Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oxendine: "Governor Perdue Should Implement the Georgia Energy Emergency Plan!"

October 1, 2008                                                    Kathryn Ballou (404) 558-4905
Oxendine to Governor Perdue: Implement the Georgia Energy Emergency Plan
Atlanta, GA - I call upon the Governor to implement The Georgia Energy Emergency Plan. The Governor needs to consider every-other-day gas purchases and set minimum and maximum limits to prevent topping off and hoarding.
I call upon the Governor to have the Georgia State Patrol, on a rotating schedule, integrate their regular patrol duties at gas stations to both keep the peace and enforce common sense.  Georgia, in particular Atlanta, is on the national news every day.  There was a media report on one national network where an out of state driver pulled up to a station, broke in line, and filled up both his truck and his boat.  When approached by Georgia residents, he refused to stop and gloated he was going to the lake for some fun.  
This must stop.
I call upon the Governor to bring the bi-partisan leadership of Georgia together upon his return this weekend.  Georgians have asked why our taxpayer funded leaders are not meeting on this crisis as our Federal leaders have been.
I stand with the taxpayers of Georgia and call upon the Governor to convene a Georgia Leadership Summit of our state Constitutional officers, the Legislative leadership, county and local leaders and leaders from business and consumer groups.  I urge we meet at our own expense and not at taxpayer expense.
I call upon the Governor and our Georgia Congressional Delegation to invite President Bush, Speaker Pelosi, Senate Leader Reed, the Secretary of Energy and the Director of the Environmental Protection Agency to Atlanta for a Town Hall meeting with Georgians.
The real reason that Georgians face this crisis is that the Federal government, on a bi-partisan basis, has refused to allow additional refineries to be built over the past thirty years.  Due to this inept policy, Georgia taxpayers are enduring this crisis.
Georgia needs Washington D.C. to listen to and focus on our Main Street taxpayers just as much as they are on Wall Street.

John Oxendine
Oxendine Working for Georgia

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