Friday, May 16, 2008

The Only Way McCain Can Win

I just finished reading an article on World Net Daily and I am convinced that if their advice is heeded that it is the only way John McCain will ever be elected this cycle. The article goes in depth about the economic problems we face from a global perspective. I won't really repeat a lot of it here. I am going to analyze it.

The article recommends that Mike Huckabee be brought on as Vice President, Warren Buffett be brought on as Secretary of the Treasury and Ron Paul be brought on to be in charge of the federal budget. There are two "Change" movements within the Republican Party at present - A movement by Huckabee/Gingrich to create a national "Vertical" platform and Ron Paul's Libertarian movement. The followers of both movements are at odds with McCain and if left unchecked the result will be a scattered conservative electorate. Bob Barr looms in the distance as a possible Perot/Nader spoiler and if the economy and the War tank bad enough he could play George Wallace (considering Barr is a very popular man down South, especially in my home state of Georgia).

The biggest issue in this election by far is and will continue to be the economy. The McCain/Huckabee/Paul/Buiffet "Dream Team" could be a very tough team to beat on economic policy. Each member of that team would come from a facet of the presently large Republican fold. Before this cycle the Republican party was like a wobbly chair with three legs - Social Conservatives, Fiscal Conservatives, and Foreign Policy Conservatives (the establishment). Now that Ron Paul has run for President in the GOP Primary he has brought a considerably large Libertarian wing of the party and the GOP is currently a four-legged table. However if Ron Paul and his supporters don't find a seat at the table they will take their leg and go home. In addition without a Social Conservative as McCain's running mate or part of his team one of the three legs of the chair will break and leave a big mess.

The advice in the article would be a perfect balance based on economic concerns. You have McCain from the establishment, Huckabee the anti-IRS Social Conservative, Buffett the fiscal conservative, and Ron Paul the Low-government, balanced budget Libertarian. It's the only way McCain can unite his party (not to mention the Conservative movement) and equalize Bob Barr. It's brilliant! There is no other way John McCain will win otherwise. Not only that but the ticket has the potential to reign over a period of the biggest economic growth this country has ever seen. The budgets would be balanced, taxes would be low and "Fair", Our budget and trade deficits would disappear in the blink of an eye, and the Contract With America would finally be fulfilled.

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