Friday, June 27, 2008

Does Anyone Else Have A Problem With This?

Granted I have not chosen a dog in the fight (and I might not when all is said and done). However I have a huge problem with the current state of campaign financing between the campaigns of John McCain and Barack Obama. Obama has refused Federal matching funds. This means that Obama can raise as much money as he wants and spend as much as he wants I have no problem with that on the surface. The problem lies in the fact that John McCain is accepting Federal campaign matching funds. Doing so places limits on how much money McCain can raise and spend. Does anyone else think this is fair? Despite being a Conservative, I would also have a problem if the roles were reversed.  

I believe that each candidate should be on an equal footing (as far as rules). If Senator Obama is going to be able to raise and spend as much as he wants than John McCain should be able to do the same. In other words if a candidate refuses Federal matching than that should trigger a mechanism that eliminates Federal matching funds from the contest in question (or vice versa).I don't care what solution is aggred upon I just want each candidate to be on equal footing in the rules department. Otherwise it is not fair. As for 2008 it is very clear that the contest is not fair. Am I the only person out there that has a problem with that?

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I know this is short notice but I just found this out. Governor Mike Huckabee is making his triumphant return to Georgia this Sunday. He will speaking to the congregation of the First Redeemer Church in Cumming, GA at the 9:00 and 10:45 services as part of the church's God & Country Celebration Information and address for the church is below. Let's turn out in big numbers and support Mike!

First Redeemer Church

2100 Peachtree Parkway
Cumming, GA 30041
Phone: 678-513-9400

American Daily: National Review Does Not Speak For Me!

Adam Graham at American Daily has written a fantastic piece today and I wanted to share it. You can read it here. I definitely agree with his sentiments.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Let's Declare July 4th as Energy Independence Day!

We are less than ten days away from July 4th, the day we celebrate our nation's Birthday and 232 years of American Independence from the (then) tyranny of the British crown.  However we are not without oppression in this country.  We are currently being oppressed by OPEC and other foreign entities that control our energy.  Each day that goes by our energy prices rise and our economy is crippled a little more.  While there are many to blame for this problem from the past three decades it is not time to point fingers.  It is time to stand up as one and demand real solutions decrease our dependency on foreign sources for gas and energy.  Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich is leading the charge with his American Solutions platform.  A few weeks ago he started a DRILL HERE DRILL NOW PAY LESS petition to Congress.  In just a few weeks time more than 1,160,000 people of all political stripes have signed t and have sent their message to Washington.  If you have not signed it would you please add your voice to the throng?  PLEASE CLICK HERE AND SIGN THE PETITION

Let's declare this July 4th to be Energy Independence Day!  

VIDEO - Mike Huckabee Speaks At Texas GOP Convention

Two weeks ago Governor Mike Huckabee spoke at the Texas State GOP convention.  My friend Brett Passmore who led the Huckabee charge in Houston was at the convention and took these three videos.  Thanks for sharing Brett and thanks for your very hard work buddy!  

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tim Russert (Meet the Press) Gone!

There has been a ton of noteworthy passings this year already.  Tim Russert, the long-time host of NBC's Meet The Press, was added to that long list yesterday.  He was recording voice-overs for this weekend's show when he died of a sudden heart attack.  He left us yesterday at the young age of 58.  There was not many of his ilk still around in the press.  He was hard but fair.  Although he leaned to the left he did not allow his own political views blind his ability to ask tough questions of anyone who sat at the other end of the table.  I don't think we will see another personality in the press like him again.  Tim was one of a kind.  

It seems almost ironic that Tim would die in an election year of such magnitude.  

Maybe it was the length of this current cycle that got him.  Tim has already been at the center of the political struggle for a year now and he had a huge role to play in the story of Mike Huckabee's candidacy.  Governor Huckabee appeared on Meet The Press on December 30th, 2007.  This was the Sunday before the Iowa Caucuses.  Mike sitting at the other end of Tim Russert's table was seen as a huge risk.  Some pundits even thought that Huckabee would lose just because he would appear on the show and make a gaffe with so few days left before Iowans went to Caucus.  Below I share with you (in three parts) Mike Huckabee's interview on Meet The Press from December 30th, 2007.  But first, Mike's comments on Russert's passing:  

I join with other Americans in expressing both shock and grief with the news of Tim Russert’s untimely death. He was a significant figure in American politics, deeply respected, but also deeply feared by those who sat across his table on Meet The Press. He was fair, but always relentless in his pursuit of truth and honesty from those who dared to lead the nation. His has been a commanding voice in public affairs and in many ways the E.F. Hutton of political talk. Our prayers go out to his family and we will all mourn the loss of his voice.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Govorner Huckabeee to Fox News - What Does It All Mean?

In a very interesting development Fox News is hiring Mike Huckabee to be a political contributor for the length of a one-year contract.  This really says something about Mike's character and it couldn't be any more positive.  Out of all the networks that covered and analyzed his campaign, Fox News was the most hostile to his candidacy.  In becoming a network political contributor and going into the belly of the beast Governor Huckabee is showing a high level of grace and forgiveness.  But that is Mike for ya.

Now what does this mean?  It could mean a variable of things.  This deal could mean that Huckabee knows or believes that he will not be on McCain's ticket.  The gig on Fox News would keep him visible and keep his name out there.  On the other hand this could be some kind of trial balloon since Mike will be appearing frequently on Fox News, still a first-turn choice for Conservatives to get their news and information - McCain might want to know if Mike can win over an arm of his base that has been hostile to Mike during the Primary process.  Thirdly, this could be an act of desperation for News Corp.  Fox News is tanking in the rankings and it seems to coincide with the Primary season.  I don't know about Social Conservatives at large but I know that after hearing the Fox News people slam Mike over and over again that I haven't cared to watch the channel since (and know many other fellow Huckabee supporters who made the same choice).  Lastly could this be some sort of set-up that keeps Mike from taking the VP slot in lieu of someone else (like Romney)?

It could be either of those four options or a combination of some or all of them. Who knows?  Only time will tell.  Go get 'em Mike!   It's gonna be great watching you on TV a lot in the coming days and weeks.    

Monday, June 9, 2008

Why McCain Should Choose Huckabee

In my previous post I argued that McCain needed a strong running mate as his choice and that his choice is much more important than Obama's. I then argued that the two best choices for McCain would be Louisiana's Governor, Bobby Jindal and former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee. I also received a suggestion for Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin. She would also make a fine choice but I don't know enough about her to argue for or against her. To her supporters I do apologize. On the surface she looks like she'd be great running mate as well.

Yes I will openly admit by bias towards Mike Huckabee. I've supported him and his efforts for the past eleven months. However my opinion that he would be a better choice than Bobby Jindal for McCain's running mate is not based on that bias. There is nothing wrong with Bobby Jindal. I like him a lot! He is definitely a rising star within the Republican Party, one of several Republicans trying to change the GOP's brand into something much better for the people and for our Nation. Some people and pundits have said that Jindal is too young compared to how old McCain is. This to me is irrelevant.

The state of Louisiana still needs Bobby Jindal. The Pelican State is just beginning its new day after years of corruption under the Democratic party. Before last year's revolution (that Jindal led), Louisiana was one of the last states swill part of the "Solid South." While voting for Republicans for President, Democrats dominated state politics (only Arkansas and West Virginia are left in that boat today). Jindal is cleaning up the corruption but some of it still exists. Wonder why Governor Huckabee never visited The Pelican State to campaign before their primary? As a neighbor to the north he knew the books were still cooked and indeed they were. On February 9th Huckabee won the popular vote in Louisiana's primary but because he did not win a 50% plurality he received no delegates and McCain won them at a convention later.

The people of Louisiana need Jindal to stick around a little bit longer. I don't know if there is anyone that he could pass the torch to within his party. In fact the Jindal Revolution could be fought back and crushed without him to lead it. The people of the Pelican state deserve better.

Now why do I think Governor Mike Huckabee is a perfect choice for McCain's running mate? In a campaign strategy presentation the McCain camp is more worried about attracting Independents and Democrats instead of clinching the support from his base. While this appears to be the right strategy on the surface, I don't think having someone that could appeal to both Indies (& Reagan Democrats) as well as the conservative base at the same time. Governor Huckabee could be that perfect choice! Behind McCain, Huckabee came in 2nd with Indies during the Primary season (of course McCain won them).

McCain/Huckabee would be a maverick ticket with both of them caring more about the American people and what's best of our nation instead of what is best for their party. These are also two candidates who know how to work together with the Democrats to make things work. Regardless of how you think about McCain and what he has done in the Senate he has reached across the aisle many times to get things done. Governor Huckabee served with a largely Democratic state legislature for his 10 years in Arkansas. He knew how to get things done and work together for the greater good of the Razorback State.

Also while a bunch a bologna, the media driven perception is that Mike Huckabe is not a conservative. However, Huck mobilized conservatives and others so much that he was able to win a bunch of states on a shoestring budget fueled by passion more than greenbacks. This army of passionate volunteers is waiting for the call from John McCain and at the exact moment Huck is chosen will mobilize with great speed. There are thousands of soldiers in "Hucks Army" (I am one of them) ready to hit the streets to wave signs, knock on doors, make thousands of phone calls, raise money, and whatever else we are needed to do to achieve victory (which is obviously what McCain wants). I am sure some of us will mobilize no matter what but the best way to energize and mobilize us is to pick Huck or someone like him. Remember Bush's success in 2004 was an energized base and the same base that he energized is the same base that supported Mike Huckabee with such vigor. If McCain doesn't work to get their support he'll have to find another group to energize and that doesn't seem like something he is good at.

It is possible for John McCain to have his cake and eat it too. Not only will he be able to appeal to Independent voters and Reagan Democrats with a maverick ticket, He will gain a base of energized support from the Conservative base. I think it is his best shot, and the best shot the GOP has at playing damage control in races down the ticket. Otherwise it may not be pretty for McCain or his party.

Friday, June 6, 2008

BUSTED: The Huckabee-Evangelical Myth

I am a proud Christian and a definitely follower of Jesus Christ. However I don't consider myself an Evangelical by any means. It is now a political buzzword with very negative connotations. I refuse to be placed in that box especially as I am not socially conservative. It offended me greatly to be denounced as an "Evangelical" because I was a supporter of Governor Mike Huckabee's presidential campaign.

Time and time again the media pidgeonholed us Huckabee supporters as being only Evangelicals. ^That was not the case as you can tell just by my discussion of this matter. Thankfully Lester Feder of the Columbia Journalism Review has busted that myth by looking even closer at the exit polls from the primary season (and his personal experience following the Huckabee campaign). Not only did the majority of evangelicals fail to get on the Huckabee bandwagon but a higher percentage of Huckabee's support came from the poor (I can vouch for that as I match that description). Also found is that while many evangelicals did support Huckabee they supported him for other reasons (other than social issues). Another interesting find is that more and more evangelicals are not even Republicans anymore. Check out the interesting and informative article HERE.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mike Huckabee: "Now We Know"

The following is the latest HuckPAC E-mail from Governor Mike Huckabee:

Senator Obama is the Democrat presidential nominee. So where does he stand on the issues?

  1. He supports abortion.
  2. He supports amnesty.
  3. He supports universal health care.
  4. He supports new federal spending.
  5. He supports raising our taxes.

And the list goes on. Senator Obama's vision for America and his view of the role government should play in our daily lives is dramatically different than our own understanding of government and the conservative vision of America.

Across America, Democrats with similar views of government are running for office hoping to ride what they believe will be a great wave of "change" into office.

Who will stand against them? Who will support our Republican candidates?

I will and I hope you will stand with me. Through Huck PAC, I will be working overtime to assist Republican candidates that share our values. I will campaign for them, we will support them financially, we will give them a platform to speak with voters and we will actively promote their campaigns to our friends, family and within our communities.

On Friday I am headed to North Carolina to campaign for Elizabeth Dole and this weekend I will campaign for Bob Clegg in New Hampshire.

While I am campaigning for these candidates, I ask that you do three things for me:

1. Email or call a friend and ask them to sign up for my Huck PAC emails.

2. Join the discussion on our blog.

3. And make a contribution of $25 or more if you haven't yet supported Huck PAC financially.

Thank you again for your continued support. I will email you again from the campaign trail this weekend.

With deep gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

John McCain Needs to Pick A Strong Conservative For Veep

First of all I'd like to congratulate Barack Obama. Last night, after winning Montana's primary, delegates in South Dakota's primary, and picking up a bunch of Super delegates he was able to clinch the title of "Presumptive Democratic Nominee." The Primary season is finally over! It took long enough!

Both candidates - John McCain & Barack Obama have big decisions to make. The biggest of which is who to select as their running mates. Since this is a conservative blog I am going to focus on John McCain's decision in this post and some others in the future. While not an easy choice to make it seems to me that Obama's is much easier to make and less crucil to the chances of his and his party's success. While the outrageously long primary fight with Senator Clinton has left the Democrats divided somewhat, the electorate at large seems much more open to them regardless.

Meanwhile John McCain's decision on running mate is extremely important - Not just for his chances, but the chances of his party in the General Election. The GOP is in shambles right now. 2006 was nothing less than a disastor. Unfortunately as of today 2008 looks to be much worse. The problem is a lack of excitement. In 2006 the problem for the GOP was turnout. Sure there were a few more Democratic voters that turned out in the Mid-Term elections of 2006 but the GOP's downfall was due to their base not being energized. A whole bunch of them decided to stay home and the pendulum swung to the left.

At this moment I have no faith that John McCain (on his own) can inject a lot of passion among the Conservative base to get them to turnout. In an election cycle where Change is a buzzword McCain represents the opposite, especially with his age. To make maters worse Obama and the other Dems are trying to paint his campaign as a referendum on a 3rd Bush term (which is a farce considering how many times that McCain has been at odds with the administration).

That spells doom for him. However the clouds really get stormy because if McCain can't get the base to the polls who will? That means more losses in the Senate and the House. According to The GOP is teetering on the brink of being completely dominated. If nothing changes one of the bigger side-stories will be if the Democrats can increase their Senatorial roster to 60. It is also possible for the GOP delegation in the House to fall below 200.

There fore turnout is very key and McCain needs someone who will inject passion into his ticket and persuade his base to get out and vote for him and other Republicans on the ballot. There are only two republicans that have been able to inspire a lot of passion in the past year during their campaigns. They both play to the same base and had the same base of passionate grassroots support. Those two Republicans are Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal and former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee. Both of them were able to inspire very passionate support from their volunteers. Both are dynamic speakers who are definitely bright stars in a party that is in disarray. Both of them would be a great choice for John McCain and fit well. However one of them fits better than th other for several reasons. I believe it is Mike Huckabee. Please don't bash me. I will explain later. I have some domestic duties to accomplish.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Huckabee headed up to NH For Bob Clegg

Governor Mike Huckabee is headed back to New Hampshire to campaign for Bob Clegg! He was one of Huck's most ardent supporters and is now running for Congress in New Hampshire's 2nd District (and is endorsed by Governor Huckabee). Here's the details of Huckabee's swing with Clegg from Clegg's campaign:

Former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is coming back to New Hampshire - and he's bringing his bass guitar.

Huckabee will be campaigning for state Sen. Bob Clegg, a Republican candidate for Congress from Hudson. Clegg, who was one of Huckabee's most prominent supporters during the New Hampshire primary, will campaign with the former Arkansas governor on June 8 and 9 in Nashua. The pair will attend the Nashua "Summer Jam" on June 8, where Huckabee may join in the music.

Music-making was a big part of Huckabee's campaign. As governor, he was in a band called Capitol Offense.

Sunday, June 8th
6:00pm- 8:00pm
“Summer Jam” with Bob Clegg!
At the Sky Lounge (522 Amherst Street, Nashua)
Enjoy the music of local band The Classics
Suggested Contribution $25

Monday, June 9th
Rally with Bob Clegg and Governor Huckabee
as Senator Clegg files his candidacy for the 2nd Congressional District!
In front of the State House in Concord

To RSVP or for any questions, please contact
Cassidy at (603) 856-8800 or

More on The History Made In South Carolina

I have more detailed information and analysis on the history made in South Carolina over this past weekend.

First of all is an article over at BlogHub by a blogger who is following Campaign 2008 in The Palmetto State.

Governor Mike Huckabee, who endorsed the newly elected Committeeman, Glen McCall, Congratulates McCall on winning and the GOP and people of South Carolina on this huge event:

-Mike Huckabee

With Glenn McCall's election this weekend as Republican National Committeeman, South Carolina Republicans have gained a strong, capabale leader prepared for the challenges ahead. I was proud to endorse Glenn in the leadup to the convention and look forward to watching him help move the Party forward.

As a man of faith, Glenn believes in defining marriage between one man and one woman, and that we must fight to protect the unborn. Also, Glenn believes in protecting our freedoms, and for that reason he is an avid second amendment supporter. You can read more about Glenn here.

Republicans everywhere are going to face many challenges in the weeks and months ahead. We need strong leaders willing to lead us forward with new ideas. Glenn is such a leader. Congratulations Glenn! You didn't just win this weekend, South Carolina won, as did our Republican Party.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

VIDEO - Mike Huckabee: "I Endorse Reagan!"

Over the past few months I have gone back in the recent time machine to bring back some of the great moments of the Mike Huckabee for President Campaign. Just days before the Super Tuesday Tsunami of contests the remaining GOP contenders gathered at the Ronald Reagan Library. It was a rather boring two hours as it featured Romney and McCain literally hitting each other over the head with clubs (like a fight between cavemen on The Flintstones). It was as if Romney vs McCain was the main event and sa at the head table while Huckabee and Ron Paul were handed the leftover scraps of meat. This would end up being the last time Governor Huckabee got to speak to America during a debate during the cycle. As usual Huckabee made the most of his chance. It was very odd that during a debate dominated by McCain and Romney that Huck was given the last word. However that's the way it worked out.

The final question asked to the candidates is whether Ronald Reagan would endorse them and why? McCain, Romney, and even Paul literally wet themselves trying to say why Reagan would endorse them. Meanwhile Huckabee took the chance to endorse Ronald Reagan instead. As I watched this unfold on TV I knew I was watching something and hearing something really special. It is very unclear whether this answer led to him winning most of the South on Super tuesday but it was one heck of a way to leave the debate circuit.

Go Buddy Witherspoon!

My neighbors to the East in South Carolina are holding their primary for the State's Senate Seat. The incumbant is Lindsey Graham and he is receving a challenge in the GOP primary by Dr, Buddy Witherspoon, a former Republican National Committeeman. Their GOP Primary will be held on Tuesday, June 10th and I would like to take this opportunity to endorse Dr. Witherspoon against Senator Graham who has shown a complete lack of leadership on illegal immigration and other issues.

Why do I like Buddy? Well first of all he is a proud supporter of the FairTax, something that cannot be said of Senator Graham. He also strongly rejects the idea of giving amnesty to illegal aliens (Graham wants to spread his open arms to the idea). He also is an opponent of eminent domain abuses and of No Child Left Behind He is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and our Military. SOUNDS LIKE A WINNER TO ME!! The Senate and the people of South Carolina deserve and could use more principled leadership and Dr. Buddy Witherspoon will provide that for the Palmetto State. If you live in South Carolina I urge you to visit Buddy's website, and show up to the polls on Tuesday, June 10th. It's about time that Senator Graham and his lack of leadership be sent home to where he belongs!


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