Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Memo To The GOP - Stop The Negativity!!!

I have an urgent message for the GOP and especially to the National Republican Congressional Committee - STOP THE NEGATIVITY!! You have lost three open seats in Congress in the span of two months. In each of those races you based your message on negativity towards the opposing candidate and their association with Barack Obama. Three strikes and You're Out! The strategy is not just working it is failing miserably! 82% of the people in this country believe that this nation is going in the wrong direction. I am one of them. Of course that statistic is being used to dupe the pubic in believing that they want to remove the party in office and that isn't so. Let's all agree that we have problems in this country right now and we need to fix them. We can either fix them by continuing in a direction of socialism or solve them in a conservative manner that is more consistant with the beliefs of our Founding Fathers.

The electorate wants a change. They don't want to hear negativity towards a candidate, no matter how much you think it is deserved. It is time to put forward a strategy and a platform with a positive message with solutions on how we can fix the problems we face as a Nation today. The electorate is starving for new ideas to pique their imagination, like the ones that were within Newt Gingrich's Contract With America. If you present a positive message and come forward with a similar document not only will you stop the bleeding but turn things around. Otherwise the butt whopping you are about to receive in November will be even worse than 2006. Our nation deserves better!

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