Monday, March 31, 2008

My Radio Show is Back!

For those of you who have read my blog since the beginning will remember that I spoke of Radio Odyssey and that I'd be getting my radio show back on the air soon. This was back in July just before I signed on as a Mike Huckabee blogger and volunteer. Well, I have finally followed through on my promise and my radio show, Rock Around the Mouse is back on the air!

I have been doing Internet radio for the past seven years. I started all the way back in 2001 as a pioneer to the medium. This was back when Real Audio was the standard for audio on the Internet and hadn't been replaced by mp3s yet. My program was called "Live From The Bop SHOP" and featured DooWop and Rhythm & Blues from the 1950's. As time passed my musical tastes evolved and expanded as they typically with younger people. Thus my radio show has evolved as well.

What is Rock Around The mouse about anyway? Well it is the fusion of two passions for me, Disney, and muic that has a retro feel to it. I have loved anything Disney since I was born. My favorite childhood memory is my only trip to Disneyland when I was four back in 1986. I grew up with the glory days of the Disney Channel (before it became at basic cable sellout). As my musical tastes evolved I realized that the music of the first decade of Rock N' Roll has been the inspiration for popular music to this very day. It may not be the main focus of today's music, but every once in awhile someone will come along and use what I call "retro rock" styles.

Rock Around The Mouse was a record album released by Disney in the 1980's that featured the classic beloved Disney Characters and the music had a retro, 50's feel. The title track of the album (sung by the Jordanaires) serves as my theme song. So my show features Disney music (from movies, Television, and the Theme parks) along with classic Oldies and REtro-rock. I also spin requests as well from other genres of music as I like to please my listeners.

My radio show airs on Radio Odyssey at the following times:

Sundays 8-11 PM Eastern (5-8 PM Pacific) - Each new show "PremEARS" at this time
Wednesdays 9 PM-Midnight Eastern (6-9 PM Pacific)
Fridays 3-6 PM Eastern (Noon-3 PM Pacific)

Unlike in the past, my show are recorded for broadcast later. My computer is not currently fast enough to do a live show. Hopefully that will change in the future. The show is voicetracked by myself and produced by Dave the Swinger. He really makes me sound awesome!

I hope you'll be able to tune in one day and let me know what you think. As I said before requets are definitely welcome! Please E-mail them to me I'd love to Play what you say!

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