Friday, February 29, 2008


Even before Super Tuesday plans were already in put into motion within the ranks of Huck's Army to get supplies and boots on the ground in the Lonestar State. Operation Texas Surge is now in full swing across the state. I am very pleased to be able to bring you reports from one of the nine teams working tirelessly in Texas. Here is the first report from OTS Team One!

OTS Team One left for The Lonestar State yesterday (Thursday). Their first stop was in Benton Arkansas where we met Jason and picked up supplies. Next stop was Dallas to meet up with the lovely Andysprite and her family (for a supply drop). Then they headed down to Home Base in Waco, TX and didn't make it down there until 4 AM. They were exhausted!

After five hours of sleep they headed out to College Station and the rally at Texas A&M in College Station. What an awesome experience. Shaun (Trox) was able to meet with Chip Saltsman and Jack was able to meet Mike and get his Huck's Army hat signed by the Governor! Most importantly they were able to distribute supplies to some very eager supporters. They handed out about 300 bumper stickers, 80 buttons, and 300 pieces of literature. On the back of each bumper sticker "" was written!

There was a ton of excitement on the ground! The event was to be held in a theater and there was as many people packed in the place as there were outside trying to get in! Shaun estimates at least 1,700 people if not more. Not only was there excitement on the ground but there was plenty in the sky too! Around the time of the event a huge Mike Huckabee for President Banner was seen in the skies above College Station (Way to go Team!)! College Station is definitely Huckabee territory! Texas A&M may be one of the most conservative of college campuses in the entire nation. There is absolutely no visible support for John McCain and only a small amount for Obama (since this is a college campus). Look for huge numbers for Huck to come out of the precincts here!

Afterwards, Team One met with Oliver of the College Station Huckabee Meetup group and distributed materials to the eager folks there. They were in desperate need and very thankful. They are now located right out of College Station and they driving towards Houston to meet up with Brett Passmore & Co. to pick up supplies (Brett...they can't wait to see you!). Then it is off to San Antonio to drop off supplies in the shadows of The Alamo before driving back to Home Base in Waco.

Where is Team One headed tomorrow? It's off to Cowboy country in Dallas and Fort Worth (amongst other locales). Well that will do it for this update. Keep up the phone calls gang. We've got to keep it up. WE WILL WIN TEXAS...but we cannot do it without help!
Shaun is caling me with updates and I will bring them to you here (after posting them ton Huck's Army first). There are also pictures from their travels. You can see them HERE Stay tuned for more news from Texas!


Okay so it is not like Chicago in the 1960's but you can vote twice for Huckabee in Texas on Tuesday March 4th!


Mike Huckabee for President - Faith, Family, Freedom

New Texas phone list is live. 165,000 records spread throughout the state.

If possible, we need your help making calls tonight. Rallies have been great today and we are in high spirits on the campaign trail. Crowds of enthusiastic voters at every rally, including 2,000+ at College Station, TX today.

To get started making voter contact calls please click here. We really need your help.

With deep gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

Okay Huckabees...Here's Some Musical Energy To Feed Off Of!

Okay Huckabees,

Are you in need of some extra energy? Are you dragging like I was lately? Well get a load of this!

Big Jay McNeely and band performing his 1950's Sax Smoker "3-D" if that did not give you a jolt of energy like all get out than you've got a problem!


Rested & Recharged...I am Back!

It has been quite some time since you have heard from me. So you must be wondering why I have been idle? Well I honestly was burnt out. I've been involved with the Huckabee Campaign since August and almost non-stop since October. The biggest gap of time I allowed myself to actually rest was the weekend of Christmas. There was a weekend in early December and a week in February but I was ill during those times and really didn't get to recharge. There were also some things that I just had neglected to do during like cleaning my room for instance.

Well after a week and a half I am ready to get back in the race. The call has been made for ALL HANDS ON DECK this weekend and I am not going to be AWOL this weekend! Huckabee hasn't given up and stopped running the race for neither should we stop running the race with him!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We Must Keep Fighting!!

Good morning!

Despite our very best efforts the news was not good last night. But Wisconsin in now in the rear view mirror and we head to Texas and Ohio now. No matter what the odds are and now matter how grim things look we must keep fighting for every vote and every delegate. This is much larger than it seems. We are at the head of a political movement. Did Reagan's Rangers quit in 1976 even though he might not win the nomination because of the will of the Republican establishment? NO! Did they quit when he was denied the nomination at convention? NO! 1980 came four years later and their persistence paid off! We may not get what we want out of this election cycle but we must keep fighting. Every vote, every delegate won, ever state in our column increases our chances at convention and/or makes Mike Huckabee the frontrunner in 2012.

Some may say that Mike Huckabee is burning bridges in the GOP for fighting this long. However this is a man that is loyal to his principles and to his party. The minute John McCain secures the 1,191 delegates he needs is the minute Mike Huckabee starts campaigning hard for him. I can see no other better keynote speaker at the GOP convention than Mike Huckabee as he states his case why John McCain is better for our country and more qualified to be our president. Ronald Reagan sucked it up, swallowed his pride, and did the very same in 1976 after he was defeated on the floor.


Are you with me?

Monday, February 18, 2008


There was a CNN debate scheduled for February 28th that was to be sponsored by the Ohio Republican Party but it has been wrongfully canceled. I think the nation deserves to hear a one-on-one debate on the issues between John McCain and Mike Huckabee. I know you will as well. So would you please do two things:

1. Please go sign this petition
2. Spread the word to everyone you know so they can sign the petition too.

Thank you!

Sorry For Being Abscent

Good afternoon everyone!

Long time no see huh? this is my first post in about six days. There is a good reason for that. Following the events of last Tuesday I had to switch gears vry quickly. Every year I put on a Sock Hop for the Special Needs Schools of Gwinnet- a local private school for special needs children. The Sock Hop was this past Friday. It is a very fun and enjoyable even for everyone and one I have done now for ten years. However preparations for the even don't just happen over night. It takes a lot of time to make sure everything is ready and taken care of so that it is a success. And trust me it was! The even is meant as a special evening for the kids but we also raise a little money for the school at the same time. After cost we usually take in about $200 or so. Well we had our biggest take in many years as we raised a little shy of $500 for the school. It is not the biggest fundraisier for the school in any regards but I am very proud!

Needless to say I am exhausted after the event and sometimes I find myself suffering from a cold afterwards. I love these children to death and I have no regrets whatsoever but when you are around a bunch of them in the middle of Februaary you are going to catch something. So for the past few days I have been down with a cold. I am still not feeling too well but I needed to get back on here because we are still fighting the good fight and there are things we still need to be doing.

Stay tuned. In a few moments I will post an Urgent item that we must all act upon.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

POTOMAC PRIMARIES - Virginia Called For McCain

Fox News has called Virginia for John McCain but it was much closer than they expected. We gave it a good fight. It was much closer than anyone ever expected. Maryland and DC will likely be his as well.


Virginia GOP still too close to call. Huck leads by 2,000 votes with about a quarter of the vote counted. I think that number needs to increase for him to hold on for a monumental upset.

No exit polls in DC so they will have to count the ballots and make a decision from there.

Maryland polls are open for 90 more minutes by court order due to traffic problems and bad weather.


POTOMAC PRIMARIES - Virginia Goes to Obama, GOP Too Close To Call

It's now 7 PM and the polls are closed in Virginia. CNN has called the state for Obama on the Democratic side. The GOP race is too close to call which is an immediate shock to the pundits already.


The Potomac Primaries

Good Morning!

Sorry for not posting in a while. I've been a little busy with personal matters.

Today we have the next contests in the nomination process of both parties, the Potomac Primaries in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Virginia is the big prize today for both parties. Will Obama be able to continue his big momentum that he had sweeping all the Democratic contests over the weekend? Probably. On the GOP side this is a huge test of the Conservatives. Will they coalesce around Huckabee or be split? On a national level the coalescing seems to be taking place in increased numbers. Rasmussen started their GOP Tracking poll again on Saturday and Huck has surged while McCain is falling. The only Virginia poll I have seen is showing the same trends (especially in more conservative Southern and Central Virginia). Interesting enough the weather is supposed to be worse today in the areas that would seem more favorable to McCain. We'll see if that plays in our favor tonight and the effect of the over 50,000 calls that Huckabee Rangers have made into the state.

Maryland and DC will probably go for McCain. I think McCain will have to sweat a little in Virginia. I do think there is a good shot for Huck in Virginia. We shall see tonight I suppose.

As for the rest of the race McCain is running out of blue states to win. Only Wisconsin, Vermont, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii are left for him. Everything else is a red state which will be more supportive to Mike Huckabee as long as he stays in the race. If the current trends continue McCain may be reaching for the delegate crumbs while Huck gets the cookies. Let's hope they do!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Louisiana & Washington

What a frustrating evening!

Mike Huckabee ended up winning the vote in Louisiana GOP Primary but by only 2,000 votes or so. He couldn't win a majority so no delegates are awarded. So it ended up being just a "Beauty Contest" Gah!

Washington was also very close but the GOP up there is so convoluted! They stopped counting last night at 87% with McCain up by 200 votes and declared him the winner without counting the rest of the votes. The head of the GOP said that Huckabee couldn't close the gap with the remaining votes. I guess they thought counting the rest of the votes were pointless? You can come to your own conclusions on that one. I am way too intelligent to make up conspiracy theories.

On to the Potomac Primaries on Tuesday.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

MH - "Important Kansas Caucus Win"

Mike Huckabee for President - Faith, Family, Freedom

Today's big Kansas Caucus win reaffirms that we are working hard for the nomination.

I'm delighted that the good people of Kansas honored me with their vote. They, like people in 26 other states who were not part of Super Tuesday, deserve to have their voice heard -- and I am grateful for their support.

The voters of Kansas spoke today and said loudly and clearly that I am the authentic conservative in the race.

It was a big win that would not have been possible without your support. Over 1,500 Rangers made 28,000 calls into Kansas contacting supporters and turning them out to vote. Thank you!

Now lets turn our focus towards the Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia as we head into the Potomac primaries on Tuesday.

Here is what I need from you this afternoon:

1. Make lists of everyone you know in these states and send them an email asking them to vote for our campaign. If they are undecided please tell them to visit our campaign website to learn more about the issues we are fighting for and the kind of grassroots team we have assembled.

If you don't know anyone living in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia please email or phone people you know nationwide that support my campaign and ask them to get more involved. We need more volunteers, new contributors, and new supporters. Friends contacting friends and convincing them to participate is the secret to our success.

2. If you are a Ranger please email your friends and family and ask them to contribute towards the amount you pledged to raise. If you have already raised what you pledged, please consider boosting your goal. Rangers helped raise over $168,000 since Tuesday, but to compete effectively, over the next days we will need to double and triple that amount.

If you aren't a Ranger please consider signing up today.

3. Make an immediate contribution of $25 or more today. I’m headed into a meeting with my campaign team now to review our resources and determine just what we need to propel our efforts in these next key states. I’ll drop you a note later today with a summary of our discussion. In the meantime, if at all possible, please make an immediate contribution today.

Our win today in Kansas was important. We are stronger, faster and most important, we are together.

With deep gratitude,

Mike Huckabee


Fox News has now called Kansas for Mike Huckabee and he is beating the pants off of John McCain in the results that have come in thus far!

Great effort everyone! We made about 35,000 calls into the state. Kudos to the team and to our boots on the ground!

First Results Coming In From Kansas

We've got early results from the Kansas GOP Caucus:

The Republicans filled the benches of the third floor courtroom in the county courthouse to give Huckabee 34 votes, Ambassador Alan Keyes 1; Sen. John McCain 19; and Texas Congressman Ron Paul 9. One voter marked a ballot as uncommitted.

The results were to be sent to state headquarters later Saturday for an official tally.

A Significant Saturday

This is the biggest and most significant Saturday for the campaign since October.

First Mike Huckabee gave a rousing and quite passionate address to the Conservative Political Action Committee convention this morning. He was on fire and the crowd ate him up! At one point during his speech he took a page of the tax code, ripped it up, and tossed it like confetti! Stay tuned for video from the speech. There's also a straw poll being conducted today so let's see what happens.

If that wasn't important enough, three states hold their contests today - Louisiana, Kansas, and Washington. KS and WA are caucuses and LA has a primary. The media and grassroots are reporting an extremely low turnout in Louisiana. 20 At Large delegates are up for grabs if someone can get over half of the votes today. With such a low turnout this is quite possible. Louisiana's other delegates will be decided at their GOP convention next week.

Today we really find out where the race stands with John McCain and Mike Huckabee. I am predicting a win for Huck in both Kansas and Louisiana. I also believe Washington is possible. It could be a Saturday Sweep for Huck. if so we've got ourselves a ballgame.

Stay tuned for all the latest developments.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Ed Rollins & Chip Saltsman - Re: Our Path to Victory at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Convention

February 8, 2008
Memorandum to Huckabee Campaigners

From: Ed Rollins, Campaign Chairman; Chip Saltsman, Campaign Manager
Re: Our Path to Victory at the Minneapolis-St. Paul convention

Too many Republicans have tried to turn this nomination battle into a coronation, not a series of further election contests. Big mistake on their part. They are wrong. We know that we are running an underdog campaign, but that’s nothing new—we have always been the underdog. And yet a whole lot of onetime “overdogs” are now on the sidelines, licking their wounds. The Republican National Convention is seven long months away; a lot can happen in that much time. A lot will happen.

But in the meantime, as you all know, Governor Huckabee is not a quitter. He has never shirked from a challenge, and he never will. He has always told us—and personally reaffirmed to us just today—that he is in this race to win. That is, to win the Republican presidential nomination, and to win the White House. Why? Because he cares deeply about the issues that inspired him to get into politics in the first place—back in the 60s, when he started studying the works of the great conservative thinkers and writers, back in the 70s, when he was an ardent supporter of another underdog Republican. And what was that fellow’s name? Oh yes—it was Ronald Reagan.

So don’t let anyone tell you that it’s over! In fact, as of today, no fewer than 27 states, districts, and territories have not yet had a chance to vote. That includes such big states as Texas (Chuck Norris’ home state, ‘nuff said), Ohio, and Pennsylvania. All the Republicans and Republican-minded independents in those states want to be part of the process, too, and they deserve to have a choice put before them. Folks don’t want the Republican Establishment to pick the nominee for them, through a premature rush to judgment, and they sure as heck don’t want the media to pick the nominee!

We note that in many of the hottest contests so far, the vote has been divided into thirds—typically, about one-third for Governor Huckabee, one third for Senator McCain, and one third for all the other candidates. And as you know, typically, Governor Huckabee has done best among hardcore Republicans—the activist base. That’s one reason why we are looking forward to Governor Huckabee’s speech to the legendary CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, in DC tomorrow morning. You’d better believe that the folks gathered at the Omni Shoreham hotel are the go-getters who make or break primary elections. Just wait till they get a load of Mike Huckabee!

We are confident that we will get most of the activists, the folks who work the hardest because they care the most about the issues. In addition, we note that many of the jurisdictions that have already voted have merely had the first round of their delegate-selection process. To be frank, there’s still plenty of time for politicking, as Republicans really focus on the question of who should lead their party into the November election. Who’s the most stalwart champion of Republican and conservative values? Who’s the most articulate and effective campaigner? We know the answer to those questions—that’s why we have been working our hearts out for Mike Huckabee. But soon, everyone paying attention will know that, too. As the campaign season grinds on—and let’s again remember, this is just February!—there will be plenty of time for reflection and reconsideration, especially among those hundreds of delegates pledged to candidates who have now dropped out.

As we saw in West Virginia on Tuesday—where Governor Huckabee swooped in on the day of the state convention and won a decisive victory that changed the tone of the remaining Super Tuesday coverage—a single good speech from our candidate is often worth more than all the tens of millions of dollars, and all the big-shot endorsements, that the other candidates have been able to drum up.

Indeed, it’s interesting that Mike Huckabee has done so well in the states so critical to Republican prospects this November. That is, those “swing states” that are essential building blocks of a Republican victory coalition this year. Let’s face it: This November, we’re not likely to be looking forward to a GOP landslide! The last two presidential elections were close—the GOP won 271 electoral votes in ’00, and 286 in ’04—and we fully expect the ’08 election to be hard-fought and close, too, as both parties wrestle to get the majority of those 538 electoral votes. What does all this mean to Republican activists? Well, it means that the next Republican nominee has to be able to nail down the electoral votes of such “must-win” states in the South and Border States—exactly the states where Mike Huckabee has done so well this year. Hard-nosed political activists know that it doesn’t do much good, November-wise, to run well in the blue bicoastal states. Sure, it would be great to carry New York and Massachusetts and California, but those mostly liberal states aren’t a part of any gut-it-out “270” strategy. (In fact, we think that Mike Huckabee would actually run stronger among traditional Independent and Democratic constituencies than any other Republican, but that’ll be the subject of a future memo.)

And now, with the endorsement of Dr. James Dobson, who is the “gold standard” of social conservatism, we fully expect that Movement Conservatives—those who fight the good fight on Life, on Marriage, on the Second Amendment—will increasingly rally to our cause. In fact, come to think of it, any American who reveres the US Constitution has a stake in Mike Huckabee’s success, because he has been an unstinting proponent of all our Constitutional freedoms, including the First Amendment, which he believes has been wrongly abridged by wrong-headed campaign finance “reform” legislation. Of course, there is one amendment that MH doesn’t like: The 16th Amendment. That one was a mistake, which he will fix with the Fair Tax!

Mike Huckabee has great respect for John McCain. He has always defended the senior senator from Arizona against unfair and scurrilous attacks, and he always will. And because MH is who he is, he will continue to campaign as he always has—in an honorable and honest way. He will draw distinctions, he will debate and debate hard, but he will always be civil and decent. In fact, even many McCain supporters have told us that they appreciate the constructive role that Governor Huckabee can play in the months to come, because a vigorous discussion will keep all the media “oxygen” from migrating over to the heated Democratic contest.

Faith. Family. Freedom. Those are the words that have guided Mike Huckabee this far, and they will continue to guide him, and us, all the way to the White House next January. The 44th governor of Arkansas will be the 44th President of the United States.

See you at the Inauguration!

Huck's Army - "They've Underestimated Him Before..."

February 8, 2008

Lucas Roebuck
Public Affairs,

"They have underestimated him before..."
HUCKABEE GRASSROOTS brings the fight to KANSAS, LOUISIANA and beyond

Many roads lead to Huckabee victory -- all possible through a groundswell of grassroots support


WICHITA, Kan. -- Calls are being made, signs being distributed, and rallies being attended as Huck's Army troops join a groundswell of grassroots support for Gov. Mike Huckabee in the Sunflower State.

"We saw the how the grassroots efforts of Huckabee supporters stacked up in states like Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama," said David Schmidt, National Grassroots Campaign Manager for "We are taking the fight to Kansas and Louisiana on Saturday."

"Kansas is the heartland of America, good people, values voters," said Lucas Roebuck, Public Affairs Officer for "Social conservatives and moral voters will give Huckabee a boost."

Roebuck said Huckabee could do well in Louisiana also, particularly because when he was governor, he committed full state resources to helping the Hurricane Katrina evacuees from Arkansas' neighbor to the south.

"As a journalist in Arkansas at the time, I covered the open arms of friendship and support Arkansas gave to Louisiana evacuees of all social, racial and economic groups," Roebuck said. "Huckabee mobilized the resources of the government, the private sector and churches quickly. He didn't wait for the bureaucracy. He used the power of his office to make things happen."

The Kansas Right to Life organization, Kansans for Life, endorsed Mike Huckbaee this week, as did Christian leader Dr. James Dobson. The Dobson's endorsement solidifies Huckabee as the standard bearer for social conservatives and value voters.

Candidates are competing to win delegates from a pool of 2,381 delegates. Just over 1,200 have been allocated, leaving around 1,100 up for grabs. Mitt Romney, who has suspended his campaign, will have 281 delegates to release at the GOP Convention. Huckabee will have to win around 900 of those to lock up the election, but far fewer to force a brokered convention.

With core values of faith, family and freedom, is an online grassroots movement not owned or operated by any candidate or political campaign. With more than 17,000 recruits, is dedicated to mobilize support for candidates who honor God and country.

Georgia Re. Paul Broun Becomes 69th FairTax Co Sponsor!!!

Great news on the FairTax front this morning!

Feb 6th, 2008

Congressman Broun Cosponsors "FairTax Act of 2007"; Calls
of the Internal Revenue Service

Broun: "Adopting the FairTax and eliminating the
Internal Revenue
are ideas whose times have come."

Washington D.C.- Congressman Paul Broun today announced his co-
sponsorship of H.R. 25, the "FairTax Act of 2007." This bi-
, which was introduced by Rep. John Linder (R-GA) and
Dan Boren
(D-OK), repeals all corporate and individual income taxes
taxes, self-employment taxes, capital gains taxes, and gift
taxes in favor of the simpler, consumption- based FairTax. The
be collected at the point of sale, and its adoption would allow
for the elimination of the excessively bureaucratic and needlessly
intrusive Internal Revenue Service.

"Adopting the FairTax and eliminating the Internal Revenue
ideas whose times have come," said Broun. "For too long the
American people have been asked to comply with an incomprehensible,
loophole riddled, lobbyist friendly income tax code that makes it far
too easy for innocent taxpayers to find themselves left to the mercy
of a punitive Internal Revenue Service. By adopting the FairTax,
turn the tables and empower taxpayers to control how much of
their money they are willing to send to Washington while also
eliminating the need for the IRS. Switching to the FairTax
our economy by promoting saving and by immediately lowering
the embedded costs of all goods and services. The FairTax is good
economy, and advances my goal of limiting the size and scope of
government's reach into people's lives. I am proud to co-sponsor
, and I commend Rep. Linder for leading the effort to pass


Good morning and Happy Friday everyone!

The media is spinning that the GOP race is over. NOT SO FAST MY FRIENDS!!! There are many states left in the process, and tons of delegates still up for grabs. John McCain has not won enough delegates to win the nomination by a long shot.


So let's prove those pundits wrong! Let's give them a message loud and clear that we're still behind Mike Huckabee 150%.

! Let's make today the best fundraising day of the campaign by far and get us well on our way to reaching our goal of $1 Million raised by February 12th.


Thursday, February 7, 2008


It's about time. Welcome aboard James!

Dobson to Endorse Huckabee


AP Religion Writer

James Dobson, one of the nation's most prominent evangelical Christian leaders, is about to endorse former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, The Associated Press has learned.

Dobson, founder of Colorado Springs, Colo.-based Focus on the Family, talked to the GOP presidential hopeful Thursday and later was to release a statement explaining his choice, said Gary Schneeberger, a spokesman for Dobson.

Huckabee had long sought Dobson's endorsement, believing he is the best fit to advance Dobson's conservative, moral worldview.

Until now, Dobson had never endorsed a GOP presidential hopeful during the primary campaign. But he ruled out front-runner John McCain in a blistering commentary on Super Tuesday, and on Thursday the fight for the GOP nomination narrowed to a two-man race between McCain and Huckabee, who is far behind in the delegate count but pledged to fight on. Mitt Romney, a third hopeful trying to claim the conservative label, dropped out of the race Thursday.

Dobson released a statement Tuesday that criticized McCain for his support of embryonic stem cell research, his opposition to a federal anti-gay marriage amendment and for his temper and use of foul language.

He said if McCain were the nominee, he would not cast a ballot for president for the first time in his life.

Dobson had left open the possibility that he would vote for either Romney or Huckabee, but endorsed neither.

Throughout the unsettled GOP race, Dobson picked his spots to signal that some candidates simply didn't meet his standards. Dobson wrote on a conservative news Web site that he wouldn't support former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani should he win the Republican nomination. Dobson called Giuliani an ``unapologetic supporter of abortion on demand'' and criticized him for signing a bill in 1997 creating domestic-partnership benefits in New York City.

At one point, Dobson said he'd consider voting for a minor-party candidate if faced with Giuliani as the nominee.

Later, Dobson ruled out former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson for his stands on issues. Dobson also said Thompson ``has no passion, no zeal, and no apparent 'want to.'''

Dobson emphasizes that when he endorses candidates, he is doing so as a private citizen and not as a representative of Focus on the Family, a tax-exempt organization.

Mike Huckabee In Kansas on Friday, Receives Kansans For life Endorsement!

Governor Mike Huckabee will be campaigning in Kansas tomorrow before that state's GOP Caucuses on Saturday:

8:00 AM Rally
Olathe, Kansas
Mid-America Nazarene University, Bell Cultural Events Center
2030 E. College Way
Olathe, KS 66062-1899

11:00 AM Rally
Wichita, Kansas
Colonel James Jabara Airport
3512 N. Webb Road
Wichita, KS 67226

3:30 PM Rally
Topeka, Kansas
US Bank Building
800 SW Kansas Avenue.
Topeka, KS

6:00 PM Rally
Garden City, Kansas
Clarion Inn Hotel
1911 E Kansas Ave
Garden City, KS 67846

Also Mike Huckabee has just received the endorsement of Kansans For Life:

Huckabee wraps up Kansans for Life backing

On the heels of his visit to Kansas Friday, Mike Huckabee grabbed a key endorsement today from the state's largest anti-abortion group.

In its announcement, Kansans for Life political committee director Christine Ostroski urged members to get out to Saturday's presidential caucuses.

"As governor, Mike Huckabee had the kind of pro-life record that Kansans envy," said Ostroski. "While we've been labeled the late-term abortion capitol of America, our neighbors in Arkansas had Governor Huckabee fighting for everything from a ban on human cloning to pro-life license plates.

"His record is outstanding."

Huckabee once said, famously, "I have no desire to throw women in jail, I just want to stop throwing babies in the garbage."

Mike Huckabee Comments on Mitt Romney

Mike Huckabee issued the following comments on the suspension of Mitt Romney's campaign:

News Release: Mike Huckabee Comments on Romney News

February 07, 2008

Little Rock, AR – Former Arkansas Governor and Republican presidential candidate issued the following statement regarding the exit of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney from the presidential race.

"Today, Mitt Romney announced that he will no longer seek the Republican nomination for President. I wish Mitt and his family all the best.
"Over the past year, Mitt and his entire family have sacrificed a lot during the course of his campaign and for that, we should all be appreciative of their service and dedication.

"This is a two-man race for the nomination, and I am committed to marching on. I believe in the importance of a strong national defense -- which includes winning the war against Islamic extremists and the protection of American sovereignty.
"I am redoubled in my resolve to carry on my campaign in a civil, dignified manner. The issues that got me into this campaign-protecting life and traditional marriage, enacting the Fair Tax, and border security are going to keep me in this campaign.

"As a true authentic, consistent, conservative, I have a vision to bring hope, opportunity and prosperity to all Americans, and I'd like to ask for and welcome the support of those who had previously been committed to Mitt."

Chip Saltsman: "Governor Romney Leaves the Race"

Mike Huckabee for President - Faith, Family, Freedom

This is breaking news and I wanted to quickly send you an email to give you an update.

Gov. Romney just announced he is withdrawing from the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. Gov. Romney ran a tough campaign and is a proud American. He deserves our respect.

Now more than ever, we need your immediate financial support. We have an opportunity to rally conservatives around Gov. Huckabee and continue to promote our principles and ideas.

Please make an immediate contribution of $25 or more.

We need your financial support to run new ads encouraging conservatives to rally around Gov. Huckabee and to learn more about where he stands on the important issues we have built our campaign around: border security, the human life amendment and the FairTax to name a few.

Please help us immediately. This is a great opportunity.

Will update you soon.

Chip Saltsman


Get out the smelling salts. I am hearing rumors that Romney will be endorsing McCain? The only two words that follow that in my mind is check and mate. I've seen so many weird things during this cycle but this one would tear it.


According to many sources Mitt Romney is suspending his campaign operations. We are now down to three on the GOP side.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday Results & Taking A Break

There were a lot of results to go through last night and not enough time for me to go through them all.

CNN Has all the results HERE

Unless something really big happens in the next few days I am taking a break. I am emotionally exhausted. I've been at this since August and almost non-stop since October. My room is a disaster area! It's time for some early Spring Cleaning.

I'll catch up with y'all soon.

Mike Huckabee: "Because of You We Won!"

Mike Huckabee for President - Faith, Family, Freedom

What a day! Thanks to the hard and tireless work of tens of thousands of supporters nationwide we scored terrific victories last night. You made calls, you sent emails, you wrote letters and waved signs and because of you we won: West Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia and we came oh so very close in Missouri and Oklahoma.

Let’s celebrate a bit this morning, but we must now quickly shift our focus to the next states casting votes: Louisiana, Washington, Kansas, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Our campaign is already competitive in each of these states but we need to drive our momentum there and begin contacting voters immediately. Kansas, Louisiana and Washington all cast votes on Saturday and The "Chesapeake Primary" (DC, MD and VA) is next Tuesday.

Here is what I need from you this morning:

1. Make lists of everyone you know in these states and send them an email asking them to vote for our campaign. If they are undecided please tell them to visit our campaign website to learn more about the issues we are fighting for and the kind of grassroots team we have assembled.

If you don't know anyone living in DC, MD, VA, KS, WA and LA, please email or phone people you know that support my campaign and ask them to get more involved. We need more volunteers, new contributors, and new supporters. Friends contacting friends and convincing them to participate is the secret to our success.

2. If you are a Ranger please email your friends and family and ask them to contribute towards the amount you pledged to raise. If you have already raised what you pledged, please consider boosting your goal. Rangers helped raise over $200,000 over the last 6 days, but to compete effectively, over the next days we will need to double and triple that amount.

If you aren't a Ranger please consider signing up today. Rangers help raise funds for our campaign and helped place over 100,000 voter contact calls for our campaign to voters in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

3. Make an immediate contribution of $25 or more today. I’m headed into a meeting with my campaign team now to review our resources and determine just what we need to propel our efforts in these next key states. I’ll drop you a note later today with a summary of our discussion. In the meantime, if at all possible, please make an immediate contribution today.

The second half of this marathon race has begun. We are stronger, faster and most important, we are together.

With deep gratitude,

Mike Huckabee


It appears safe to say that John McCain will win Missouri by 5,000 ore more votes.

This is where I get off for the night. I'm beat. It's been quite the emotional day. We did very well. Against what looked like very long odds we won five states were not supposed to win, according to the pundits. We worked very hard and all credit must go to our wonderful team of volunteers. We've worked our tails off! I am very proud tonight!

Tomorrow we march on and keep working hard. We may not get the nomination but by um we will give it our very best shot! That's what we did for today's efforts.

Tomorrow the fallout and complete results. And then honestly I am going to take a break. I'm exhausted!

Good night!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Fox News has called Tennessee for Mike Huckabee!!

and McCain has gone up by a few thousand votes in Missouri.

What a crazy night!

SUPER TUESDAY - Getting Down To cases in MO

We are getting down to cases in Missouri. It's going to be close either way. Currently Mike has a lead by only a couple hundred votes with 87% of the vote counted. Man I want to win this one so bad!!



SUPER TUESDAY - 10:30 Update

Georgia, Tennessee, and Missouri still looking good. CNN called Alabama for Huckabe minutes ago!

Long night...and it isn't over yet. stay tuned.

SUPER TUESDAY - Fox News Calls Oklahoma

Fox News calls Oklahoma for John McCain.

We really were that close to a Southern sweep. After Florida that is incredible!

Utah called for Mitt Romney and for Obama

SUPER TUESDAY - Some Thoughts

Okay we are definitely in the meat of the evening here.

Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Missouri looking good right now for Huckabee.

McCain is doing well in Oklahoma let's see if the gap can be closed there.

It's very early but there may be a Huckabee surprise in Minnesota!

Montana looks like it might go McCain and that would cripple Romney.

Just many things I am watching all at once tonight. Very interesting and overwhelming at the same time.

SUPER TUESDAY - New Jersey called for Hillary Clinton

Fox News just called New Jersey for Hillary Clinton. Wow.


The polls are closing in many states at 9 PM here are the projections:

Massachusetts called for Hillary a few minutes ago on the Dem side.

Hillary wins New York

Arizona too close to call for GOP? Holy Smokes!

Delaware called for Obama

SUPER TUESDAY - John McCain declared winner in Delaware

Fox News has declared McCain the GOP winner in Delaware


Polls are now closed in Arkansas and Mike Huckabee (and Hillary) have been declared the winners of Arkansas!

Update on the numbers in Georgia (18% Precincts Reporting):

Mike Huckabee - 34%
John McCain - 31%
Mitt Romney - 31%


Fox news is calling Alabama for Huckabee!!

Fox is also calling Tennessee for Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side and New Jersey is being called for John McCain on both CNN and Fox

SUPER TUESDAY - 8 PM Polls Close in A Bunch of States

It's now 8 PM and projections are being made:

CT - John McCain wins GOP
MA - Romney wins GOP
IL - John McCain wins GOP, Obama wins Dems
OK - Hillary wins Dems

In Georgia there are now 3% of the precincts reporting:

Mike Huckabee - 37%
John McCain - 35%
Mitt Romney - 24%

SUPER TUESDAY - Early Georgia Results

1% of the precincts are finally reporting in Georgia. It's very close!

John McCain - 36%
Mike Huckabee - 34%
Mitt Romney - 25%

More polls about to close at the top of the hour. I will report any projections as they come in.

SUPER TUESDAY - GA Polls Closed, Obama declared Dem Winner, GOP Too Close to Call

Polls are now closed in Georgia. CNN and others have declared Barak Obama the winner of the Democratic primary in GA but as expected the GOP race is too close to call between McCain, Huckabee, and Romney.

Stay tuned!

No votes counted in The Peach State yet.

SUPER TUESDAY - GA Polls Close In 15 Minutes

The polls in Georgia close in 15 minutes. After dinner I will be with ya through the night. I didn't get a ride to the victory party so I am here.


SUPER TUESDAY - Press Release for West Virginia Triumph!!

News Release: Mike Huckabee Wins First Super Tuesday Contest

Former Arkansas Governor Wins All of West Virginia’s 18 Delegates

February 05, 2008

Little Rock, AR – Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee decisively won the first victory of Super Tuesday 2008 by winning West Virginia’s 18 at-large delegates this afternoon.

Earlier today, Huckabee spoke at the West Virginia Republican Convention, emphasizing his positive message of family, life, and freedom which he said “triumphed in the Mountaineer State” and will continue to resonate in numerous Super Tuesday states, from Alabama to Alaska.

“Two days ago, the New York Giants pulled off the greatest upset in Super Bowl history. Today, as pundits write my political obituary, we won a key Super Tuesday victory. Time and time again, my campaign has defied conventional wisdom. We did so in Iowa, after being outspent 20:1, and we did so today by winning what I hope will be the first of many Super Tuesday victories.”

“Our campaign is testament that the American dream is alive and well,” said Huckabee. “Running for President isn’t about who spends the most money or who has the most support on Wall Street or on K Street. If that was the case, the nomination picture would look vastly different.

”This victory was a triumph of Main Street, sending a message that becoming President of the Unites States is about message not money, principles not politics, and courage not convenience. Luckily for America, in places like Iowa and West Virginia, voters lead example and do the right thing regardless of what the pundits might say,” said Huckabee.

Mike Huckabee - "West Virginia Convention Win!!"

Mike Huckabee for President - Faith, Family, Freedom

This campaign is on the move!

We just won the West Virginia Convention and claimed 18 delegates against the heavy favorite Gov. Romney. Why? Because conservatives are rallying around our campaign.

New polls show us rising in Georgia, Alabama, Missouri and Tennessee as well. Voter turnout today is critical.

The media is having a hard time explaining our win in West Virginia and we are loving every minute of it. In fact, one reporter wrote about our win saying: "Romney loses West Virginia!" I guess it's hard to say "Huckabee wins" when you have been pretending this was a two man race.

Lets work together and make them say "Huckabee wins" a couple of more times tonight.

1. Email or call your friends and family and make certain they vote.

2. If you live in a Super Tuesday state make certain you vote and bring your friends and family to the polls.

If we continue to focus on turning out votes today we are going to do very well.

With deep gratitude and BIG THANK YOU to West Virginia,

Mike Huckabee

Voter Guide For Undecideds

Mike Huckabee 101

Where I Stand On the Issues

Personal Endorsements from Supporters in Utah

SUPER TUESDAY - Momentum Breaking for Huckabee?

Is Mike working with increased Momentum? He gave the speech of his life and won West Virginia's GOP Convention on the 2nd ballot. Not only that but the last minute polls in the South are breaking for Huck as Mike is now tied with McCain in Georgia, and leads him in Tennessee and Alabama!

THIS COULD BE A HUGE DAY FOLKS!! Looks like I'll be right here with ya though as I can't seem to get a ride down to the Victory Party in Atlanta. That could still change but not likely with hours to go.

Polls close here in Georgia at 7 PM.




Here's the results from the first round of voting at the West Virginia GOP convention.

Romney 464
Huckabee 375
McCain 176
Paul 118

No one got 50% so the lowest vote getter, Ron Paul was eliminated. They broke for lunch and will vote again in one hour.

EDIT - 2nd Round of voting has started. It is rumored (don't have any confirmation) that McCain's people were told to vote for Huckabee to beat Romney.



Mike Huckabee just gave the speech of his life at the West Virginia GOP convention. The ovations got longer and louder like at the Values Voters Straw Poll back in October. Stay tuned. The dominoes may be about to fall. If the media has headlines about Mike Huckabee winning the vote at the convention this afternoon shockwaves will be felt around the country.

Mitt Romney was there to speak (and he did so first) and John McCain had a surrogate and didn't much of an ovation at all.

If everyone in that room has a vote at that convention we may win by a landslide!


Monday, February 4, 2008


We are now hours away from Super Tuesday all across this great land. The time has finally come for all of us to raise our collective voices loud and clear. Are we going to allow the media to pick our President or will we raise our voices and make the decision ourselves? Will we vote for the the hot item of the day or the who is conceived to be the winning team or will we stick to our guns and vote by our principles?

Ignore the media spin. It's not a 2-man race. A vote For Huckabee is not wasted. A vote for Huckabee is for the Fair Tax. A vote for Huckabee is for energy independence in 10 years! A vote for Huckabee is a vote for the border fence in 10 months! A vote for Huckabee is a vote for an America that is United! A vote for Huckabee is a vote for positive change! And last, but not least, a vote for Huckabee is a vote for renewed hope in America! We WILL become the shinging light on the hill again that Ronald Reagan talked about.



MUSIC VIDEO - High Hopes!

Back when JFK was running for President one of his campaign songs was "High Hopes" by Frank Sinatra. Here's a music video of that song with lyrics that support Mike Huckabee. Check it out!

Mike Huckabee - "This Race Is tight!"

Mike Huckabee for President - Faith, Family, Freedom

We just finished a campaign event here in Arkansas. The crowd was great and very enthusiastic. Arkansas will lead the way for us tomorrow as we begin to add to our delegate count. Polls in Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama also show this race too close to call. We are in the middle of the fight for the Republican nomination and our hopes are running high.

What we need to do tomorrow is turnout every Huckabee supporter we can. Last minute reminder calls and messages to voters are going to be critical. Every vote counts. To help fund this effort in Tennessee, Missouri, Georgia and Alabama we are relying on you to help us close the gap. We are $215,000 away from reaching our midnight goal of $1,000,000 for get out the vote efforts.

Will you make an immediate contribution of $25 or more?

Please help us reach our goal. I will make a final decision on how many reminder calls we will make tomorrow based on the financial resources we have available at midnight. Reaching our goal will give us the resources we need to win in the states we are targeting.

I am counting on you so please consider making a contribution immediately.

With the deepest gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

Georgia For the Win!!

The following was written by my friend Shelbey Barker:

Georgia For The Win…

As I watched the Super Bowl last night I thought back to the events heading up to the big game. When the Giants came into the playoffs they were a bottom seed wild-card team, after fighting hard to make it to the big game, the media still showed no respect for them. They were estimating a blow out in some instances, or even a complete shut out, one thing is for sure though, virtually no one expected that the 11 and 0 Patriots would lose. The Giants had something else in mind however; in the last 30 sec. of the game the Giants proved the media wrong, just as we can prove the media wrong in these last moments of this game.

Now it is our turn! We have worked day in and day out all for Super Tuesday.

I would like to ask you to do four more things for Mike Huckabee tomorrow. When you read these four things think about why you like Mike, think about the months of frivolous campaigning around the country Mike's staffers have endured, and think about the generations to come and how they will benefit greatly from Governor Mike Huckabee.

Election Day task list:

1) Vote


2) Hunt

A. Everywhere you go, every person you see, remind them to vote, and ask them to vote for Huckabee

B. Pick up the phone and call EVERY single person in your phone book and remind them to vote.

C. Email EVERY single person in your contact book and remind them to vote for Mike.

- We must continually remind people through out the day to vote, and stay on top of them until you know they have voted.

3) Be Loud

A. "Take up arms" be loud and show your support for Mike utilizing some of the following.


-Window chalk (I wrote on mine "Mike Huckabee:: Vote Tues.)

-PHONE CALLS (there is a big demand for get out the vote phone calls)

-Bumper stickers

-Road side rallies!!

4) Pray

Guys, we can do this, it will literally take every single one of us to make such a grassroots campaign successful. We have people from Florida coming up here to help wave and distribute materials. The nation is waiting for Georgia to change the course of the election. Let us not fail them!!

The following is a special message from the Governor to Georgia it is approximately 2 min. long but is an amazing video. Please, take a look and spread this to all of Georgia.

Thanks for everything you have done for the campaign, and let's take Georgia!!!

Shelby Barker

District 3 Chair

Georgia For Huckabee


America Will See A 2nd Upset this Week

On the heels of the shocking Giants upset in Super Bowl XLII Mike Huckabee claims America will see another upset on Super Tuesday (I knew this Release was coming right after the game ended and it didn't take two hours)

Mike Huckabee for President - Faith, Family, Freedom

Heart. Commitment. Gutsy. The New York Giants exemplified these qualities this evening in what is being widely hailed as one of the greatest Super Bowl games in history and a titanic upset of the heavily favored New England Patriots.

For many long months against overwhelming odds, we have been working our way towards the White House in a similar fashion.

Our run has been long and difficult at times. Improbable. Yet here we are, still running strong together, heads held high, eyes forward into Super Tuesday. The media and our rivals want to make Tuesday the finish line for our campaign.

But if the media really understood our campaign and the issues we are fighting for: the Human Life Amendment, real border security, the FairTax and so much more, they would understand that we are here to stay.

America will see a second upset this week.

For us to have a chance though, I need your help now. Please, take a moment to do these three things:

1. Below is a list of the Super Tuesday states. Please scan them and make a list of family, friends and co-workers you may know in each of these states. Then, email and call the people on your list and ask them to visit our website to learn more about our campaign and to vote for me on Tuesday.

2. Make 5 calls to voters in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Alabama and Georgia tomorrow using our online phone bank tool. I know these calls aren't fun to make, but they are necessary. So far, the calls we have made in Oklahoma, Georgia and Alabama have helped identify thousands of supporters that we will be able to reach out to and remind them to vote on Tuesday. Imagine, if we are able to contact 50,000 more voters in these key states tomorrow. The people we reach and then follow-up with may make the difference on Tuesday. The polls in many of the states are that close.

3. Make a contribution of $25 or more to help us reach our goal of $1,000,000 by tomorrow at midnight. We are less than $280,000 away from our goal. Your financial support will be invested on Tuesday into our final Get Out The Vote calls to voters in Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. Every dollar you contribute will go towards contacting supporters and reminding them to vote.

Let me close by saying, "heart, commitment and gutsy" could just as easily describe our campaign. Working together, lets show America a second upset this week. Lets make certain Super Tuesday isn't a finish line for our campaign but a starting line for the second half of our run.

With deepest gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

Super Tuesday States:

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

In Honor of The Super Bowl

Today is The Super Bowl. the New York Giants will try to keep the New England Patriots from finishing their season undefeated at 19-0. No matter who you are rooting for this will truly be a fun day for all. Don't eat too much though.

In honor of the big game I present you with a classic cartoon! I love the old Goofy cartoons. Here's "How to Play Football" Enjoy!

CALL TO ACTION - Sign The Huckabee Supperters' Press Release!

The time is now! We must stick to our principles and announce to the world that we support Mike Huckabee and will never vote for Mitt Romney! Please CLICK HERE and add your voice to mine and a growing number of Huckabee supporters!

Former Montana Governor Endorses Mike Huckabee!

Former Montana Governor, Judy Martz has endorsed Mike Huckabee!

Former Montana Governor Judy Martz has announced that she's backing former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee in his quest for Republican nomination for president.

Martz says she agrees with Huckabee's desire to secure the border against illegal immigration, and his plans for a "fair tax" on purchases rather than income.

"Most of all he I know is a principled man. He is what he appears to be. And he says what he believes and does what he believes in. He is not a phony, what I call a phony politician. He's there to serve for one reason and that's to make things better for people in the country."

Martz worked with Huckabee when they were both part of the National Governors Association.

Mike Huckabee Signs Sessions' Pledge

News Release: Mike Huckabee Signs Sessions' Pledge To Secure America's Borders

Former Arkansas Governor Vows to Make Immigration Reform a Top Priority as President

February 02, 2008

Montgomery, AL – Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee today signed a campaign pledge, authored by U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), demonstrating “his strong commitment to securing America’s borders as president.” (Click here to download the pledge - PDF)

“I appreciate Senator Sessions' strong leadership on the critical issue of immigration reform and I share his resolve to make it a national priority when I am elected president,” said Huckabee, who has authored his own nine-point plan to secure America’s borders. Huckabee’s “Secure America Plan” is the most comprehensive of any put forth by a presidential candidate.

Campaigning in Alabama today, Huckabee said he joins with the two-term Alabama Senator in calling on the federal government, as well as other presidential candidates, to push for passage of important immigration measures such as border security, workplace verification and "no amnesty."

The questionnaire, called “A Roadmap for Demonstrating Presidential Credibility on One of America’s Most Important Issues,” deals with five key areas, including securing the borders, ending the magnet at the workplace, enhancing state and local law enforcement, discouraging sanctuaries, and improving the legal immigration process.

Answering a host of questions dealing with the illegal immigration problem, Huckabee said, if elected president, he would secure the border including construction of the 700 mile southern border fence required by the Secure Fence Act, constructing more miles if needed, and keeping the National Guard on the border until it is secured.

Sessions, a member of the Senate Armed Services, Energy and Judiciary Committees, is a strong proponent of enhanced federal enforcement of the immigration laws of the United States. Huckabee says he also shared Sessions’ commitment to “confirming federal judges who follow the law and who do not legislate from the bench and his focus on reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil.”

Huckabee is scheduled to campaign in Georgia on Sunday, February 3, 2008 and in Tennessee and Arkansas on Monday, February 4.

February 3rd, 1959 - The Day The Music Died

It's been a long time since I posted about something music related on this blog. However considering the title of this blog I cannot let February 3rd pass by without mentioning and remembering what this day means.

49 years ago today a plane crash robbed the world of "Three Stars" - Ritchie Valens, JP "The Big Bopper" Richardson, and Buddy Holly. They will never be forgotten.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

GA Senators Chambliss & Isakson Endorse McCain, Lose My Support & My Vote

Been a busy afternoon but I come home to this and I am mad as a hornet!

Isakson, Chambliss endorse McCain; ‘Disappointment’
reigns at Christian Alliance meeting
Saturday, February 2, 2008, 03:09 PM

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Tension over the Republican race for president bubbled
into the open on Saturday, as Georgia’s two U.S.
senators endorsed John McCain — to the outrage and
disappointment of many of the activists who form the
party’s base.

Talk about the move by Saxby Chambliss, who is up for
re-election this year, and Johnny Isakson filled the
hallways at the annual winter meeting of the Georgia
Christian Alliance, a gathering of religious
conservatives that attracts many Republican activists.

Both senators are to appear at a 5:30 p.m. McCain
rally at the Cobb Galleria.

Isakson attended the GCA meeting this morning.

“The war in Iraq — the war on terror — is to me the
most important issue we face,” Isakson said
afterwards, explaining why he had cast his personal
vote for McCain the day before.

Isakson also mentioned McCain’s opposition to the
growth of the federal budget, and uncontrolled
spending through “earmarks.”

“He was strong on that before it was cool.”

Said Chambliss, in a telephone interview:

“We’re a strong military state and we need a strong
commander in chief,” the senior senator said. “At the
end of the day, we’ve got to rally around the fellow
that can win.”

Former U.S. senator Phil Gramm of Texas, the national
co-chairman of the McCain campaign, appeared before
the religious group to argue that McCain’s emergence
as the Republican party’s nominee on Tuesday was

“I hope we can close ranks,” he said.

D.A. King, an illegal immigration activist and Romney
supporter, walked out on Gramm when the former Texas
senator defended McCain’s record on immigration.

Pat Tippett, a South Georgia activist who supports
Mike Huckabee, had the harshest criticism for Isakson
and Chambliss. She said they “have undermined the
conservative principles of our party by embracing
Senator McCain.”

Said Sadie Fields, chairman of the Georgia Christian

“We honor both our senators and hold them in high
esteem, but this is disappointing.”

Fields predicted that the impact would be felt at the
grassroots level. “It just takes the winds out of
their sails.”

Four Georgia congressmen who support Romney held a
conference call on Saturday, in which they dismissed
the endorsement of McCain by Isakson and Chambliss as
an example of Senate “clubiness.”

“The Senate’s a universe of 100 people. They almost
seem to be removed from their constituents. I don’t
know if they sprinkle them with some sort of dust or
whatever,” said U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland of Coweta
SHAME ON THEM!! Both of them will rue this day! Shame on them for going against their principles and issues they claim to support by endorsing McCain instead of Huckabee. This is an absolute travesty!



VIDEO - Who's the True Reagan Conservative?

Mike Huckabee's Schedule in Georgia on Sunday

Media Advisory: Mike Huckabee's Public Schedule For Sunday, February 3, 2008

February 01, 2008

Little Rock, AR – Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee will campaign at the following events on Sunday, February 3, 2008.

NOTE: Subject to change.

9:30 a.m. ET – Woodstock, GA – Speaks at First Baptist Church of Woodstock, located at 11905 Highway 92. (Closed press.)

10:30 a.m. ET – Woodstock, GA – Hosts media availability at Dupree Park, located at 513 Neese Road, half a mile north of the First Baptist Church of Woodstock.

11:00 a.m. ET – Woodstock, GA – Speaks at First Baptist Church of Woodstock, located at 11905 Highway 92. (Closed press.)

2:00 p.m. ET – Macon, GA – Hosts media availability at 3rd St. Park, located at 3rd and Cherry Street in Downtown Macon.

3:00 p.m. ET – Macon, GA – Attends "Meet Mike Huckabee" Rally at 3rd St. Park, located at 3rd and Cherry Street in Downtown Macon.

Mike Huckabee in Alabama with Chuck Norris Today!

Chuck Norris will be in Alabama campaigning with Mike Huckabee today. Here is the schedule:

Media Advisory: Mike Huckabee to Campaign in Alabama on Saturday, February 2, 2008

February 01, 2008

Little Rock, AR – Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee make the following campaign stops in Alabama on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2008:

(Note: Subject to change.)

8:00 a.m. CT – Huntsville, AL – Attends "Meet Mike Huckabee" rally at Trinity Methodist Theatre, 607 Airport Rd.

9:30 a.m. CT – Huntsville, AL – Hosts media availability at Trinity Methodist Theatre, 607 Airport Rd.

Noon CT – Tuscaloosa, AL – Attends "Meet Mike Huckabee" rally at the Open Door Baptist Church, 1761 McFarland Blvd. N.

1:00 p.m. CT – Tuscaloosa, AL – Hosts media availability at the Open Door Baptist Church, 1761 McFarland Blvd. N.

3:00 p.m. CT – Montgomery, AL – Attends Rally at Faulkner University, Freeman-Harrison Student Multiplex, 5345 Atlanta Highway.

4:15 p.m. CT – Montgomery, AL – Hosts media availability at Faulkner University, Freeman-Harrison Student Multiplex, 5345 Atlanta Highway.

5:00 p.m. CT – Montgomery AL – Participates in MTV / Myspace Presidential Debate via- satellite.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Super Tuesday Celebration in Woodstock

Man I wish this was closer to where I am! Sounds like a good time so if you are in the area please come on out!


Contact: Martin Hawley, Georgia Huckabee Meetup Organizers and 6th Congressional District Director

Super Tuesday Georgia Primary Celebration

Watch the Results with Your Huckabee Friends!

Buffalo's Southwest Cafe in Woodstock
12035 Highway 92
Woodstock, GA 30188

All Governor Mike Huckabee for President supporters and friends are invited to attend our third big Meetup event, scheduled for 7:00 pm on Tuesday, February 5th at Buffalo's Southwest Cafe in Woodstock. We have the full party room booked and will have all five t.v.s tuned to the primary results as they come in. Join all of your friends who have worked so hard alongside you for Governor Huckabee's victory in Georgia and throughout the South!

There is no fee for this event, but we do ask that you purchase a beverage, appetizers, or dinner while you enjoy the fruits of all your hard work during this primary season.

Visit the Buffalo's Website for Menu Information and Directions!

# # #

Mike Huckabee in Macon, GA on Sunday Afternoon!

Mike Huckabee will be in Macon, GA for a rally on Sunday afternoon.

When - Sunday February 3rd, 2008 at 3 PM
Where - 3rd Street Park, 3rd and Cherry Street Downtown Macon, GA

There will be over events in Georgia that day and I will give you the info as I get it.

Mike Huckabee - It's About Delegates"

Here's a video of Mike Huckabee answering a question about how many states he needs to win to stay in after Super Tuesday. Mike said "It's not about states, it's about delegates."

Black Conservatives Urge Mike Huckabee To Keep Running

    PRESS CONFERENCE: Monday, February 4, 2008, 9:45 AM, National Press
Club, 529 14th Street NW, DC

WASHINGTON, Feb. 1 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A broad coalition of
black conservatives from across the country are holding a press conference
to urge former Governor Mike Huckabee to stay in the presidential race for
the Republican nomination until the Convention.

"Governor Huckabee should not be intimidated to stop his bid for the
republican nomination," states Don Scoggins, veteran GOP activist and among
other conservatives hosting the press conference. "The momentum of the
grassroots that propelled this party into victory is behind Mike and will
not stop fighting for him regardless of his bank account," also states
Scoggins, president of Republicans for Black Empowerment, a DC based
national grassroots organization.

The concern of the group is the pressure that is mounting by republican
talking heads to push governor Huckabee out of the race. The consensus is
that Huckabee's campaign was deliberately sabotaged by Fred Thompson in
South Carolina to hone out a two man race between McCain and Romney in
Florida. Polls still show Huckabee leading in many southern states, and
competitive in others even with limited resources.

"Inside-the-beltway Republicans have lost touch with the increasing
seriousness with which heartland conservatives relate to the traditional
values agenda," states Star Parker, a nationally syndicated columnist and
conservative activist. "More and more folks are feeling personally
assaulted by the meaninglessness that is gripping our culture and believe
that Mike Huckabee is the only republican candidate that embodies the moral
clarity of the GOP ideals. The groundswell generating support for
Huckabee's candidacy understand that moral and economic health go hand in
hand and should not be underestimated."

Numerous African American conservatives, many also veteran Republican
Party activists, are scheduled to speak at the one hour press conference.

When: Monday, February 4, 2008 - 9:45 AM

Where: National Press Club (Murrow Room)

Who: Black Conservatives for Mike Huckabee

SOURCE Republicans for Black Empowerment


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