Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It Might As Well Rain Until September

It's been an emotionally downer of a day. There are times where I just can't convey my feelings and I have to use a musical analogy. Carol King, one of music's best writers definitely conveys my feelings almost perfectly tonight.

"It Might As Well Rain Until September"


Michigan Redneck said...

Hi Brian,

I recall when Fred Thompson dropped out you came to my blog, to give me a virtual hug, when I was "crying in the rain." I came to your blog to return that hug. When I heard about Mike Huckabee dropping out of the race I thought about you and how you are probably bummed. Just wanted to drop you a note. My heart goes out to you.


BDBopper said...


Thank you very much. I appreciate those hugs a lot. They mean a lot to me today. Best of luck to you and your blog in your endeavors. It appears you have a lot going on up there in the UP.


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