Tuesday, May 13, 2008

a HuckPAC Update

The following is a Huck PAC update from Governor Mike Huckabee. I haven;'t been too active in the past week so this shares pretty much everything that has gone down over there this week.

I told you when we first started Huck PAC that I am very excited about what together, we can accomplish. You and Huck PAC will be a big part of Election 2008. Indeed, we will have an impact on elections far into the future. But to do that, I need your continued involvement with Huck PAC.

I will continue to send you frequent updates about the activities of Huck PAC, and ways that you can be involved as we move forward. Huck PAC is founded on the principles that are important to all Americans: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. We will continue to identify candidates who hold firm to the strong principles that are so important to us – candidates who are passionate advocates for tax reform, a strong national defense, real border security, life, the family, less government and individual liberty.

Mike Huckabee


MSNBC: Gov. Huckabee will appear as a commentator tonight during MSNBC's coverage of the West Virginia primary.

May Challenge: Be sure to check out Huck PAC’s May challenge. We have set a goal of identifying 1,000 individuals willing to make a contribution in support of our efforts in May. Will you be one of the 1,000? The amount you contribute is up to you. What is important is that we identify 1,000 new financial supporters. In just seven days we have had over 500 contributors and are closing in on 1,000. Please support us today.

Candidate Map: Another of our featured items is the candidate map. Use it as a resource to keep track of the candidates Huck PAC has endorsed. Give us the names and information, including web sites, of your favorite candidates. Check the map frequently as we update the list of Huck PAC endorsed candidates.

Huck PAC Blogroll: If you are a blogger, we encourage you to add your blog to our Huck PAC blogroll. After you submit your blog for consideration, and it is reviewed and approved by our team, we will add your site to our blogroll. As of now we have 216 blogs added to our blogroll.

As Governor Huckabee travels around the country campaigning for strong conservative candidates, we will attempt to keep you updated on Governor Huckabee’s busy schedule.

Governor Huckabee has recently campaigned for Roy Brown and Steve Daines, candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor in Montana, and Greg Davis, the Huck PAC endorsed candidate for the 1st Congressional District in Mississippi.


Gov. Huckabee Responds To Novak: Governor Huckabee responded to a column by Robert Novak. In a blog post titled “McCain, Huckabee and Evangelicals” Governor Huckabee said in the strongest possible terms “We deserve a President with the character, conviction, experience, and wisdom to see the problems we face and try to lead us to solve them. We deserve a President who truly loves this country and from whom there is no doubt as to his respect for Faith, Family, and the kind of freedom that those before us have given their lives to pass on to us. John McCain meets that criteria and that’s why I am campaigning for him and not hoping for Obama.” Read the entire blog post here.

Gov. Huckabee's Personal Update: Recently Governor Huckabee blogged about “Catching Up”. Check out what he has to say here.

Israel Turns 60: Governor Huckabee also took time out to wish the State of Israel a Happy 60th Birthday. Israel has been one of our strongest friends, and of course, the United States remains one of Israel’s staunchest supporters. Check out Governor Huckabee’s message here.

Tragedy in Myanmar: The county of Myanmar has experienced an unspeakable tragedy. Governor Huckabee took time to pray for and express his heartfelt thoughts for the people of Myanmar. The cyclone that has devastated this third world country has resulted in a death toll in the thousands, and a homeless population of over one million people. Assistance is still desperately needed. Go here to see how you can help.


Be sure to check out the daily candidate news roundup. See which candidates Huck PAC has already endorsed. Look for the “featured candidate” blog, that we will use to periodically feature a candidate that Huck PAC is endorsing and highlight their stands on important issues.

Here are some of the candidates Huck PAC has endorsed, and featured so far. Take a look at their websites, and if you live in their districts, we encourage you to get involved.

Greg Davis – 1st Congressional District of Mississippi

Bob Clegg – 2nd Congressional District of New Hampshire

John Linder – 7th Congressional District of Georgia


1. 1,000 Contributors in May: We have set a goal of identifying 1,000 contributors in May. If you can afford to make a small contribution in support of our efforts please do. The amount you contribute isn’t as important as your participation!

2. Join Us Online: If you are a Facebook or MySpace user please join our Huck PAC groups.

3. Join My HuckPAC: Get involved, become an important part of the site. Sign up today – go to My HuckPAC and register.

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