Friday, February 29, 2008


Even before Super Tuesday plans were already in put into motion within the ranks of Huck's Army to get supplies and boots on the ground in the Lonestar State. Operation Texas Surge is now in full swing across the state. I am very pleased to be able to bring you reports from one of the nine teams working tirelessly in Texas. Here is the first report from OTS Team One!

OTS Team One left for The Lonestar State yesterday (Thursday). Their first stop was in Benton Arkansas where we met Jason and picked up supplies. Next stop was Dallas to meet up with the lovely Andysprite and her family (for a supply drop). Then they headed down to Home Base in Waco, TX and didn't make it down there until 4 AM. They were exhausted!

After five hours of sleep they headed out to College Station and the rally at Texas A&M in College Station. What an awesome experience. Shaun (Trox) was able to meet with Chip Saltsman and Jack was able to meet Mike and get his Huck's Army hat signed by the Governor! Most importantly they were able to distribute supplies to some very eager supporters. They handed out about 300 bumper stickers, 80 buttons, and 300 pieces of literature. On the back of each bumper sticker "" was written!

There was a ton of excitement on the ground! The event was to be held in a theater and there was as many people packed in the place as there were outside trying to get in! Shaun estimates at least 1,700 people if not more. Not only was there excitement on the ground but there was plenty in the sky too! Around the time of the event a huge Mike Huckabee for President Banner was seen in the skies above College Station (Way to go Team!)! College Station is definitely Huckabee territory! Texas A&M may be one of the most conservative of college campuses in the entire nation. There is absolutely no visible support for John McCain and only a small amount for Obama (since this is a college campus). Look for huge numbers for Huck to come out of the precincts here!

Afterwards, Team One met with Oliver of the College Station Huckabee Meetup group and distributed materials to the eager folks there. They were in desperate need and very thankful. They are now located right out of College Station and they driving towards Houston to meet up with Brett Passmore & Co. to pick up supplies (Brett...they can't wait to see you!). Then it is off to San Antonio to drop off supplies in the shadows of The Alamo before driving back to Home Base in Waco.

Where is Team One headed tomorrow? It's off to Cowboy country in Dallas and Fort Worth (amongst other locales). Well that will do it for this update. Keep up the phone calls gang. We've got to keep it up. WE WILL WIN TEXAS...but we cannot do it without help!
Shaun is caling me with updates and I will bring them to you here (after posting them ton Huck's Army first). There are also pictures from their travels. You can see them HERE Stay tuned for more news from Texas!

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