Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Huck Headed To Mississippi, Endorses Greg Davis For Congress!

The following was posted on the HuckPAC blog this evening. Governor Huckabee is headed to Mississippi to support Greg Davis in the special election for Mississippi's 1st congressional District.

Gov. Huckabee is headed to Mississippi to campaign for Greg Davis.

A press release announcing event is below:

Gov. Mike Huckabee to Campaign for Greg Davis
Meet & Greet with Governor Mike Huckabee and Greg Davis

May 1, 2008– Former Presidential candidate and Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee will be attending a “Meet and Greet” for Greg Davis, candidate for Congress in Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District. Governor Huckabee is in town to endorse Greg Davis and to ensure that the residents of the district come out and support Davis’ bid for Congress.

With the special election runoff on May 13, Governor Huckabee will meet with Greg Davis and his supporters this Saturday, May 3rd at 9:45AM at Joe Joe’s Espresso & Café in Tupelo, MS.

Davis stated “I’m honored to welcome Governor Huckabee to Mississippi. He is a true conservative leader, one who shares the values of the voters of Mississippi’s First Congressional District. This election is about the difference between principled leadership and those who will say anything to get elected. I am honored to stand with leaders like Mike Huckabee on principles, not politics.”

The public is invited to attend.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

FairTax Vs Flat Tax

First of all I am no expert on this argument. The following are my opinions on the matter. I cannot get much deeper that I will get. I am not the best person to ask questions about this subject to. However let me set you in the right direction. First of all there is the FairTax Website. If you are willing to spend hours upon hours of time getting all the specifics there ya go. Libertarian Talk-show host Neal Boortz and Republican Congressman John Linder have written two books on the subject. First there is the original FairTax Book that was released in 2005. There were many questions and critics that resulted from the first book so a second book was written to answer those questions and clear the air. FairTax: The Truth. Answering The Critics was written last fall and released this Spring, just a month or two ago. On the other side of the argument are Steve Forbes' and Dick Armey's books.

Is that not enough for ya? Are you thirsty for more? There were two relevant workshops hosted during Newt Gingrich's Solutions Day last September. Linder & Boortz hosted one for the FairTax and Dick Armey hosted on on the Flat Tax. In addition Neal Boortz has produced a Web Seminar on the FairTax and you can view it HERE (it works better in Internet Explorer than it does in Firefox).

Okay so we've got that out of the way. Now to the meat and potatoes of this post. It is no secret I am a proponent of the FairTax. I think it is the only way we should go to fix our system. I know that some of you disagree with me and have let me know that in no uncertain terms. Fine. Let's all agree on one thing before we move forward. Our tax system sucks and we need to do something about it. It's terrible and horrible. It needs to be fixed in some form or fashion.

First of all for the person who is coming by and has no idea what I am talking about let me explain. The FairTax (aka the National Retail Sales Tax) is a plan that would eliminate the Internal Revenue Service (or IRS for short), eliminate payroll taxes, corporate taxes, FICA, The Death Tax, Medicare Tax, Social Security Tax, etc and replace it with a flat 23% sales tax on every new item that you purchase at the consumer level. The tax would be included in the price of every item you buy (in other words not added to the price at the counter like a normal sales tax). The plan was developed by a group of professors and economic experts back in the early 1990's after much research and development. The plan was designed to be revenue neutral. In addition the plan includes a prebate check issued to each legal American citizen and family to offset the purchase of items that are needed each month (like groceries) and would pay you for each person lving in your household up to the poverty level. In simplistic terms the FairTax replaces our current tax on productivity and income and replaces it with a consumption tax. The FairTax wa supported and pushed by several GOP candidates for President (Mike Huckabee, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, Alan Keyes,) and a Democratic candidate (Mike Graval, who is now running for the Libertarian nomination). In addition Libertarian candidate, Bob Barr is a supporter. The FairTax is an actual bill in the hopper of the house and Senate and has over 70 co-sponsors at present.

So why do I favor the FairTax over a Flat Tax. It's very simple. We've already tried it before. Back in the 1980's under the Reagan administration we went to a flat tax. It basically wiped the slate clean as far as the tax cod is concerned. Almost twenty years later the tax code is hundreds of pages long and very complex. Let's all agree that it is too complex. Here are reasons why I favor the FairTax over the Flat Tax (these are all things not possible under a Flat Tax):

  • Under the Fairtax, April 15th becoems just another Spring Day. No more filing to worry about. No more filing stress! No more paying someone to do the work for you. Go out have a picnic and celebrate the end of Tax Opression!
  • While there is a tax code still in place, the Federal Government, along with help from K Street lobbyists and their soft money will continue to influence our behavior with tax breaks and tax increases depending on who you are and what behavior they want to punish or reward.
  • The poor are untaxed! That prebate check is designed to cover their basic necessities. The FairTax does more to fight poverty than Lyndon B. Johnson ever did during his "War on Poverty."
  • Under this system the States will realize that this is the best way to collect their money too and when that happens you get to keep every dime that you earn and nothing is taken away!
  • Your money is your money. You get to decide what to do with it. The consumption tax is voluntary. You can save or invest your money and when you want to withdraw that or cash in there are no more taxes paid when you collect!
  • There are many companies that have relocated overseas for tax purposes. the day the FairTax is enacted and the 16th Amendment repealed the United States will become the world's tax haven. All those companies, their jobs, and their dollars will return to American soil and they will be followed by many more companies that will decide that it will be better to do their business here in the United States! Talk about the ultimate economic stimulus!
  • Remember that prebate check I talked about? Well if you are not a legal citizen you don't get one. The only way you are going to get one is to go back home and enter this country legally. In other words the FairTax punishes illegal aliens and is a motivation for them to actually become legal citizens!
  • Most importantly the FairTax would be the single most transfer of power from the Federal Government back to the people.
That's why I prefer the FairTax over a Flat Tax. I am sure there are people out there that still disagree with me. that's fine. This is America. The great thing is that we can share our opinions with each other and it is not a crime to disagree with the Government and how it works. If yo uwant to give a rebuttal, go ahead. You have free reign. I won't fire back at ya. I will now allow you, my readers to opine. Any rebuttals on the side of the FairTax will not come from me (if any they will come from supporters of the FairTax). I have already stated my case. Just don't attack anyone or their views on the issue. There ya go. Have at it.

VIDEO - "We Have A Congress that Spent Money Like John Edwards At The Beauty Shop!"

It was almost a year ago that I was turned on to Governor Mike Huckabee. It was at the 2nd GOP Debate. The first one was on MSNBC (which I don't get) a few days earlier at the Ronald Reagan Library. this one was on Fox News. The debate was held in Columbia South Carolina. I was very interested in the debate because it would be my first chance to see and hear from the crop of candidates. The other reason I was interested was there was to be a huge FairTax rally at the University of South Carolina that day in the hours prior to the debate. Three of the candidates addressed the rally, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, and Mike Huckabee. In fact that rally ended up being a huge story. There were many groups demonstrating for candidates or causes but the FairTax group was the largest and loudest as they marched through the streets of Columbia!

It was Mike Huckabee that stood out as the biggest advocate for the movement (because he took the chance to push it during the debate). As he would do time and time again in the months to come Mike shined bright during this debate and delivered the line of the nigh after talking about the FairTax

I was sitting at my computer the earlier potions of the debate were somewhat boring. However my ears pricked up at the mention of the FairTax and I began applauding. then I started laughing really loud as Mike delivered his zinger:

This is one of those moments in time that has the potential to stand out depending on what happens in the future. This was Mike's first time before a huge audience of viewers. He received a lot of praise from the pundits afterwards. In fact it helped Huckabee survive to the Iowa Straw poll. I rememeber going to Mike's site a few days afterwards and he was raising money by asking supporters to donate what they would usually spend on a haircut with the donations being registered on a barber pole. It was small potatoes but it was still enough to keep Mike on his feet.

In the joke above, Mike was referring to John Edwards and his $400 trips to the beauty shop. Fast foward to the fall of 2007. Huck was traveling through New Hampshire. I heard rumblings that he had a similar procedure done and I was shoceked. However when I heard the details I was touched beyond belief and assured I had chosen the right man. A barber in Concord, NH was raising money for Autism research. At a time when his campaign coffers had more dust than actual money, Governor Huckabee took at his wallet and wrote a $400 check for the cause. He could have used the money to help his campaign. Instead he selflessly thought of others and their plight. I was sure I had picked the right candidate to support, but this act clinched it for me.

Monday, April 28, 2008

MH: Working Towards A Vertical America

The following is the latest update from Governor Mike Huckabee that he sent to us in an E-mail:

We are getting Huck PAC up and going, and scheduling events with candidates as well as assisting with mailers, endorsements, and other forms of helping. I’m also meeting with key activists around the country to discuss getting conservatives engaged and focused on the elections.

We are working to get our website a reliable source of good information and inspiration. We welcome your input and views on that, but starting today, will be making sure that there are fresh updates on the site each day. We want the website to be an ongoing conversation and community where our folks get together and exchange views and news as well as hear what’s happening in the field.

Some of you heard that I had to withdraw from running the Boston Marathon and worried that I had a serious injury. Not at all. I’m running, just not able to cover distances of more than about 5-7 miles until I get some knee issues worked out, which I am working on with some exercises, orthotics, and therapy when I find time for it. It’s nothing serious—runners know it as “runner’s knee” which involves overstretched IT bands in the leg that affect the knee. It is frustrating of course, but not debilitating.

I’m speaking in Las Vegas today to a convention, then off to Montana to help raise funds for a Christian school and later to help a GOP candidate for Lieutenant Governor who chaired our Montana effort. Then off to Alabama to help raise funds for a wonderful Christian ministry to children in Dothan. In the meantime, I’m frantically working on my 6th book to meet a deadline that will get the book to the market just before Thanksgiving. I’ll have more information about it coming soon. I’m excited about the book because it’s about YOU—how ordinary Americans took an unknown and underfinanced candidate and took him to a 2nd place finish in the Presidential primary and how it has changed the dynamics of the election process forever.

There are many major things in the wings for the near future that we’ll be announcing on the website as soon as we can. Let us keep hearing from you. Tell us what is happening in your area. What are people feeling and thinking about the future of our nation? It’s sure encouraging to hear from you. Janet and I are so grateful for your support for Huck PAC and the candidates we hope to feature.

Yours for a VERTICAL America!

Mike Huckabee

Ways to Stay Involved:

1. Join the discussion on our blog.

2. Join our Facebook or MySpace group.

3. Make a contribution of $25 or more in support of our efforts.

Huck is headed to Montana!

Today on his website, Governor Mike Huckabee tells us he is headed to Big Sky country in Montana:

When we founded Huck PAC we did so with the idea that we would support Republican candidates who are passionate advocates for tax reform, a strong national defense, real border security, life, the family, less government and individual liberty.

This week I am headed to Montana to campaign for Roy Brown and Steve Daines, candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor respectively.
House Majority Leader Brown is an able legislator who is known for his strong advocacy of tax reform, education, energy development and the strong importance of government supporting and empowering the Family.

I met Steve Daines when he agreed to Chair my presidential campaign in Montana. He is a fifth generation Montanan with a business background in technology and advertising. His fresh ideas and business can-do attitude are a great addition to Roy’s impressive business experience and his legislative acumen.

I will be speaking at a breakfast in Billings on the 30th and a lunch in Bozeman later that day.

If you are interested in attending one of these events please click here.

If you haven’t signed up for Roy and Steve’s emails you can do so here.

To make a contribution directly to his campaign click here.

Huck PAC is founded on the principles that make America great: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Our Republican Party embodies these ideas and is best suited to lead America forward.

That is why I am headed to Montana to campaign for these fine candidates and why I will continue to campaign nationwide on behalf of strong conservative candidates.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stand By For News!

I have made an executive decision. It is too early to make my final endorsement for President. Everything hinges on McCain's choice for VP. Regardless I know that some of my readers will still support him no matter what, and others have already signed on with Bob Barr and will probably stick with his Camp regardless of what happens. Therefore I have signed up for E-mail updates from both candidates and will share them here through November. Note that sharing them is no endorsement of that candidate...not yet anyway.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

An Urgent Plea To DooWop Supporters, Record Collectors & Musical Scholars!!

Good afternoon!

If you are a fan of DooWop and Rhythm & Blues Vocal Group Harmony (as I am), record collector, and/or musical scholar than I am sure you love to feast on knowledge such as discographies. The expert on this sort of thing is Robert Ferlingere. He has published 4 editions of his tome A Discography of Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll Vocal Groups: 1945-1965. The last edition was published in 2002 and was hardbound in two huge volumes. In the past five years there have been tons of additions and corrections made to Ferlingere's database and he does desire to publish a 5th edition which includes these. However before he will go to the printer he needs to have 100-125 prepaid orders. Each published product would cost between $100.00-$125.00 each. He wants to know the interest is there. If you are interested in such a product (whether you are just getting clued in or have a previous edition) please leave a comment to me and I will pass it along to Bob Ferlingere.

I previously had the 3rd edition. I used it as a reference almost on a daily basis and after a few years of use the binder broke and pages began to get ripped and torn to shreds. It got to the point where I could not use it anymore. I have been waiting a long time for the next edition to come out and while I cannot afford one right now I would like for it to become available when I can. So please if you are interested please comment to me. I will pas it along to Bob and point you in the right direction. LET'S GET THIS EDITION PUBLISHED!!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Turn Your PC into a Live News Room!

Yesterday over at Mashable they introduced me to one sweet website! I've always wanted to have as much news feeds available to me as I could in one place. The problem is that no such service or website really existed. i could always go tripping around from site to site but it was burdensome and time consuming. In other words I had better use of my time!

Well consider my needs now met and the problem solved! Enter They have over 100 feeds available to be viewed. Many of them are from US Broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, & Fox affiliates). There are also feeds from Fox News & C-SPAN. In addition there are international feeds from the BBC, Sky News, Al Jazeera, NHK (Japan). There are also a tab for weather radars and cameras for the latest weather forecasts and news. Apparently this is only the tip of the iceberg at this point and they plan to add more feeds all the time.

During peak hours of the day there are hosts that are on camera and in the chat room that is also there. For example the host right now is Kat and she is telling us where the hot news feeds are. At the time of this posting the hot news item is the acquittals in the Shawn Bell murders (and the crowds gathering in New York to protest that). the 3rd Chicago feed will have pictures soon from a helicopter en route to a situation. Also on one of the Greenville, NC feeds is a Hillary Clinton rally.

I really like the layout of the site. On the left side of the page is a square with feeds in small boxes. You can get a preview of the feeds and if they are live the preview will update ever so often (still pictures). In the middle is a video box and if you click on one of the feds it will show up there. On the right side of the page is the host (at peak hours) with a chat room and it gets really interactive in there. Every so often someone in the studio (the host is from the Fox affiliate in Chicago) might come by and say hello.

This is one of the coolest and most awesome sites I have found in a long time. You should check it out. When major news breaks This is exactly where I will turn. It will also be neat to check this out during peak times of severe weather. The other time I can't wait to use this site is on New Year's Eve to check out celebrations all over the world. I am sure that this site will really be hopping by that time.

Go check it out!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

VIDEO - "I can't buy you...I can't even rent you!"

Seven months on the campaign trail produced some wonderful moments for former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee. Every so often I will go back and share with you some of them. I got on the bandwagon right before the Iowa Straw Poll in August. After this speech (in two parts below) Huck finished 2nd place despite being heavily outspent and greatly undermanned. It was a microcosm of the race to come. He was able to do so much and so well with so little. It was a run fueled more by big hearts and big ideas than by big money. However as it was in the straw poll, big money, and the establishment won over all. What a run though!

Rock Around the Mouse Show 1002

Well I promised this to ya the other day so here it is!


That link should take you to a folder that holds all three hours (three files, one for each hour).

This edition is dedicated to my friend Shayne in Arizona (Earkid on MiceChat) who graduated College with a Doctorate degree. Her favorite music is featured. Also in the mix are songs about Spring and we'll welcome the return of Baseball! Also on the show is the introduction of the MouseKartoon segment - where we go digging through the Disney archive to find some audio gems. This week we take a look at Disney animator Ward Kimball and his Firehouse Five Plus 2.

Show 1003 is already in the can and has run. I'll share that with you later on this week. I have to get busy recording shows 1004 & 1005.

Speaking of shows my new schedule on Radio Odyssey is as follows (effective this Sunday):

Shows PremEAR Sundays from 8-11 PM Eastern & repeat on Wednesday nights from 9 PM-Midnight Eastern.


Here's How A Primary Should Be Run

The last post I made was a rant on how screwed up the primary system is. First I'd like to elaborate on that and offer a solution.

First of all I have no problem with the states trying to leapfrog over each other to have the first primary, or move up in the system. The problem I do have is the national party penalizing those states. The people who you are trying to get an opinion of are the voters and they have little or no say in when a primary is held. It is not right at all to disenfranchise them. In this instance the GOP handled the situation better than the Dems because the states in violation had their delegations cut in half. Meanwhile at the time of this writing the delegations from Florida and Michigan to the DNC convention in Denver still have no hopes in being seated. If anything, fine the state party. That should take care of the perceived problem.

As a whole however the Democrats' system is better than the GOP's. At least the Dems process is uniform throughout. in the GOP, each state gets to decide how its allocated delegates will be awarded.

So how should we fix the system? I mean it's not right to go and complain without putting forth a solution, right? If you have been reading this blog for a long time you might remember me discussing this same subject back in September. Just to make things easier on me I am going to expound on those thoughts. In other words I am going to copy my ideas from that point in time and build on those foundations.

First of all let's set the rules. Open primaries are nice and fun (I enjoyed crossing over in 2004, voting for Al Sharpton, and laughing on my way out of the voting precinct) but they are counter-productive to the aim of the process (for a political party to determine the best nominee they can in order to have the best shot at winning the general election). So am I suggesting closed primaries? Not exactly. Why not? There are many people who are registered as Independents or unaffiliated. For example I am one of them. I am suggesting a semi-closed primary system. To do this there needs to be one change. If you register as an Indie you would need to declare what side of the spectrum you usually affiliate with. In my case I would indicate on my registration that I lean to the right (since I vote usually for candidates from the GOP and Libertarian parties). For this example I am going to use the Republican Party since I have participated in their process this cycle. To participate in the GOP primary process you should either have to be a registered Republican or a right-leaning Independent/Unaffiliated voter (similar way to do it from the Dems as well, except the Indies would be left leaning).

The next question is how should delegates be awarded? Again I am going to go with the GOP in my suggestions. The first thought is a winner-take-all system. It seems fair and good until you realize that winner-take-all is mob rule. That's definitely not a principle of the GOP. Yes there should be an amount of delegates awarded to the winner of the popular vote but the rest should be handed out by Congressional district. HOWEVER - Each district should be treated equally so that my vote in one area of the state should be equally weighted to someone else in a different area of the state. Note that I now realize why the Dems weight the Congressional districts differently - because many states have open primaries. In my system they wouldn't need to do that anymore.

Should the rights of the states be shut out from the process? No. Under my plan, each state will be able to decide what method to use. I really like the caucus system. It promotes political involvement from the local, grass roots level and voters in these states tend to be more politically intelligent because they pay attention to politics, and the process very closely. However, each state should be able to decide how they want to do it, either by primary, caucus, or even convention (I will admit West Virginia's convention was exciting to watch and it did not matter what the outcome was, even though I was pleased with the result).

So now that we have the rules set up when should this process take place and how should the calendar be constructed. If there is anything that I have learned through this process is that the time frame is convoluted The build-up to Iowa took too long and then the sequence moved way too fast! Now at least for the GOP the process slows to a crawl again because there is six months from McCain being declared the presumptive winner to the night he accepts the nomination and speaks at the convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. And after that the process is back at ludicrous speed because there is exactly two months between McCain's speech and Election day. Before we go any further stop and think about that for a second. Two months to campaign for an election that takes place in 50 States with several debates and how are you to get your message to all the people? And the Dems aren't that much better since their convention is the week before.

The next question is how do we streamline the process, give it the appropriate time it needs to be completed, and make sure a message is presented to as many Americans as possible? Well, that is a daunting one but I think I have an idea.

There are 50 states and one district involved in the process. Tradition should stand firm at the very beginning. Let Iowa hold it's caucus on the 2nd tuesday in January. Two weeks later it's New Hampshire's turn for its primary on the 4th Tuesday of January. Finally on the 2nd Saturday (because of tradition) of February South Carolina would hold it's first-in-the-south contest.

That leaves 48 states (ignoring the fact that DC is not a state for simplicity here) left. At this point you divide the number of states by 12 (12 times 4 is 48). You divide the states into size of delegations. On the 2nd Tuesday of March you hold the contests in the 12 states with the smallest delegations. Each 2nd Tuesday of the next 3 months you go up the list with 12 more state contests until the 12 with the largest delegations have theirs on the 2nd Tuesday of June.

By splitting them up evenly you even out the process and improve the supposed quality of the two party nominees for President. To be worthy of your party's nomination you will have to travel to all the states and bring your message to more people. Your message will have to have substance instead of being supported by mega bucks. Don't get me wrong money is definitely needed in the process but you will not be able to win by buying your support anymore. Also this way no state will be deemed irrelevant in the process like some states are now when several states will hold their primary/caucus after a candidate has pretty much clinched the nomination.

At that point the convention should be held soon after the primary contests like right after the 4th of July. The party in power should have their convention traditionally last but not more than two weeks after the other party has theirs. This will give three + months between the nominating conventions and the General Election.

And yes I have my thoughts on the General election and how to make the Electoral College work better but I'll leave that for another blog post-turned policy paper.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This is Ridiculous!

I am sitting here watching coverage of the Pennsylvania Primary Returns. Each network has these talking heads with their fancy maps and they are trying their very best to explain delegates and all of that. From what I can see that it is possible for Senator Clinton to win the popular vote and still get slighted in delegates because they are allocated by congressional district. However the districts that are more favorable to Democratic candidates have a higher count of delegates allocated to them. Putting two and two together these areas that have higher delegate allocated would favor Obama. Do I have a problem with states having different amounts of delegates? No. Do I have a problem with the delegates being given out by congressional district? No. What I DO have a problem with is giving different delegates counts to different congressional distircts. If I was a Democrat in Pittsburgh my vote should carry the same weight as if I was a Democrat in Philly. We're both Democrats. It's THAT simple!

THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!! The primary system in both parties is royally screwed up! If there is anything I have taken out of this whole process it is that. I have no doubt about it. This tears it! First the states wet themselves trying to be the first to have their primary, Then the national parties penelize and disenfracnises the voters in these states. I've seen state parties (Washington's GOP and Texas Democrats) take days to count caucus ballots, Louisiana's GOP choice wins the popular vote but the party goes to the back room and gives the delegates to someone else. this process is so screwed up it is very hard to answer the question "Who wins?" Well It is very easy to figure out who the losers are and that is the American people. How sad and infuriating!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Since I Support HuckPAC, Does that Mean I Support McCain As Well?

There is a very simple answer the question - "Since I support HuckPAC, does that mean I support John McCain as well? The answer may upset some people so let me apologize in advance. The answer is, not necessarily. While I think Mike Huckabee is doing the right thing (and only thing he can do if he still wants a future within his own party) I still have no immediate plans to support and vote for Senator John McCain this November. There is only one way I would put a check mark by his name and that is if he chooses Governor Huckabee as his running mate. Even if he did that I would be voting more for Huckabee than McCain. Senator McCain may be an honorable man and a true hero, but he strikes out with me:

(1) John McCain supports and supported amnesty for Illegal Aliens.
(2) John McCain has (up to this point) decided not to make the FairTax apart of his economic policy.
(3). McCain-Feingold. Any questions?

Three strikes and you're out Senator! And no I'm not voting for the Democrat nominee either. They are even worse! So what will I do come November? Well as of this moment (if nothing changes) I have two options. I can always write in Mike Huckabee's name. I am also seriously considering voting for former Georgia Republican Congressman, Bob Barr (who is running for the Libertarian nomination). If Bob Barr wins at convention (which is amusing fodder for C-SPAN) I will probably head that route. In fact if things stay the same and McCain chooses another person for his running-mate, I will more than likely vote for Bob Barr in November (for he will be the only semi-viable candidate running under the banner of the FairTax).

I know this view may upset some people out there. However that is mine. Please don't hate me for it. It's a very tough decision to make. I've lost my horse in this race. My main issue is the FairTax. If McCain isn't going to get on board than I am going to vote for someone who does and will support the measure. It's that simple.

This Blog Endorses Dr. Deborah Honeycutt for Georgia's 13th Congressional District!

Dr. Deborah Honeycutt means business! In looking around for candidates for Huck PAC to support I am very happy to have stumbled upon her. Dr. Deborah Honeycutt is running for Congress in Georgia's 13th Congressional District (South and West of Atlanta). She is a strong candidate for small business and health-care issues and an advocate for the family and life. She attended the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Services at Ebeneezer Baptist Church with Governor Huckabee this past January, endorsed him for President afterwards (along with a group of conservative leaders in the African-American community) and served as a Meetup organizer for the 2008 Mike Huckabee campaign. Dr. Honeycutt is also a strong advocate for the FairTax (the most important issue to me personally). For more information on Dr. Deborah Honeycutt, please click HERE. As I said before, "Dr. Deborah Honeycutt means business!" and I am proud to endorse her!

This Blog Endorses Ray McKinney For Georgia's 12th Congressional District!

(As promised yesterday here is the first of two endorsements I will be making today. They may not carry a lot of weight but I have taken great care in these decisions. I feel these people are right for the jobs they are seeking)

Georgia was home to the two districts that almost gave the GOP a pickup in the House during the disaster of 2006. One of those districts was the 12th District down in East-Central Georgia. In looking for candidates to submit to HuckPAC for possible support I found Ray McKinney. He was one of minor GOP candidates for President, but ended his campaign to run for Congress. I can see no better fit for HuckPAC than Ray McKinney. I see some of the same qualities in him that I saw in Governor Huckabee. It also does not hurt that he also is a staunch supporter of the FairTax and pledges to co-sponsor it if elected. For more information please go to Ray's website HERE. I hope that you will agree with my sentiments.

Best of luck Ray! I may not live in your district but I support you. I don't really have any money to help but I hope that HuckPAC will choose you as one of the candidates they will help support. If there is anything I can do otherwise please let me know.

Check Out Govit!

One of the many blogs I read is called Mashable. The blog deals with the latest Web 2.0 apps that appear on the scene and news about current ones (such as Twitter and others). Today on their blog they profiled a new site called Govit and I think it is really cool! Have you ever wanted to have a voice and actually vote on a resolution or a bill that has been submitted in Congress? Well Govit actually gives you that chance! It really doesn't count but it'll give you the feeling of actually being involved. Not only that but after you vote yea or nay on a bill or resolution you can send your opinion off to your Representatives so that they know what you think If at some point your opinion on the matter changes you can go back and change your vote. You can also discuss each bill with the rest of the community. There are also profiles for each member of Congress, their voting records, bills they have sponsored and bills they have submitted in the hopper. Pretty neat huh? Check it out!

An Open Letter to The Blogosphere

I am very sorry that I have to write this because most of you are not in violation. In this instance it is a few rotten apples spooling the whole bunch.

To Who It May Concern:

I have one request and one request only. If you have a view that opposes my own by all means please comment on this blog. However I ask that you be civil and reasonable. I don't troll the sites of bloggers with political views other than my own so I can pile on and try to persuade them to be on my side or support my candidate. That's what my posts are for on my own blog. The same should be true on your end. By all means you can make a valid argument and get your comments posted. However trolling will not be tolerated. I've had about enough!

Thank you!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mike Huckabee: We're Just Getting Started!

The following is the latest note from Governor Mike Huckabee:

It was obvious that the campaign did more than bring people together for this one election, but it helped reveal that there is a vast community of conservatives in this nation who want common sense solutions and honest discussion of the real issues that touch the lives of Americans everyday. You took us far beyond what the cynics and media thought possible. You showed that message matters and that no amount of money can substitute for true convictions.

When we launched HuckPAC this week, it was the first step to not only keep the “community of common sense” alive, but it was also the first of several steps to grow that community and have impact on the nation through elections from school board to the White House, and on the discussion and framing of the issues for the country.

HuckPAC will give us an opportunity to have a direct impact on elections. We will not support any and every candidate who wants money, advice, or endorsement. We want to support those who reflect the same values as those who contribute to the PAC and who principles are more important than the “politics of convenience.”

We look for candidates who understand the imperative of respecting human life as core to our civilization, who understand that the family is the most basic unit of government, and the breakdown of the home results in increasingly expensive and intrusive government. We will help those who know that our economy is in trouble because of structural and not just cyclical reasons and needs an overhaul of the tax system by ridding ourselves of penalties on productivity and the IRS whose policies inhibit economic growth. We will look for those candidates who know that the war on Islamo-facism cannot be won without energy independence and that education, health care, poverty, and conservation are areas in which conservatives need to lead and not just follow. We will support candidates who understand that policies ought to empower people from the bottom up, and that the “Wall Street to Washington” axis of power is totally out of touch with the rest of America.

Joining HuckPAC is not a “memory-maker” about the past campaign, but an opportunity to take what we learned, make it count, and build for the future.

One time contributions, monthly contributions, or occasional contributions will all help us move these goals forward and help get people elected who “get it.” I hope if you haven’t joined HuckPAC yet, you will today and that you’ll read and comment regularly on the blog and share the website with others. We will be doing a lot of things in the coming days to add to and improve the website to bring more news, updates on activities and plans, etc. We welcome your suggestions as well.

Many have asked about what I’m up do most days. A lot, actually! In addition to campaigning for Senator McCain and other candidates who will be featured on HuckPAC, I’m speaking in a variety of venues, including quite a few college campuses. Just last week, I spoke at both Union College and Cornell University in New York, and will be at Iona College in New York this week. I am working on a new book that will come out in November (under a very tight deadline!) that will be about YOU—you will love the stories from the campaign trail and what they really mean for the future of America. I’m in the process of developing another organization that will be more about policies of principle than just politics and am in discussion about forums in the public arena in TV, radio, etc. to further the message. I’ve been far busier than I imagined, and if you’re in an airport somewhere in America, there’s a good chance you’ll bump into me!

On a personal note, Janet and I are trying to put things back to normal for ourselves and the “boys” (Jet, Sonic, and Toby—the three Huckabee dogs). She is back at the Red Cross for now and I’m also trying to rehab my knee from some problems that have kept me from running distances over about 5 miles for the past few weeks. I had to withdraw from running the Boston Marathon (which was very frustrating), but I’m running shorter distances and doing therapy and getting back to where I can start marathon training again.

We were overwhelmed by the amazing bond that was created during the campaign. It was as if our family enlarged to thousands more. We were blessed beyond description and simply stunned by the depth of love people have for this nation and their willingness to restore it to greatness.

We are NOT finished! In fact, we’re just getting started. Welcome to the journey!


Stay Tuned

Tomorrow will be a busy day here. I will be re-constructing the blog-roll, adding widgets and more. Also on the docket tomorrow is the latest FairTax & Huck PAC news. I also owe you guys the next installment of Rock Around the Mouse. I also have a few endorsements to make in the races for the 12th & 13th US House District races here in Georgia (they may not carry much weight at all...if any but I will make them cause I can). My goal is to accomplish all of this by tomorrow evening. Yes it is a lofty goal but we'll see how it goes.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Under Construction

As you can see the blog looks different today. I found a 3-column temoplate. It isn't fancy or as cool as I would like it but hey it has potential. It looks somewhat odd and I need to customize it. So please excuse the dust as I imagineer a new blog style! :o)

EDIT - Yes...if you have been watching this all day you know that I have changed templates about three times, lost all my widgets, the entire blogroll and link list, cause the two three column templates were not quite right. Back to the old drawing board.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random Access - Take It Easy Greasy by Bobby Charles

Let's face it folks - I love the infections rhythms of New Orleans Rhythm & Blues. One of my favorite artists is Bobby Charles. My friend (and executive producer) Dave the Swinger shared this record on Youtube the other day and I wanted to pass it along. It's hard to pick a favorite song by Bobby Charles but this is one of the ones on my short list, "Take It Easy Greasy" released on the Chess label in 1956. If you need a good pick-me-up on this Wednesday afternoon watch this video and crank them speakers up, baby!

Doing a little Cleaning

Good morning gang!

I am going to be doing a little cleaning up around here. In addition to trying to find a new blogger template to use I will be editing the Huckabee section blogroll to align with the "Bloggers For Huck PAC." of which I am now a proud member!

BTW if you know of a cool blogger template with three columns let me know. I'm looking for something retro and cool looking. I'd really appreciate it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

VIDEO - The Mission of HuckPAC

The following is the first of what will probably be many videos from Huck PAC.

The Last of Walt's "Nine Old Men" Has Passed On

The world has lost a true legend in animation. The last member of Walt Disney's "Nine Old Men" Ollie Johnston has passed on. He was 95 years old. He served as an animator for dozens of classic Disney films from Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs to Fox & The Hound. There is no doubt that the animation studio in the sky has received another member. The Walt Disney Company has released a press release and you can read it HERE. RIP Ollie. You will definitely be missed but fondly remembered!

More on the HuckPAC Launch

Okay we are a few hours past the re-launch of Mike Huckabee's website. I've had a chance to poke around. For anyone who was a regular to Huck's site during his Presidential run, the site will be familiar to you and it won't take you long to get acquainted with it, like an old friend you haven't seen in awhile.

To kick things off there are three candidates already being supported by HuckPAC: Bob Clegg of New Hampshire (running for the US House), Gilbert Baker of Arkansas (running for re-election to the Arkansas State Senate), and my Congressman, Georgia's John Linder.

Also being posted within the first hours of launch is a very topical policy blog from Mike on the FairTax.

The things that made Mike's Presidential campaign the Internet's best have resurfaced here - Donations to the PAC can be made through PayPal. Each blog post can be dugg on Digg. There are blogger banners and widgets that can be used. The Ranger fundraising and volunteering initiative is back! The community through the blog has been kept intact. There's also some new features (and more will probably surface later) like a chat room on your MyHuckPAC dashboard.

Welcome back Mike. We missed you!

Mike Huckabee Announces New Political Action Committee

It's now after Noon Eastern on April 15th and our long wait is finally over! The new website is up and here is the first news release:

News Release: Mike Huckabee announces new Political Action Committee April 15, 2008

April 15, 2008

Little Rock, AR - Former Governor Mike Huckabee (AR) has started Huck PAC, a Political Action Committee to raise funds for Republican candidates and continue promoting the principles and ideas of conservative, smaller and more responsible government, it was announced today.

"During the course of our campaign, we saw something happen that went beyond the campaign for President. It was a COMMUNITY that was devoted to a CAUSE that is bigger than any of us and not just about the next election, but the next generation. Our goal is to secure a better future for our country by changing our punitive tax system, standing firm for the sanctity of life and traditional marriage, and protecting our borders and giving our veterans the blood-bought benefits they deserve. We launch the new website today as we formally push the lift-off button for HUCK-PAC, which will enable us to help Senator McCain become our next President, and to assist conservative, pro-life and pro-family candidates to Senate and House seats. The website will not only preserve our online community, but enlarge it and encourage it to be a force for freedom, faith, and family!" Huckabee said today.

The PAC website launched today along with Huckabee's announcement will feature candidates that Huckabee is supporting, help raise money for candidates who share the same convictions as Huckabee, and allow supporters to post ideas and continue to be a part of Huckabee's national network.

Huckabee stated, "the PAC is founded on the principles that make America great: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. And because we believe our Republican Party embodies these ideas and is best suited to lead America forward, we are committed to supporting Republican candidates nationwide."

Huckabee asked his supporters to make donations today for the PAC and his three featured candidates; NH State Sen. Bob Clegg, who is running for Congress, GA Congressman John Linder, and AR State Sen. Gilbert Baker.

Fantastic! I am looking around the new website as we speak. there are blog widgets that will soon appear and I will be joining the blogroll as soon as I finish typing this post.

Monday, April 14, 2008

This Comment Nails It!

I've had a few comments to my "Huckabee Republican" post from the other day. I could leave this one as just a comment but it screams to be shared in a post of its own because Larry hits the nail right on the head!


Listen carefully to what I'm saying. I have been by your blog from time to time and was myself a Huckabee blogger since March or April, 07. Before I go into it, understand that I feel strongly that the list you have given is the important core to forging a new coalition. I think it helps to keep the focus limited, though other elaborations will flow from application of the same principles.But, here is the important part: I arrived at a place consistent with yours VIA AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PATH. And, that illustrates how a new core coalition can be forged that can override the traditional bases of The Republican parties. I don't care what name that coalition grows under, even if it's Democrat or Republican.What I care about is that this positive approach is widely embraced and that the traditional bases feel displaced from power. Now, let me tell you of my path. I already see that a commenter has referred to your "move to the dark side," apparently because you dared to embrace the word, "Republican" in any measure or context. That is the "negative" disposition that it is imperative is overridden in a new movement. And, believe me, it describes an activist element of the base of both mahor parties. The exact same phrase could be equally applied to a Democrat by a Republican. That's what needs to be defeated and discarded.I can go into detail on my agreement with your numerous points, including your dissent with the call for a marriage amendment to the US Constitution, and the fact that I believe some of these points are even more urgent than Huckabee presented them as, like The Fair Tax. And, I may do so. But for now, I'll keep this from becoming an extended distraction from the point that you and I come from different provinces of the population that must be united in this coalition.I am a lifelong conservative and a doctrinaire one, but of philosophy not of sentiment. I have in fact, voted 3rd party in the past because Republican candidates were too ambiguous. A few years ago, I slowly acknowledged the fact that people on both sides vote for what they believe is "good." And, the establishment of both sides usually puts power above the objective of good. I decided I would rather discuss what is good with someone who disagrees than grasp for power with someone who checks my boxes for power's sake. I decided that we must discuss ideals and reach to people in both parties, rather than focusing on vanquishing the villains on the other side and standing victorious over them with arms raised and a foot on their neck after we have emulated them enough to win a bare majority or plurality.This is true idealism, not mere animosity. But, who will embody and lead such an effort? When I saw that Huckabee had announced in early 2007 and read his history and agenda, I thought, "My God, HERE HE IS!" How can we pull together this coalition of positive idealists? Huckabee may have set a foundation.


That is exactly why I joined Huckabee's team last August! You've nailed it! I was looking for a candidate with a better vision for our nation with new ideas to make positive change. I was looking for someone who would go beyond party lines to do so. I found that man in Governor Huckabee. Not only did he stress the importance of the issue that was and still is the most important issue to me (the FairTax) but his stance on all the issues came from his heart and was not justified by his wanting of political power. Even though I disagreed with him on social issues (as I lean somewhat Libertarian on those) these were his same stances 15 years ago and he will hold the same 15 years from now. That was exactly the person I was looking for in our next President. Great comment!

Note - you can read Larry's blog, Stranger In a Foreign Land, HERE

Mike Huckabee's Website Re-launches in Less than 24 Hours!

A week of anticipation and withdrawal symptoms (especially for us Huckabeez who were addicted to visiting Huck's site every day every day for the past eight months) is about to end! Tomorrow, April 15th, 2008 the new version of Mike Huckabee's website will launch at Noon Eastern. There is definitely a big clue to what will happen and what will be seen when the countdown clock reaches zeros and the new site is unveiled. Note that the URL sends you to the same countdown clock. Also HuckPAC has surfaced as a group on Facebook already and the die-hard supporters (like me) are already members. In fact the group already has 47 members before launch at the time of this posting.

So what will we see exactly at launch time? Well we will have to wait to find out. And yes...don't fret. I'll be all over it. I am hearing some very wild rumors out there circulating around the web today that I am tempted to share but I won't because they will likely end up being just that, rumors. Through my experience following the Huckabee campaign I have definitely learned my leson with rumors. I'm not going to be caught by them again.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Radio Show Update

good afternoon. I wanted to give Y'all a Radio Show update. the newest edition of Rock Around the Mouse premEARED on Radio Odyssey this past Wednesday. The show will air one more time tonight, from 8-11 PM Eastern (5-8 PM Pacific). After that I will share all three hours (in Podcast form) with you here on the blog. It's a lot of fun to listen to in my biased opinion. the show is dedicated to my friend, Shayne in Arizona who has graduated college with a doctorate degree. Some of her favorite music is played along with a lot of fun Disney tunes and more. We also welcome to month of April with songs about Spring and Baseball. Don't miss it!

What Is A Huckabee Republican?

If you have not dropped by in awhile you will notice the heading for this blog has changed. According to the heading I claim to be a "Proud Huckabee Republican!" "So what is a Huckabee Republican?" you ask. Sit down and I'll tell ya.

8 months ago you would have to drag me kicking and screaming if you wanted to even try to call myself a Republican. Remember when I started this blog I considered myself and "independent voter." Following the 2008 Huckabee campaign I am changed in several ways. One of those ways is that I have actually drifted towards the Republican party. If you told me that I would eventually join my county's GOP I would have said "Dude, you're nuts!" However that is exactly what I have done. In time I will start attending meetings and becoming active. For those of you out there that are discouraged by the GOP, you are not alone. You and I both know that the party needs a good scrubbing. However we are not going to be able to change the GOP and move it in a more positive direction without getting involved.

So am I exactly a Republican? Not quite. However I am close enough right now to call myself a "Huckabee Republican" So I have not answered your question yet. Okay...settle down. I'll get right down to the meat and potatoes.

A Huckabee Republican:

  • is pro life. However there is a key difference. We believe that life begins at conception and instead of ending at birth, life ends at death. We believe that all human life should be honored and cherished. We must be consistent in that belief. If we do not believe in the protection of human life from conception than why should we care about missing boy scouts or trapped miners? (NOTE - This is a major ideological shift for me. Listening to Mike Huckabee describe it made the stance actually make sense to me rationally. I don't agree with banning abortion instead eliminating it with a more positive approach - making adoption an easier and less expensive option etc...)
  • believes that marriage should be between one man and one woman and the institution should be protected. (NOTE - This is the only plank I disagree with. I believe that marriage should not be a matter of the State and should be a private matter between a couple and God.
  • believes that politics should be vertical. We are a very polarized nation. It's left vs right, Liberal vs. Conservative, Republican vs Democrat. We should care about helping our nation and its people rise up from our current problems instead of bickering and fighting amongst ourselves.
  • demands lower taxes for all with a more simple and fair system, THE FAIRTAX that would end the current system that punishes productivity and hard work and replaces it with a system that would be "so simple a 7 year old running a lemonade stand could understand it." The FairTax would make the United States the world's tax haven and would be the biggest economic stimulus this nation has ever had. The only way other nations could compete with us is to enact the same system. The FairTax is "fair, flat, finite, & family friendly." We also believe that the FairTax is a solution to ending poverty. Frankly wouldn't it be fantastic if April the 15th was just a lovely spring day?
  • believes in balanced budgets. They must be created without raising taxes. The only time taxes can be raised to create a balanced budget is as a last resort.
  • recognizes that a nation that cannot "feed, fuel, and fight for itself cannot be free." & that "excess taxation and litigation leads to job migration."
  • understands that our Earth was given to us from God and that we must keep it clean and green. However we should not resort to socialism to meet the challenge. In other words we prescribe to Newt Gingrich's Green Conservatism
  • demands low cost and effecient health care for all. Our system is broken. We must shift our focus from reactive care to proactive care. Health insurance must also be streamlined. Why should the residents in each state have to pay different rates for the same care with the same provider?
  • demands that we must take measures to become energy independent in ten years. This is an issue of major importance to our economic and national security! Every avenue must be explored: Drilling in ANWAR, developing solar, wind, hydroelectric, and nuclear plants, etc. It's high time that we tell the Saudis that "we need your oil like we need you sand!" and suggesting "Why don't you use it for your salad dressing?"
  • demands secure borders. The border fence must be built without anymore delay using American labor and American materials. We must make it as hard to get in our country as it is to go through security at our airports. We must not give those who have come here illegal amnesty either. They must be sent back home and to the back of the line. We also recognize that our intense anger on this matter should be directed towards our elected officials who have created and made this problem worse rather than towards the illegal aliens who have come here for better economic opportunity. "We must thank God that we live in a country that people are trying to break into rather than break out of."
  • recognizes and honors the sacrifice of our military. We demand the enactment of a Veterans Bill of Rights. the great men and women who selflessly serve in our military should be coming home to a greatful nation and treated with the respect that they deserve.

I realize that there are other planks to the "Huckabee Republican platform." Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Do you have something that you think should be added to this list? Please leave a comment and I will add it.

Oh and thanks for being patient for this post. I have worked a long time on it to get it to this point.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mike Huckabee Signs With Talent Agency

From the CNN Political Ticker....

April 9, 2008

Posted: 07:12 PM ET (CNN) – Former Republican presidential contender Mike Huckabee has signed a contract with Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles, daughter and senior advisor Sarah Huckabee tells CNN.

“Nothing has been decided,” the younger Huckabee says of future projects, “[it] probably won't be just one thing but maybe several different things. Just exploring options right now.”
Huckabee follows former rival Fred Thompson’s lead by inking a post-campaign deal with a talent agency. But unlike the former Tennessee senator, this is Huckabee’s first official foray into show business.

While running, his appearances on late-night shows like 'Saturday Night Live' and 'The Colbert Report' garnered praise and Huckabee seemed armed with a new expression for every television appearance. As it became apparent he wouldn’t win the Republican nomination, reporters began asking Huckabee about a possible future in television.

In a letter to supporters Wednesday, Huckabee announced that on Thursday he will host what is being billed as “a landmark teleconference call” that will lay out his plans for the future and discuss the state of the conservative movement.

The Spirit of Ronnie I & UGHA Marches On!

Great news for DooWop music and its fans (from my friend Pam in New Jersey):

It is with bittersweet emotions i'm announcing the new organization/club that will take place at the Paramus Elks Club inParamus, NJ the last Saturday of every month starting June 28th, 2008.For the past few years this has been the home of UGHA. As most areaware we have suffered the loss of the founder and president...Mr. Ronnie I. We all know he played a major part in preserving the R&B/DooWopp music for the last past 30 years, and no one will or can take hisplace. Julie Moltz has taken on the job to keep our musical familytogether. Basically continuing the same format...last Saturday of each month, membership fee $25.00 - admission $20.00 for members & $25.00 for non members, and donations are welcomed. Doors open at 6PM. Show starts at 8PM and food will be available. Julie is looking forward to the support and seeing all of you, especially those who requested her to continue on with the tradition, and will do her best in honor and loving memory of Ronnie I.

If interested in becoming a
member send a check or money order to

Julie Moltz

P.O. Box 443

Saddle Brook, NJ 07663

Phone (201) 843-4203

The note continues with some additional explanation...

Also, there have been emails circulating, and rumors posted on the web aboutthe future of UGHA. I hope though that everyone is clear that in honoring the memory of my close and very special friend, Ronnie I. it must be made clear that UGHA as an organization that hosts Meeting Shows has ceased. Any new organization, has to be just that -- new. New seeds. New name. Here's why: Ronnie's will was for UGHA not to continue. Considering all the trouble that Ronnie had in getting people to do their part to maintain a board of directors, and the fact that all the grunt work was left up to him, I strongly feel he is justified in his wishes for UGHA to cease. Furthermore, no one had demonstrated the interest in meeting the criteria for taking over the organization and agreeing to abide by the charter. Therefore UGHA, as an organization that holds meetings and performances is finished. That being said, to start up a "club" using the UGHA name is not only dishonoring Ronnie, they would be violating the law. Certainly anyone who wishes, can start up their own non-profit and seek the tax-exempt status. Several have tried over the years, and they came, and they went, some after just a couple of shows, some that never even got off the ground. Let's hope with the start of a new organization that will use a new name, the commitment to it for a significant length of time will be there, though, understandably, there will never be another person who can duplicate Ronnie I's efforts, especially considering his dedication of over 31 years and absorbed the numerous financial losses. I'm sure some of those who did support Ronnie I. would support a new effort with a new name, provided it does not dishonor his memory. I would support it as well.It also is worth noting,

Clifton Music is in business with Sandi Italiano as the owner of the business. She is adjusting to this position at this very sadand fragile time in her life. She has some of Ronnie's friends helping her to run the store. The new hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm. Their website is still

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

CHECK THIS OUT - Conference Call With Mike Huckabee Thursday Night!!!

Mike Huckabee for President - Faith, Family, Freedom

You’re invited to participate in a landmark teleconference call with former Arkansas Governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

On April 10 Strang Communications founder Steve Strang will conduct a teleconference call with Gov. Huckabee.

The call will start promptly at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Visit here to register for the call.

This is a call you won’t want to miss. You will hear insider information about Huckabee’s scrappy campaign that surprised the nation and stunned Republican Party elites. The “preacher who dared to be president” will also discuss his plans for the future and reflect on the changing state of the conservative movement.

Visit here to ask Gov. Huckabee a question and also register for the call. Then listen to see if your question is selected and posed to the governor.

Our country is at a crucial turning point in its history. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to hear directly from one of our nation’s most dynamic and influential leaders!

Register Now! Special bonuses will be offered during the call.

Hope you will be on the call,

Steve Strang
Founder / CEO

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rock Around The Mouse Show One!

the first edition of Rock Around The Mouse has finished its on-air run. So I am very happy to share all three hours with you! I hope you enjoy them!


The next edition of the show was to have aired this past Sunday. However due to a technical glitch on my producer's end we had to push back the PremEAR to Wednesday night. So from this point forward we will now PremEAR each show on Wednesday night from 9 PM-Midnight Eastern (6-9 PM Pacific) on Radio Odyssey. Don't miss it!

Hunker Down & Get Well Soon Larry!

News surfaced this weekend that Larry Munson underwent emergency brain surgery last Friday. You can read about it HERE. Larry Munson is a true legend and like many of my fellow Dawg fans is very close to my heart. He has been the "Voice of the Gawgs" since 1966. Other than University of Georgia football, Munson has also announced for their men's basketball team, the Atlanta Braves, the Atlanta Falcons, had his own fishing TV show and much more. Last year, due to his ailing health, Munson scaled back and was in the booth only at home games for the Dawgs (and the game nearby at Georgia Tech). If all goes well next season will be his 43rd behind the mik for UGA football. Hunker down Larry. Get well soon! We love ya!

What is Huck's Next Move?

the big question is what will be Mike Huckabee's next move? We now have a clue. A day after posting a touching tribute to Charlton Heston (who campaigned for him on several occasions during the 90's) Mike Huckabee has now taken down his Presidential campaign website. The only thing left at present are the words "Coming Soon" with a countdown clock ticking towards the relaunch at Noon Eastern on Tuesday, April 15th. We will then find out what is his next move. And of course I will be blogging about it right here one week from now! Stay tuned!


Friday, April 4, 2008

Please Help Support Annette Funicello's Son In The MS Walk!

I received the following note in my E-mail this morning and I wanted to pass it along


On April 19, Annette's
younger son, Jason Gilardi, will take part in the Tulsa, Okla., MS Walk on behalf of his team, Annette's Amazing Angels OK. He and his team have been participating in the walk for several years. I know some of you donate directly to Annette's fund, but I thought I would link you to
Jason's home page in case you'd like to make a donation to him or
his team. I think it would be great to show our support for Annette, the cause and Jason, who has been such a loving son. You don't have to donate a lot -- even $5 will help find a cure. If you do donate, and you fill in the prompt where you list your name as a donor, I'd like to suggest you add (Annette Fan Club) in parentheses after your name so Jason knows her fans are behind him.


Let's hold the banner high, High! HIGH! for Jason as his team fights for our favorite Mouseketeer and all who suffer from the terrible disease that is MS!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm No Fool!

Well we have reached April 1st again. That means that there is lots of fun to be had at our expense. First there is Woot selling thousands of Black & Decker portable battery packs in a fake woot-off. There's also the news of the upcoming Disney-Apple iPark. How about this Betamax to HD DVD Converter? There are plenty of other gags you can check out HERE & HERE.

However today I am reminded of How to not be a fool. I remember the short animated features that were a staple of the Mickey Mouse Club (not to mention the Disney Channel when I was growing up). The short-subjects were titled I'm No Fool and were hosted by Jiminy Cricket. In honor of April Fools' Day let's let Jiminy teach us how not to be a fool while riding a bicycle! Enjoy!


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