAC endorsement so they can unify the Republican Party and win back the seat in the name of decency.


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