Sunday, December 30, 2007

Time to Pray

Good morning!

With this being Sunday, and the last Sunday before the Iowa Caucuses I think this is a perfect time to bow our heads in prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the beneficial rain that has fallen over the past few weeks down here in Georgia. It is truly a blessing in this time of drought. We pray this morning for many. We pray for the volunteers and candidates of the political campaigns in Iowa this week and for their health and safety on the icy roads of that state. We especially pray for the many who have traveled to Iowa from across the nation to lift up your servant, Governor Mike Huckabee. We also pray for the people in Iowa who will make a great decision this Thursday. May your will be done in the outcome. We also pray for Governor Mike Huckabee. We pray for strength, wisdom, and humility for Mike during the next few days. May the truth and you words cross his lips instead of attacking others as he has been tempted to do. On the eve of the new year of 2008 we thank you for all the many blessings you have provided us with and pray in Thanksgiving for all the blessings of the year to come.

In Your name we pray. Amen.

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