Monday, February 4, 2008

Georgia For the Win!!

The following was written by my friend Shelbey Barker:

Georgia For The Win…

As I watched the Super Bowl last night I thought back to the events heading up to the big game. When the Giants came into the playoffs they were a bottom seed wild-card team, after fighting hard to make it to the big game, the media still showed no respect for them. They were estimating a blow out in some instances, or even a complete shut out, one thing is for sure though, virtually no one expected that the 11 and 0 Patriots would lose. The Giants had something else in mind however; in the last 30 sec. of the game the Giants proved the media wrong, just as we can prove the media wrong in these last moments of this game.

Now it is our turn! We have worked day in and day out all for Super Tuesday.

I would like to ask you to do four more things for Mike Huckabee tomorrow. When you read these four things think about why you like Mike, think about the months of frivolous campaigning around the country Mike's staffers have endured, and think about the generations to come and how they will benefit greatly from Governor Mike Huckabee.

Election Day task list:

1) Vote


2) Hunt

A. Everywhere you go, every person you see, remind them to vote, and ask them to vote for Huckabee

B. Pick up the phone and call EVERY single person in your phone book and remind them to vote.

C. Email EVERY single person in your contact book and remind them to vote for Mike.

- We must continually remind people through out the day to vote, and stay on top of them until you know they have voted.

3) Be Loud

A. "Take up arms" be loud and show your support for Mike utilizing some of the following.


-Window chalk (I wrote on mine "Mike Huckabee:: Vote Tues.)

-PHONE CALLS (there is a big demand for get out the vote phone calls)

-Bumper stickers

-Road side rallies!!

4) Pray

Guys, we can do this, it will literally take every single one of us to make such a grassroots campaign successful. We have people from Florida coming up here to help wave and distribute materials. The nation is waiting for Georgia to change the course of the election. Let us not fail them!!

The following is a special message from the Governor to Georgia it is approximately 2 min. long but is an amazing video. Please, take a look and spread this to all of Georgia.

Thanks for everything you have done for the campaign, and let's take Georgia!!!

Shelby Barker

District 3 Chair

Georgia For Huckabee


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