Monday, August 4, 2008

"Totals & Highlights Right After This!"

Skip CarayImage via WikipediaNote - In time this post will be edited to include links to audio and video that will no doubt be posted on the Net of Skip's work.  

There is only one other time that I have felt the same way I do writing this passage tonight.  Back on February 18th, 1998 famous baseball broadcaster, Harry Caray had just passed away.  I spent many a summer's afternoon listening to him call games for The Chicago Cubs on Superstation WGN.  In fact I think I go back all the way back to my early childhood doing that.  I grew to love and admire him and his voice was like the ne of a very close friend.  The loss I felt that winter's day is very similar to the loss I feel right now.  However the loss feels closer to home.  

Harry's son, Skip Caray, longtime voice of the Atlanta Braves on radio and on TV, was silenced yesterday afternoon.  He passed away peacefully in his sleep.  Skip was 68 years old and was due to hit 69 next week.  As the afternoons were spent listening (yes listening...I am legally blind) to Hzrry, summer evenings were spent listening to Skip Caray call the Braves games on the radio (and yes on TBS too).  Skip called games for the Braves for over 32 years, during fantastic winning seasons, and horrible years spent in the basement of the Division. 

The feeling is like losing a very close friend, a comforting voice in the dark night.  However it is a friend that you never met in person.  Regardless it does not lesson the feeling of loss.  No longer will we be able to know where a fan came from who caught a foul ball.  We will also miss the unique humor and wit that he blessed us with.  There is no doubt even the most boring of games will be less entertaining without Skip to keep things rolling along with a humorous anecdote or story.  

So long Skip.  We love you and will miss you!   Say hello to your father for all of us.   

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