Saturday, May 31, 2008

History Made in South Carolina as Huckabee Republican Movement Continues!

Note - Thanks to the Huckabee Alliance for crossposting and for submitting the article below to Real Clear Politics. I appreciate it!

There is big news tonight out of South Carolina that you won't hear from the media. The Republican Party of South Carolina has elected it's first African-American Republican National Committeeman, Glenn McCall! It's also possible that he will be the very first African American Republican National Committeeman from the entire South! The Next Right has more details. So what does this have to do with Mike Huckabee and the Huckabee Republican movement? McCall was endorsed for the position by Governor Mike Huckabee. McCall defeated the incumbent who was endorsed by the Christian Coalition. This speaks in a large volume about what is occurring in the Republican Party and the Evangelical movement at large. The followers in the pews are overpowering their leaders at the pulpit who are fading away into obscurity and/or showing an extreme lack of leadership. Also while he was eventually defeated in his run for the President, Governor Huckabee has planted seeds in the ground and his followers are sowing them. They are not just sitting idly by for their next chance to try again for Huck. They are now using their newly-found political experience (Most of us have never been involved politically before) by running for offices both, large and small, across this land (not to mention positions within the Republican party itself). The seeds Huckabee has planted are now sprouting into plants.

A month ago I was very wary of the possibility that Mike Huckabee could be named John McCain's running mate. Don't get me wrong - I am all for that in fact I endorse Mike Huckabee for Vice President. However I feel it is important to mention that at the time I was very concerned that Mike Huckabee would not be able to continue to lead his movement to change the GOP for the better. Today I am very confident that his followers can carry the torch by themselves if they had to. Keep in mind It was us, the grassroots supporters that were a big force behind Huckabee's success (as Huck did not have a lot of money). We were able to close some of the money gap with our zeal and passion. I realize that the establishment wing of the GOP is now combining forces to try to defeat us. Well go ahead, make my day! Ours is a battle worth fighting for and we are not going to be turned away so easily!

Bob Barr Blows It (At Least For My Vote)!

For those of you who are out of the loop last Sunday the Libertarian Party Convention was held. It took a surprising six ballots but Bob Barr was finally nominated for President by the Libertarians. For a short time I have considered Bob Barr as a possibility as far as who I will support and vote for this November. However I have decided against it.

Social issues are not important to me. They are largely divisive and blind us to the real problems we face in our Nation. However in seeking out candidates I do take a close look at your stance on those issues and whether they have shifted or changed. If they have that gives me doubt on whether I can trust you on issues that are important to me. Bob Barr has blown it in this regard.

In 1996, Bob Barr, as a Republican Congressman, introduced the Defense in Marriage Act (or DOMA). Suddenly 12 years later as the Libertarian candidate for President he promises to repeal the law if elected President. There is another issue I have with Bob Barr as it pertains to the FairTax but I need to be able to prove it before I will discuss it. The last thing I want to do is treat him unfairly and I'd be doing that by making claims that are unsound and not true.

My interest in Bob Barr was tepid at best and comes from a certain distaste for John McCain. This has not shifted towards McCain for the time being but a shift away from Bob Barr. I still haven't made up my mind on supporting and voting for John McCain at this moment. I'm waiting on his VP Choice. As of today I will be voting for McCain or using the write-in.

HuckPAC: 1000 New Contributors In May (And Counting)

On May 9th HuckPAC set a goal of gaining 1.000 new contributors in the month of May. Last night, that goal was reached as yet another financial goal for the Huckabee movement. There were very few times during the Presidential Campaign that we failed to do this. Currently there have been 1,006 new contributors in May and there is still one more day. If you are interested in supporting HuckPAC's efforts in helping out strong, Conservative candidates than please make a contribution today. It doesn't matter how small - Even a "Buck for Huck" will help!

Friday, May 30, 2008

John Oxendine For Georgia's Next Governor!

In two years the 2nd term of the honorable Governor Sonny Perdue will end. Here in the Peach State you are limited to two terms in the Governor's mansion. There is only one Republican that has thrown his hat in the ring as of this moment. That man is John Oxendine. He is the the current State Insurance Commissioner. He made a huge splash at the Georgia Republican Convention in Columbus (Central Georgia). I wish I was there to hear what he had to say in person because when I read his exact words I about knocked over my chair to stand up and applaud. Oxendine is upset with the State legislature and their lack of action upon tax reform and transportation bills. He is also disappointed with the US Congress and their inability to follow the leadership of my Representative, John Linder and get the FairTax passed. At the Georgia GOP State Convention Oxendine told the delegates that if they honored him with their vote in 2010 that as Governor he would sit down with the other 49 Governors and draft a Constitutional Amendment to enact the FairTax and hold Constitutional Conventions to pass it over the heads of Congress. NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL LEADERSHIP!!!

That is why I am very proud to endorse John Oxendine for Georgia's next Governor! If you feel strongly that Georgia deserves that kind of leadership with new ideas than I suggest that you visit John's website and join his team. My endorsement may not hold much water but I hope that you will take the time to check John out. I think he would make a great Governor and a perfect person for Sonny Perdue to pass the torch to. Hey, he hasn't done us any wrong has he? John Oxendine has done a fantastic job as Insurance Commissioner and he'll bring those same kind of results and leadership to the Governor's Mansion!

An Apology

I would like to apologize to the blogosphere, especially my fellow Conservatives for getting my boxers in a bunch over the Califorian Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage ruling. I was fed up. Not over the ruling I was just tired of hearing the constant bickering between sides of the issue. In losing my temper I did the opposite of what I usually do with a really devisive issue. I should have just kept my big mouth shut.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Government Should Get Out Of Marriage!

I realize that the words and thoughts I am going to type will enrage social conservatives. If you wish you might want to read no further and go somewhere else. I don't apologize for them because these are my honest and true opinions.

A few feet away from me is my bookcase. In it sits my prized copy of the Holy Bible. It serves as a guidebook to me on how I should be living my life. Admittedly I don't always follow it...I'm a human being. However I choose to live my life using the Bible as a guide that I make decisions based on it because I am a Christian and believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour. But what about Joe Smith down the street. He may not even own the book or be a Christian. Is it right for me to force him to abide by those same principles. No. Of course not. I'd be a major jerk. In the same way should the Government force people, with the power of their guns to abide by those same principles, even if they are not Christians? OF COURSE NOT!!! Don't we have a separation of church and state?

On matters of laws our nation was founded upon the principle of Life, Liberty, & The Pursity of Happiness (property). So as far as Gay Marriage is concerned or any issue I look at three questions. Does the practice of two men/women getting married kill someone or cause a person or people not to live anymore? No. Does two men/women getting married cause physical bodily harm to someone else? No. Does two men/women marrying each other vilate someone else's right to attempt to gain property? No. Since the answer to these three vital questions that should test each law of our land are no than no matter how people think it is moral homosexuals should be allowed to get married.

Furthermore, there is a lot of noise around about the California Supreme Court overturning that state's ban on Gay Marriage. The outrage from the right is as loud as the joy of the left. I'm sick of this. Gay Marriage and whether or not it should be allowed is a very divisive issue. Too divisive if I say so myself. The issue blinds us from the real problems that we face in this country. Just when we are about to attack the real problems a state decides to ban it or allow it or there is some stupid court decision. and POOF the progress that was about to be made on a real problem is eliminated entirely.

Therefore my opinion is going to be very unpopular from both sides of the aisle. So be it. I feel the Government has no right to regulate marriage whatsoever. if I marry someone it should be between the person I love and God. Big Brother need not apply. There are much more important issues for the Government to be bothered with and to spend our money taking care of. What do you think? I am right on or am I a lunatic that needs to be committed to a mental institution? Feel free to opine. Please do be respectful of me or the opine of someone else. This is America.

The Only Way McCain Can Win

I just finished reading an article on World Net Daily and I am convinced that if their advice is heeded that it is the only way John McCain will ever be elected this cycle. The article goes in depth about the economic problems we face from a global perspective. I won't really repeat a lot of it here. I am going to analyze it.

The article recommends that Mike Huckabee be brought on as Vice President, Warren Buffett be brought on as Secretary of the Treasury and Ron Paul be brought on to be in charge of the federal budget. There are two "Change" movements within the Republican Party at present - A movement by Huckabee/Gingrich to create a national "Vertical" platform and Ron Paul's Libertarian movement. The followers of both movements are at odds with McCain and if left unchecked the result will be a scattered conservative electorate. Bob Barr looms in the distance as a possible Perot/Nader spoiler and if the economy and the War tank bad enough he could play George Wallace (considering Barr is a very popular man down South, especially in my home state of Georgia).

The biggest issue in this election by far is and will continue to be the economy. The McCain/Huckabee/Paul/Buiffet "Dream Team" could be a very tough team to beat on economic policy. Each member of that team would come from a facet of the presently large Republican fold. Before this cycle the Republican party was like a wobbly chair with three legs - Social Conservatives, Fiscal Conservatives, and Foreign Policy Conservatives (the establishment). Now that Ron Paul has run for President in the GOP Primary he has brought a considerably large Libertarian wing of the party and the GOP is currently a four-legged table. However if Ron Paul and his supporters don't find a seat at the table they will take their leg and go home. In addition without a Social Conservative as McCain's running mate or part of his team one of the three legs of the chair will break and leave a big mess.

The advice in the article would be a perfect balance based on economic concerns. You have McCain from the establishment, Huckabee the anti-IRS Social Conservative, Buffett the fiscal conservative, and Ron Paul the Low-government, balanced budget Libertarian. It's the only way McCain can unite his party (not to mention the Conservative movement) and equalize Bob Barr. It's brilliant! There is no other way John McCain will win otherwise. Not only that but the ticket has the potential to reign over a period of the biggest economic growth this country has ever seen. The budgets would be balanced, taxes would be low and "Fair", Our budget and trade deficits would disappear in the blink of an eye, and the Contract With America would finally be fulfilled.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Memo To The GOP - Stop The Negativity!!!

I have an urgent message for the GOP and especially to the National Republican Congressional Committee - STOP THE NEGATIVITY!! You have lost three open seats in Congress in the span of two months. In each of those races you based your message on negativity towards the opposing candidate and their association with Barack Obama. Three strikes and You're Out! The strategy is not just working it is failing miserably! 82% of the people in this country believe that this nation is going in the wrong direction. I am one of them. Of course that statistic is being used to dupe the pubic in believing that they want to remove the party in office and that isn't so. Let's all agree that we have problems in this country right now and we need to fix them. We can either fix them by continuing in a direction of socialism or solve them in a conservative manner that is more consistant with the beliefs of our Founding Fathers.

The electorate wants a change. They don't want to hear negativity towards a candidate, no matter how much you think it is deserved. It is time to put forward a strategy and a platform with a positive message with solutions on how we can fix the problems we face as a Nation today. The electorate is starving for new ideas to pique their imagination, like the ones that were within Newt Gingrich's Contract With America. If you present a positive message and come forward with a similar document not only will you stop the bleeding but turn things around. Otherwise the butt whopping you are about to receive in November will be even worse than 2006. Our nation deserves better!

We'll Take The Small Victories When They Come

Despite the setback last night in Mississippi 01 (in a contest that will no doubt be replayed in November anyway) there was a victory for the Huckabee Republican movement where even squares have a ball! 19-year old Huckabee volunteer and supporter John Tyler Hammons won his bid to become the next mayor of Muskogee Oklahoma USA! His opponent was endorsed by the local paper and outspent Hammons 5-1! Despite all of this Hammons won the election with over 70% of the votes! Congrats John!

It's a relatively small victory for the Huckabee Republican movement but we'll take it!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

a HuckPAC Update

The following is a Huck PAC update from Governor Mike Huckabee. I haven;'t been too active in the past week so this shares pretty much everything that has gone down over there this week.

I told you when we first started Huck PAC that I am very excited about what together, we can accomplish. You and Huck PAC will be a big part of Election 2008. Indeed, we will have an impact on elections far into the future. But to do that, I need your continued involvement with Huck PAC.

I will continue to send you frequent updates about the activities of Huck PAC, and ways that you can be involved as we move forward. Huck PAC is founded on the principles that are important to all Americans: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. We will continue to identify candidates who hold firm to the strong principles that are so important to us – candidates who are passionate advocates for tax reform, a strong national defense, real border security, life, the family, less government and individual liberty.

Mike Huckabee


MSNBC: Gov. Huckabee will appear as a commentator tonight during MSNBC's coverage of the West Virginia primary.

May Challenge: Be sure to check out Huck PAC’s May challenge. We have set a goal of identifying 1,000 individuals willing to make a contribution in support of our efforts in May. Will you be one of the 1,000? The amount you contribute is up to you. What is important is that we identify 1,000 new financial supporters. In just seven days we have had over 500 contributors and are closing in on 1,000. Please support us today.

Candidate Map: Another of our featured items is the candidate map. Use it as a resource to keep track of the candidates Huck PAC has endorsed. Give us the names and information, including web sites, of your favorite candidates. Check the map frequently as we update the list of Huck PAC endorsed candidates.

Huck PAC Blogroll: If you are a blogger, we encourage you to add your blog to our Huck PAC blogroll. After you submit your blog for consideration, and it is reviewed and approved by our team, we will add your site to our blogroll. As of now we have 216 blogs added to our blogroll.

As Governor Huckabee travels around the country campaigning for strong conservative candidates, we will attempt to keep you updated on Governor Huckabee’s busy schedule.

Governor Huckabee has recently campaigned for Roy Brown and Steve Daines, candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor in Montana, and Greg Davis, the Huck PAC endorsed candidate for the 1st Congressional District in Mississippi.


Gov. Huckabee Responds To Novak: Governor Huckabee responded to a column by Robert Novak. In a blog post titled “McCain, Huckabee and Evangelicals” Governor Huckabee said in the strongest possible terms “We deserve a President with the character, conviction, experience, and wisdom to see the problems we face and try to lead us to solve them. We deserve a President who truly loves this country and from whom there is no doubt as to his respect for Faith, Family, and the kind of freedom that those before us have given their lives to pass on to us. John McCain meets that criteria and that’s why I am campaigning for him and not hoping for Obama.” Read the entire blog post here.

Gov. Huckabee's Personal Update: Recently Governor Huckabee blogged about “Catching Up”. Check out what he has to say here.

Israel Turns 60: Governor Huckabee also took time out to wish the State of Israel a Happy 60th Birthday. Israel has been one of our strongest friends, and of course, the United States remains one of Israel’s staunchest supporters. Check out Governor Huckabee’s message here.

Tragedy in Myanmar: The county of Myanmar has experienced an unspeakable tragedy. Governor Huckabee took time to pray for and express his heartfelt thoughts for the people of Myanmar. The cyclone that has devastated this third world country has resulted in a death toll in the thousands, and a homeless population of over one million people. Assistance is still desperately needed. Go here to see how you can help.


Be sure to check out the daily candidate news roundup. See which candidates Huck PAC has already endorsed. Look for the “featured candidate” blog, that we will use to periodically feature a candidate that Huck PAC is endorsing and highlight their stands on important issues.

Here are some of the candidates Huck PAC has endorsed, and featured so far. Take a look at their websites, and if you live in their districts, we encourage you to get involved.

Greg Davis – 1st Congressional District of Mississippi

Bob Clegg – 2nd Congressional District of New Hampshire

John Linder – 7th Congressional District of Georgia


1. 1,000 Contributors in May: We have set a goal of identifying 1,000 contributors in May. If you can afford to make a small contribution in support of our efforts please do. The amount you contribute isn’t as important as your participation!

2. Join Us Online: If you are a Facebook or MySpace user please join our Huck PAC groups.

3. Join My HuckPAC: Get involved, become an important part of the site. Sign up today – go to My HuckPAC and register.

An Important Message From Georgians For Huckabee

The following message is from the State Co-chair of Georgians For Huckabee, Joe Dendy and is directed to those who will be attending the Georgia GOP Convention this weekend in Columbus:

To all of our faithful Mike Huckabee supporters:
I hope to see many of you at the State Republican Convention in Columbus this coming weekend. I will be working at the registration table, so please come by and say hello. Everyone one of you played a major part in winning the great state of Georgia for Gov. Huckabee, and I would consider it an honor meet those of you whom I have not met in person and to shake your hand!
I am also writing this email to you because of a great concern that has been brought to my attention. Some of you have notified me that you have been contacted by supporters of another presidential candidate, asking for your help to "change" the direction of the Convention. Many of this candidate's supporters are new to politics and have become upset with the process. Their purpose in contacting supporters of Gov. Huckabee is to recruit enough assistance in pushing through their people as delegates to the National Convention. Please know that the leadership of Georgians for Huckabee is NOT supportive of these tactics, and we ask that none of you participate in such a move.
I must say that as Huckabee supporters, we are just as passionate about our man as this other group is about theirs. However, I truly believe that Mike's supporters are capable of looking beyond the immediate and seeing what is best for our great country. Yes, as long as Gov. Huckabee does not release his delegates, the Georgia delegates to the National Convention will be required to vote for Mike in the first two ballots at the National Convention. However, if a presidential candidate is not chosen in these first two ballots, Georgia's delegates are then released from all obligations and are allowed to cast their ballots for another candidate. So, if the balloting gets to that point, we as a state party must be able to trust the delegates we select to do the right thing. We must have delegates that will then get behind the best candidate to defeat the liberal candidate chosen by the dems. As a state party, we must resist any attempts to elect national delegates who will place our party in jeopardy of keeping the White House!
Simply put, Sen. John McCain is now our candidate, and we must all get behind him to get him elected!! . . . Can you even imagine the alternative of either Obama or Hillary?!!
If you have any questions, including how national delegates are chosen, please email me at
Again, thank you for all of your hard work for Mike Huckabee. But please remember, your work is not done . . . We MUST keep the White House, so please direct your efforts now to electing John McCain as our next president!
Joe Dendy
State Co-Director
Georgians for Huckabee

Today Is A Big Day For The Huckabee Republican Movement!

Today is a big day for the Huckabee Republican movement. Yeah I know it is Primary day in West Virginia which is only important for the Dems...and the only question there is how wide the margin will Clinton win by?

There are two runoff elections to watch tonight. First in Mississippi-1 where Greg Davis is running for Congress. He has been endorsed by Mike Huckabee and Huck has spent time and money in the race there. A win for Davis would be the first success for HuckPAC.

Also what is occurring in this country is Huckabee's followers are running for local public office. One of them is John Tyler Hammons, a 19 year-old who is running for Mayor in Muskogee, OK today. Best of luck! The link will send you to the Huck's Army forum topic and how you can help him by making some phone calls for this young man.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Huck Tops McCain's Short List!

BoldAccording to a blog post on the site of US News & World Report it appears that Mike Huckabee is at the top (or very near it) on John McCain's short list for Vice-President. You can read the story here. I can tell you one thing. The moment McCain picks Huckabee is the moment I sign on with the ticket. Otherwise you can forget it! Not only would I support a McCain/Huckabee ticket but I would volunteer for the campaign and do the same things I did for Huck when he was running for the nomination outright. Without Huck on McCain's ticket all I'd be doing by voting for him is voting for the lesser of two evils. I refuse to stoop to the level.

As of this moment I'd be writing in Huckabee's name (if he is not on McCain's ticket) this November. So why not Barr? Best of luck to Bob Barr but he is getting a little too cozy with the Paulites by trying to steal them away from the GOP. There's nothing wrong with that except that Ron Paul brought lots of new voters into the GOP camp by running for President (Just as Huckabee did). The GOP needs a good scrub down and the best way to change the party is to get involved and make efforts to make changes instead of leaving it (as Bob Barr is suggesting). For the record Ron Paul would make an excellent Governor and I would support him. However he would not make a good President because of his isolationist policies. If you think the World looks at us like a Pariah now just wait until we bring all troops home, seal the borders, kick out the UN, and ignore the problems of the world. However I think Ron Paul has some great ideas domestically and we could use his supporters help to shape the new GOP platform.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Random Access - Freddy Fender's Wasted Days And Wasted Nights

As you have read previously, I love the sounds of New Orleans Rhythm & blues and Swamp Pop. This is definitely Swamp Pop at its finest! Freddy Fender recorded his signature song, Wasted Days & Wasted Nights many times. This video, shared to me by Dave the Swinger is the very first release of the song from 1960 on the Duncan label. Enjoy this great sound!

A Thought For Today - Don't Vote For the Lesser of Two Evils

I was just sitting at the breakfast table. My dad was sleeping so I decided not to turn on the TV. So I am eating and doing some thinking. My reflection turned towards a phrase you are going to hear a lot when we get close to electing our next president. that phrase s "I'm Voting for the lesser of two evils" or something to that extent. Everyone who thinks they are doing as such and does not think they have another choice should be physically barred from voting. If you vote for the lesser of two evils instead of voting on principle and what you believe in you are abusing your democratic privilege. You might as well stay home because you will be contributing an equal amount to the process as if you would be by voting for the lesser of two evils.

There are many things you could do instead. There are a plethora of third party options on that ballot you are going to read for President. Go do your homework and find the candidate that most matches what you would want in your President. Be an informed voter (and this doesn't go just for President - this goes all the way down to school board or those pesky ballot initiatives) and don't listen to the morons who say you are throwing away your vote. They are full of Bull Crap! By voting (and making an informed decision in doing so) for a third party instead of the lesser of two evils you would be making your choice with you heart and with your principles. Someone who does that is never throwing their vote away. Gosh even if you can't find someone to identify with, use the write-in option. It's much better than staying home because there are other contests you will need to make a choice on. Trust me, while the vote for President is important your life will be much more affected by who you elect to Congress, Governor, and state/local official.

Take if from a person who spent all summer and fall of 2000 researching and making a decision so I could make the right choice when I voted for the first time (I was 18). I marched in that voting booth and voted for Harry Browne (the Libertarian). I did so because I couldn't stand Gore or Bush and I thought Harry Browne would do a much better job. I also agreed with him on the issues more. Then I got my sticker and marched triumphantly out of the voting precinct and I wore that sucker for a week (until it fell off my chest)!

Don't get me wrong. Am I advising you that voting for McCain or Obama (or Clinton) is a waste. No. If you honestly believe that one of them will do a better job than anyone else in the field and your choice matches your principles than voting for either ofthem is the right thing to do. But voting just for voting sake is wrong and you might as well just stay home.


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