Saturday, May 31, 2008

History Made in South Carolina as Huckabee Republican Movement Continues!

Note - Thanks to the Huckabee Alliance for crossposting and for submitting the article below to Real Clear Politics. I appreciate it!

There is big news tonight out of South Carolina that you won't hear from the media. The Republican Party of South Carolina has elected it's first African-American Republican National Committeeman, Glenn McCall! It's also possible that he will be the very first African American Republican National Committeeman from the entire South! The Next Right has more details. So what does this have to do with Mike Huckabee and the Huckabee Republican movement? McCall was endorsed for the position by Governor Mike Huckabee. McCall defeated the incumbent who was endorsed by the Christian Coalition. This speaks in a large volume about what is occurring in the Republican Party and the Evangelical movement at large. The followers in the pews are overpowering their leaders at the pulpit who are fading away into obscurity and/or showing an extreme lack of leadership. Also while he was eventually defeated in his run for the President, Governor Huckabee has planted seeds in the ground and his followers are sowing them. They are not just sitting idly by for their next chance to try again for Huck. They are now using their newly-found political experience (Most of us have never been involved politically before) by running for offices both, large and small, across this land (not to mention positions within the Republican party itself). The seeds Huckabee has planted are now sprouting into plants.

A month ago I was very wary of the possibility that Mike Huckabee could be named John McCain's running mate. Don't get me wrong - I am all for that in fact I endorse Mike Huckabee for Vice President. However I feel it is important to mention that at the time I was very concerned that Mike Huckabee would not be able to continue to lead his movement to change the GOP for the better. Today I am very confident that his followers can carry the torch by themselves if they had to. Keep in mind It was us, the grassroots supporters that were a big force behind Huckabee's success (as Huck did not have a lot of money). We were able to close some of the money gap with our zeal and passion. I realize that the establishment wing of the GOP is now combining forces to try to defeat us. Well go ahead, make my day! Ours is a battle worth fighting for and we are not going to be turned away so easily!

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For the Gipper said...

Very well stated BDBopper! BTW, the other guy was not only supported by the Christian Coalition, he was also a Romney staffer. Just as Huckabee won far more support in SC than Romney during the primary (despite the fact that Romney outspent all of the other candidates there), those who are endorsed by Huckabee in SC have a big leg up over their competition. Exit polls showed that Huckabee actually won more votes FROM REPUBLICANS in SC than John McCain did, so if it were not for the fact that SC allows non-party members to cast votes for the party's nominee, then Huckabee would have won SC, instead of McCain (despite the attacks of false allegations that were coming from Senator Fred Thompson, at that time).


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