Friday, May 16, 2008

Government Should Get Out Of Marriage!

I realize that the words and thoughts I am going to type will enrage social conservatives. If you wish you might want to read no further and go somewhere else. I don't apologize for them because these are my honest and true opinions.

A few feet away from me is my bookcase. In it sits my prized copy of the Holy Bible. It serves as a guidebook to me on how I should be living my life. Admittedly I don't always follow it...I'm a human being. However I choose to live my life using the Bible as a guide that I make decisions based on it because I am a Christian and believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour. But what about Joe Smith down the street. He may not even own the book or be a Christian. Is it right for me to force him to abide by those same principles. No. Of course not. I'd be a major jerk. In the same way should the Government force people, with the power of their guns to abide by those same principles, even if they are not Christians? OF COURSE NOT!!! Don't we have a separation of church and state?

On matters of laws our nation was founded upon the principle of Life, Liberty, & The Pursity of Happiness (property). So as far as Gay Marriage is concerned or any issue I look at three questions. Does the practice of two men/women getting married kill someone or cause a person or people not to live anymore? No. Does two men/women getting married cause physical bodily harm to someone else? No. Does two men/women marrying each other vilate someone else's right to attempt to gain property? No. Since the answer to these three vital questions that should test each law of our land are no than no matter how people think it is moral homosexuals should be allowed to get married.

Furthermore, there is a lot of noise around about the California Supreme Court overturning that state's ban on Gay Marriage. The outrage from the right is as loud as the joy of the left. I'm sick of this. Gay Marriage and whether or not it should be allowed is a very divisive issue. Too divisive if I say so myself. The issue blinds us from the real problems that we face in this country. Just when we are about to attack the real problems a state decides to ban it or allow it or there is some stupid court decision. and POOF the progress that was about to be made on a real problem is eliminated entirely.

Therefore my opinion is going to be very unpopular from both sides of the aisle. So be it. I feel the Government has no right to regulate marriage whatsoever. if I marry someone it should be between the person I love and God. Big Brother need not apply. There are much more important issues for the Government to be bothered with and to spend our money taking care of. What do you think? I am right on or am I a lunatic that needs to be committed to a mental institution? Feel free to opine. Please do be respectful of me or the opine of someone else. This is America.

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onemom said...

First of all ... the "separation of church and state" was specifically written to keep the state out of our churches, not the other way around.

Second, marriage is a government issue when it comes with government benefits and costs to taxpayers (insurance, social security, medicare/medicaid, etc).

Third, this issue is important, because it is another step toward the total moral decay of our society which is at the root of most of the other problems we face in this country.

That's my point of view.


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